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Fishing contest [Quest: Geb]

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Once again, it was yet another day in the town of Hargeon. It was a peaceful morning, and the birds were chirping outside. It seemed like almost everything was perfect today, in all honesty. What in the world could even go wrong right now? Well, there was one thing... You see, lately Geb had been falling on his face a lot, and he saw it as a sign. A sign that some upper deity was guiding him to do work that day, and falling on his face was the closest they could give him to a sign. While it was good and all, it had a bad side. You see, while it didn't injure him or anything, Geb didn't quite like waking up most mornings by falling down on his face and being forcibly thrust out of his sleep. That was never quite a fun thing to do first thing in the morning, especially when it was the very thing that would cause a person to wake up in the very first place. What a horrible way to start the day..

Geb didn't like to have that happen to him, but he supposed if it meant more money in his pocket it was okay. As he lay there, sleeping and dreaming, suddenly he fell right on his face, plunging him out of his pleasant sleep with a scream. Gallent however seemed to still be sleeping the while way through. What a carefree creature, Geb wished he was allowed to be that relaxed and lazy all the time. But, Geb was no animal. He was a human. Well, he wasn't exactly a human either. He was a machine, a cyborg to be more exact. And he wasn't Gallent, who was just tossed chips casually all the time. He needed to work for it! That's right, he knew now. He would be taking Gallent along with him on this mission. Maybe it would teach the chubby munchlax some discipline. Geb doubted it, but it was worth a try nonetheless.

Geb woke up gallent, and while it took a bit of work, he was able to get him up and out the door with him. Putting his hand over his eye as the sun shined in his face, Geb made his way over to Reagan's place. That would be a good place to start, right? He always seemed to have some kind of work for Geb. He was a nice guy too, and not to mention his jobs weren;'t too hard and paid really well. It was always a nice day when he worked for Reagan, so that was all the more reason for Geb to head over and check there first.

Geb was wrong. He was extremely wrong. probably the most wrong he had ever been in his entire life, to be quite honest with himself. Reagan wouldn't be able to get him any kind of work today, at all. Though, not for the reason that you might think he would not be able to get Geb a job or something of the like.

You see, Reagan seemed to be sick that day. When Geb came to his door, he shooed him off, and the old man really didn't look that well. Oh well, Geb was sure he'd be fine in a few days. The elderly always have those sort of problems, right? Well, Geb was sure he could find another person in need of work in the huge town of Hargeon. There must be at least one other person in need for a dark mage, right? After all, this was a big place. Maybe he'd go an check at the docks? That seemed to be the hub of all the activities for pay he had done in the city so far anyways.

In a few hours, Geb and Gallent had met a boy named Jacob. You see, he was hoping to enter a fishing contest, and wanted Geb to help him win. but, in a dirty way. Sure, it was easy money. Geb knew exatly what he had to do;. he was going to sabotage the other fishing lines so Jacob was the only capable fisher with a proper rod.

Geb would sneak into a shed where the fishers held their rods an hour before it started. You see, each rod was provided by the place, so each one was the exact same. That being said, they also had nametags. This made it extra convenient. Geb used his slight knowledge of the art of fishing in order to rig it so that the lines would be stuck and unable to reel in. So, if someone caught something, they wouldn't be able to bring it onto the dock. This was perfect, there was no way Jacob could lose now, no matter how much he sucked at fishing. While Geb didn't know how good he was at fishing, he was sure the kid wasn't very good if he needed this kind of tactic just to stand a winning chance. It made Geb a bit dissapointed, but this was just business to him.

Geb made his way to watch the fishing contest after telling Jacob what he did. The kid seemed both impressed and happy. Geb wasn't sure to feel proud or ashamed of what he did today. He however decided to not think about it too much and just take the money.

Geb came back after the show to gather the half of the prize money that Jacob won. Geb just took it, said goodbye and left. While it was an easy job that paid fairly, Geb felt it was disgraceful. Disgraceful to those that wanted to win the contest on their own. He supposed it wasn't quite worth worrying about right now. He was close to paying off his loan and getting the sharks off his back.. he just needed a little bit more time. And he honestly thought that he would be able to make it. Will Geb be able to survive? Find out on the next episode.


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