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My Cabbages! [Seira]

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on Mon Jun 19, 2017 2:44 am

When Seira arrived in Marigold Town, she was decently pleased by the way the city presented itself. It was nice, not astonishing, and nothing struck her as overwhelming or extraordinary beautiful—but it was alright. The Sorceress spent her first day looking around for an inn and walked through the streets for hours, slowly but surely getting to know everything this place had to offer. Marigold was located on the southern end of Fiore, quite far away from Crocus, Era and such. If she wanted to visit those places she had to travel a great distance, and instead of doing that the woman often chose to stay in each town for a few days, rather than traveling for weeks to arrive somewhere. So far she had stopped by Crocus, Magnolia and Hargeon Town before, which were all about a day’s walk away from each other in that order and she had made a good experience with that technique. Marigold was a relatively small town and the most exciting thing about it was perhaps the castle that sat up on a little hill and could be seen from the town itself, but that was fine with Seira. The people were friendly and very welcoming of strangers and while this made it basically the perfect place for a guildless mage like herself to stop by for a few days, work and then leave again (similar much to Orchidia Town) there was nothing about Marigold that ever made her want to move here. It was about midday when Seira went searching for an inn and eventually found something close by the town’s square and the request board which was great because she didn’t really want to travel far distances to pick up quests. Since Marigold wasn’t a really big town and not very populated either the costs for a room per night were perfectly reasonable and if she only stayed for a few days there would be absolutely no problem about it. When she moved into her room she noted that it was smaller than the ones she had lived in while in Crocus and Magnolia, but it was just as comfy and very nicely decorated. She was sure that she would enjoy living here for the time being. Seira didn’t carry much stuff around with her anyways so a small room or a big one didn’t really make any difference. After the girl had settled in she decided to go for another walk and find the request board of the town. Marigold didn’t have much space considering how small it was and she had read that there was only space for about 5000 visitors at once (which in her opinion was still quite a lot), so she wondered how many quests and jobs there would be for her to do. Another thing she noticed about Marigold in the meantime were the castle where the Syllas family was living, as well as all the farmlands surrounding the town. She had a feeling that agriculture was quite a big deal here and that many citizens of Marigold were probably farmers. Seira arrived at the request board and scanned it carefully.



on Mon Jun 19, 2017 2:44 am

There were quite a few offers, thankfully, and Seira decided to pick up something that had today’s date on it so she could get to work right away, hoping to find out something new about this town. The client was a man named Farmer Jim and he lived at the hillside houses, like so many other farmers here did. The Farmland was right behind it so it was basically on the way. According to the information that was given he needed some help with his cabbages, due to his age, and apparently he had been living in Marigold for quite some time so the sorceress quickly grabbed the flier and started looking for the right address where she could find him. After a while of looking around it seemed that she had found the right door and started knocking on it. Seira was greeted by an elderly looking man, but not super old, perhaps in his late fifties or early sixties, waving at her with a smile. He introduced himself as Farmer Jim and after Seira pointed out the flier it seemed that he knew immediately what she was talking about. “Ah, yes! I’ve been looking for someone to help me out with some work on the farm for the day, I’m glad you came, nice to meet you.” Seira smiled and shook his hand. “Thank you, my name is Seira.” He then walked outside and led Seira up to the farmland he owned, presenting to her an unreal amount of cabbages. Clearly it was cabbage season and Farmer Jim seemed all too excited about it. “You know, Seira, in Marigold we surely love our cabbages! Cabbages are everyone’s favourite vegetable here, they are treasured and we just can’t get enough of them! That’s also why we need so much cabbages, honestly, and I need you to help me crate them. Crate as many cabbages as you can and put them onto the cart, stack them carefully so they don’t fall! That’s all you need to do, really. I just need the cabbages to be taken down to the vendor so he can start selling them, since official cabbage season is starting soon.” Farmer Jim started laughing and put pointed Seira towards the cabbages and the cart. Seira then started doing exactly what Farmer Jim needed her to do. She picked up cabbage after cabbage from the field, crated them and stacked them on top of the cart carefully. This work was quite a handful and could be exhausting over a few hours, but she wanted to help him with at least a hundred cabbages and even did quite a few more than that. Seira also made sure not to damage any of the cabbages since they were so precious to him and the town’s people. She probably would have to pay for it if she did any damage to them anyways and then her work would be for nothing and it would be a real waste of time, and Seira couldn’t have that. After finishing everything at the end of the day Farmer Jim rewarded her and she returned to her inn.


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