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Syllas Banquet | Snowflake

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#1Hikari Snow 

Default on Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:55 am


With a banquet being held at the castle, the building was packed with guests and nobles from different kinds of places which made it seem like Snowflake was the odd one out within the crowd. Since an important event was taking place, the castle was adorned with a variety of fancy decorations, balloons hanging from the windows, large ribbons draped down from the towers and even the wild flowers and bushes that grew in the garden were trimmed neatly to make the building all the more beautiful. The guests were waiting outside where tables were set up for the appetizers to be placed before the gates were opened to commence the event.

Eyes turned to look at her direction and girls awed and praised her beauty while males ogled at her assets and her nice figure. The fellow Blue Pegasus was in a tight black dress that was wrapped around her voluptuous body. The chest area of her dress was cut off in the shape of a heart, exposing her cleavage and her petite shoulders. The side of her dress was slit up until her waist, revealing her creamy legs until the extra pieces of the clothing collected at the bottom, forming a small pool of black cloth by her feet. She wanted her outfit to remain as simple as possible but at the same time, representable as well, however seeing the way she was attracting most of the attention from the crowd was starting to make her feel uncomfortable.

One side of her hair was tucked neatly behind her ear, supported with numerous bobby pins while the rest of her hair hung loosely on the other side and jewelleries would dangle off her ears, giving her a more mature look. This banquet was the first event that made her dress up so well and of course, she was certainly not the one to put so much effort in making herself look pretty, in fact, she did not have the patience to do so and thus, ended up going to a salon to dress up and style her hair upon request.

The horns blew off suddenly, followed by an announcement by the ruler of Marigold himself and granted permission for the guests to enter the castle. The large oaken doors eased open upon the ruler’s demand and she was immediately greeted by the sight of a long row of guards lined up by the side of the road, clad in armours and weapons all the while giving a warm welcome for the enthusiastic guests. Her curious eyes wandered off around the area, taking in everything that came into sight and was pleasantly surprised. The building was still majestic nonetheless, it still had a unique and vintage vibe which was not necessarily a bad thing since Snowflake preferred the ancient and traditional ways, especially the buildings.

A number of ooh-s and aah-s resounded among the crowd as the guests were entranced by how grand the castle was. Just like some of the guests that had just entered, it was the first time she had been inside such a grand castle but the interior has yet to amaze her.  


#2Hikari Snow 

Default on Wed Jun 21, 2017 1:22 am

Bright lights and extravagant designs were the first thing Snowflake noticed upon entering the castle. Sapphire orbs glided over the interior of the castle, amazed by how majestic everything looked and struggled to maintain her curiosity as well as her amazement. The hall was filled with large tables where a variety of fruits, snacks and other refreshments. Wandering over to a table, the girl would randomly pick up a tart lying on a tray before taking a small bite from it. Her eyes widened slightly, pleasantly surprised by the delicious taste of the refreshments. There were so much different food that even an entire day of tasting all of them would not suffice.

As a waiter passed by her with a tray lifted up in his hand, Snowflake reached out for a cup of wine for herself. The hall was flooded with small groups of people, as they chatted among themselves, some about politics while others introduced their own daughters to other families for marriage. Being alone among nobles, she felt slightly uncomfortable although her reason to be at the castle was not to enjoy the refreshments but to entertain the guests. Yes, she was hired by the ruler of Marigold himself to perform and impress the guests with her abilities. If she was successful in doing so, the amount of reward would be hefty for her, or so she was told.

She savoured the rich taste of wine on her tongue as she took a sip from her cup and continued to observe the guests around her. One of the guards would soon approach her before whispering in her ear that it was her turn to perform. The girl nodded, placing the cup on table and followed the guard’s lead towards the middle of the hall, where people perform for the guests. As she entered the space, Snowflake bowed gently at a slight angle, her hands resting on her abdomen. Just before the show begins, her lips would curve into a small smirk and she would thrust her hands outwards. Immediately, the sounds of machines clicking would fill the room. She observed the puzzled looks on the faces of the guests, some staring at her with wide, inquiring eyes, desiring to know what would happen next.

With the last click resounding through the walls of the castle, numerous rocket launchers would suddenly extrude from her arms, pointing outwards. Loud gasps erupted among the crowd and some would even retreat their steps upon seeing such dangerous weapons, followed by an eerie silence before she was finally rewarded with cheers and claps. The little performance she had provided had massively surprised them, although for a good result. She did not wish to end with just a simple action and thus, performed further with more tricks such as summoning swords through her skin and releasing jet packs from her hands. By the end of each trick, the entire hall would fill with loud claps and cheers and contented smiles on their faces. All in all, it was a fun experience for her and she was also glad that the guests had enjoyed her tricks more than she had expected.


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