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Two Faiths Colliding [Private Kon]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

Default on Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:05 am

It was a sunny day as Chelvaric was sitting at a round green wooden table. Above him was a parasole that had yellow and purple stripes. He was enjoying his free day off with a nice cup of milk and just a rest in a chair. Scraggy was sitting next to him his pants down on his knees as he Rarely does but he was exhausted from the long walk to here in the heat. “I wished we would have just slept in the shade why did you need to pull us here.”, scraggy said grinding his teeth. Chelvaric looked at scraggy shaking his head. “I thought you were tougher then that Scraggy. I need you top and ready! What if some dark mage attacks us without you ill be killed fast you know.”, Chelvaric said to him while he took the wooden cup and drank it out in a sip. “well I would say you shouldn’t trust your life on a demon but that’s just me”, scraggy said teasing, making a blow under the table to Chelvaric. “well you do know that you disappear too when I die mister demon.”, Chelvaric said with a very childish tone at the end. Scraggy humpfed and looked away while he took his beer and drank it. Chelvaric was having fun tough. It was just a great day nothing could break it down. He wondered what all the other blue Pegasus mages were up too. Sweat was dropping of his naked upper body as some girl were giggling when they passed by him. He didn’t really pay attention to them such things were for mortals that didn’t had a higher purpose in life. He served his god and that’s the only thing he was thinking off. Although he knew that was a lie as snow was on his mind too. He sighed and finished his drink.

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