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Substitute Teacher [Torino]

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Substitute Teacher [Torino] Empty on Mon Jun 26, 2017 3:26 pm

"Now where could it be, where could it be..." the samurai would ask himself, a finger tapping against his chin as he passed through the many different buildings that lined the large street within Magnolia Town. His eyes scanned along the names of the building before he finally came to rest on the well lit sign of Magnolia's Public School. The morning sun was beginning to rise on it, and from the the number of empty handed parents that he had seen waling past on hsi way to his destination, he had guessed that the students were already present within their classrooms.

On this fine morning, the blond haired man would be able to see the person he had spoken to the day beforehand regarding the quest that he had accepted, a Miss Sandine, a well renown teacher within the district from what he could tell. The day  before, he had had taken the flyer from the weathered and worn quest board, allowing him time to read over it. Having contacted the brown haired teacher, she informed him that the job was due for the day after, the teacher having waited behind to ensure that he arrived on time in order to have some peace of mind before departing to visit her sick mother.

Raising a hand as a positive gesture, he caught the attention of the woman, who raised a hand to her chest before giving a sigh of relif, gesturing for him to come faster. "Thank you so much for coming, this means a lot to me," she explained before bringing him inside the school, guiding the vagabond through the halls before she settled upon the small classroom which he would be teaching in. "The curriculum for the day is laid out on my board, it shouldn't be difficult for someone like you who already studies magic. I better be going, if anything happens with the kids, please don't hesitate to call me," she'd splurt before apologising once more, Torino waving at her as she took her leave from the halls and the building which she cherished so much.

Entering the classroom, Torino would be met with the stares from twenty eight different pairs of eyes, each curious as to the odd mans sense of dress and the odd outdoorsy atmosphere that he generated around himself. With a smile, Torino took up a piece of yellow chalk, writing his full name, some of the kids giggling at the Oppai in his name as he wrote it. "Well then, I'll be your teacher for today as Miss Sandine is away visiting her mother today," he'd explain before picking up the paper with all of the worksheets, flicking through them before nodding. Simple mathemetics was all there was to it. Putting the sheets down he took up a white piece of chalk before pointing it towards the class. "today I'll be teaching you the basics of attraction, subtraction, multiplications and then finally, division! Lets all do our best today!" he'd grin.

"First of all, the trick to handling Attraction is when you take, at the very least, two numbers, adding their values together. Complicated when worded like that, but the easiest way to understand it is by seeing it, or better yet, in practice. As an example, if I were to take two apples," he began, taking apples form the desk of the teacher, of which plenty of red apples had been lined up, no doubt for Miss Sandine. "And then I take three, apples," he continued, taking another three. "I add two plus three together, leaving me with a total of five apples altogether."

As the children took down notes on what he explained, Torino would go on to re explain it, using other examples until he was satisfied that he had taught the student enough. "Subtracting works in the opposite, where if I have three apples and then subtracted two, I remove the the second value from the first. In this case, when I take away two apples from three, I am left one apple, the value being one. The same applies for Attraction, where you apply the last value to the one before it, so if you had three values, your subtract the third from the second and then the second to the first. And that, children, is the secret to Attraction and Subtraction."

With those words, a bell rang along the halls as the children leaped from their seats, ready to go on their lunch breaks. Their tiny figures moved at such speeds that Torino almost found himself being knocked over by the sudden rush of feet as they all went to play in the yard. Torino took the time to flick through the work sheets, taking out a small lunch of his own as she began to peck away at sandwhiches and two of the apples that the children had left for their teacher. As the second bell rang, Torino watched from the desk seat as the kids arrived, taking their seats slowly to drag on the time before the class began again. Nodding, Torino got up again, approaching the board.

"Next on our list is Multiplication. That follows the same rule as Attraction and Subtraction, where the second value affects the first. This time though, you add the first value the same number times as the second. So if I had two apples and multiplied it by three, I would add two apples with two apples with another two apples, multiplying the first value by three. The inverse is true for division, where you put the second value into the first value before finding out how many times it goes into it. So if I divided six apples by two, I would get three sets of apples!" With that, the last bell rung to signify that the kids may return to their homes. Mentally worn by the confusing lecture, the samurai nodded before accepting his pay from one of the teachers. Bowing to the woman who gave him his pay he lef the school building, glad to have assisted the kids in some way.


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