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5.5 The Incarceration Regulations

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on Fri Jun 16, 2017 1:43 pm


The Incarceration Regulations

Whenever you have a bounty on your head and you get knocked out by someone in a town, you'll get taken away by Rune Knights who'll cuff you with magic nullification handcuffs. In case, you're knocked out outside a town, whoever has defeated you will have to find a way to get you to a town for the Rune Knights to take over the arrest and reward them. Either way, once you're in a town and you're not able to resist, you'll be taken in by the Rune Knights and will have to roleplay in the Era Dungeons. Don't worry, there are several methods to get out of the Era Dungeons.


Bail is money that is deposited to Fiore, in order to secure the release from custody or jail of the user who has been arrested. For some people time is their most precious resource; these people are called rich. Bail acts as a get-out-of-jail card; the only issue is that it requires a lot of jewels to get out of jail. Bail costs are half of the bounty that had been placed on the user before they were incarcerated. Bail must be paid by the user themselves and is done by posting in the Bail topic, which is a sticky in Era Dungeons.


What most prisoners end up doing is plainly sitting out their sentence. Sitting out your sentence constitutes fulfilling a word count requirement based on the total of the bounty. The imprisoned user must serve their sentence within the Era Dungeons and may not have any other topics active until the sentence is fulfilled. The amount words that must be done is 1000 per 100,000J bounty that had been placed upon before they were incarcerated. In case the bounty is lower than 500,000J it always result into 2500 words.

Each time the user gets incarcerated again, their time to sit out sentences increases. The extra time is translated into 500 extra words per 100,000J bounty after the first incarceration. This means that if it is the first time getting incarcerated with 800,000J as the bounty, the user must do at least 8000 words. However, if it is the third time getting incarcerated the amount of words is 2000 (1000+500+500) which results into at least 16,000 words that needs to be done.


Sacrificing is an alternative option to either serving out the sentence or having to pay for release, which instead allows for a user to be free at the cost of a permanent stat reduction. The amount of stats lost are dependent upon the bounty, rounded up to the nearest increment of 250,000. The user loses 1 SP per 250,000J of bounty that had been placed on the them before they were incarcerated. The statistic that suffers the deduction is determined by a dice roll. In case the user doesn't have enough points in the stat that gets affected, another dice must be rolled to determine which stat gets the remainder of the deduction.

Sacrificing must be done by the user themselves and by posting in the Sacrifice topic in Era Dungeons and rolling the dice. The numbers are: 1-25 for Strength, 26-50 for Endurance, 51-75 for Speed and 76-100 for Intelligence. This means that if the user rolls 34 and their bounty was 300,000J, they'll lose 3 Endurance. The user must wait until it is confirmed and deducted, after which they may post a 500 word break out to escape the Era Dungeons.


While serving out a sentence, an incarcerated user may be able to escape from jail with some help from outside. While within their cells, users will be unable to cast spells. Nor will they have immediate access to their weapons, should they have any. During an attempted prison break, up to 2 additional mages that were previously in Era prior to the attempt may enter the topic. Note that this will trigger an invasion.

Up to 3 users have 48 hours from the time of posting to attempt to prevent the prison break, though they must be present in Era prior to the prison break as well. If 3 users do not join the topic, the remaining slots will be filled with Rune Knight NPCs which scale proportionally to the stats and rank of the opposing party.

During a prison break, the topic no longer is Green and becomes Orange for the party inciting the break out, thereby allowing for maiming to occur. In case the user has attempted escape more than once during the same sentence, the topic becomes Red for the party inciting the break out. Do note that the danger level only applies to the party inciting the break out, whoever is attempting to stop them battles under the Green danger level.

If the users inciting the break out win, the escape will be added to their bounties and they will be rewarded with infamy and experience. If the users attempting to stop the break out win, the opposing party will be arrested, the prison break will be added to their bounty, and they will serve out their collective bounties. They will also receive jewels, fame and experience.

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