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Hargeon Town to Magnolia Town [Foot Travel]

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Default on Tue Jun 27, 2017 5:41 am

“Everything cleaned up and packed,” Seira murmured to herself, frantically checking over and over again whether or not she had truly packed everything. Her eyes scanned the now seemingly empty and lifeless hotel room one last time, verifying that she had not left any traces of her ever visiting this place behind and once she finally felt comfortable in leaving, she did. The woman’s time had come to move on and after spending over a week in Hargeon doing nothing but illegal work for Reagan Hullston—the local smuggler by the port—she felt somewhat accomplished, but also tired of seeing the ocean every day.

Seira had earned a significant amount of money and by now it was time for a change of scenery. She had never been too far up in the north, but perhaps now was the perfect time to see more of the country. Seira began her travel by simply walking to Magnolia Town. There were no trains going from Hargeon and in order to make it all the way up to Oak she had to take the train and occasionally walk to the train stations. It was going to be a long travel, but surely worth her time and she was excited to see more of the country. Seira arrived in Magnolia Town after approximately two days of traveling.


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