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5.4 The Invasion Regulations

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on Fri Jun 16, 2017 1:45 pm


The Invasion Regulations

It is inevitable to avoid combat. Even avoiding it all costs will not always work due to these regulations which encompass topic invasions. However, just because someone invaded a topic it does not automatically equate into a battle always. It is more to add organic interactions rather than planning out everything and living in a safe bubble because things do not always go according to plan.

Users can decide to invade the topic of another user in the same location regardless of its tags such as closed, private etc. In general users can invade up to two times a month, in which the month is counted as beginning and the end of a regular month and not counting around 30 days after the last invasion. Users that belong to Phantom Lord, Grimoire Heart, or the Rune Knights, can invade up to three times per month however. This is because it is in the nature of these guilds and groups to cause havoc or save others.

Users that invade a topic can decide to simply interact with the other participants, cause havoc, or attempt to save someone. Individuals that were already in the thread can attempt to flee or engage into combat. To leave a topic it must be done logically, simple stating that you leave the topic won't allow you to depart. In case you run away, the invader can still run after you for example.

The topic color does not change, therefore at the end of a topic the invaders must vacate immediately. No dragging bodies or going overboard after a fight. Unless it fits the narrative of the roleplaying to capture someone or turn them in. Other than that, invaders must have a solid IC reason to invade a topic. This is to avoid OOC reasons getting in the way of roleplaying. In case it is proven that OOC reasons are involved, sanctions will be dealt.

Once again, in order to invade a topic made in a location, the user must be there present before the topic has been made. Due to the time factor with traveling, you'll never arrive at the time the topic is taking place if you travel to a location simply to invade it.

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