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Deface Property [Bianca]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

Default on Thu May 25, 2017 1:04 am

Upon reaching Hargeon Town, Bianca spent the rest of the day that she arrived napping. It was too sunny for her to go outside or do anything really, so she decided to sleep the whole afternoon, and woke up around sunset. She went outside for a stretch and fresh air. The inn she was staying in Hargeon Town was not like the one in Marigold. It was not part of a group of inns in like a tourist area. She was not even sure if Hargeon Town had a tourist area. She knew the port was what it was famous for, and the inn she was staying at right now was on the port side of town, so if she looked from her window she could see the boats and the sea. It was a nice view, she actually liked staring through her window while she smoked.

It was evening time so what she could see now were lights everywhere. It was nice to see that the port was well lit, it was a nice view from a distance too. After freshening herself up, taking a shower and all that, Bianca put on a nice dress and sandals. She decided to go out for the evening and have dinner somewhere nice, and yes, alone. She did not need anyone to accompany her. Most people did not like being alone or doing things alone like eating, but Bianca thought differently. After all, her way of eating was already different from everyone else. She walked from her inn to the night bazaar, which was where she decided to have her ‘dinner’.

On her way to the night bazaar, she spotted a familiar board that urged her to give it a look. Bianca tried with all her might to look away, but to no avail, the vampyress walked up towards the board and gave the request sheets a quick scan, not because she was hungry or anything, in fact she was not hungry at all. Human food gave her energy temporary restoration, but nothing like her usual meals that put her energy at a hundred percent, of course. Bianca could not resist taking one of the sheets with her. She took one that seemed pretty easy and fun to do. She was starting to realise, however, that for her rank, she was taking requests that were far too easy. The hardest one she had taken was one that involved killing a bitch with poison.

“Fuck,” she muttered as she gave into her needs. It was addicting, getting easy money. She was taking other people’s jobs, though, ones who were lower ranked than herself, but she did not care anyways, so it did not matter. First she took one sheet, then she took three more. She left the rest for the others, though. Neatly tucking the folded sheets into her bag, Bianca strutted away from the request board and headed to the night bazaar where she would get some food. The requests would be worked on starting the next day.

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#2Bianca Fleur 

Default on Thu May 25, 2017 4:11 am

The next day, Bianca woke up a bit early, got ready and wore her workout outfit. She spread out the sheets of requests she had collected the night before. It was not nice of her to take almost all of the sheets on the board, but she was greedy sometimes. More jewels, more satisfaction. She had been looking at the companion market recently as well, looking to buy a nice little companion to help her in battle as well as keep her company, not that she was lonely or anything, but she did like to have a friend around. She remembered she liked it when she was with Roman and Geb, it was indeed a different feeling compared to being alone. So it was not as though she liked to be completely alone. She liked to have her alone times, as well as be around friends and stuff at different times. Bianca could not really pick from the sheets, so she just randomly selected one of them and tilted her head while taking in the details. The outfit she wore at the moment was perfect for the job, so she simply folded the sheet and stood up. There was a board on the opposite side of the wall that the bed was put up against, to which she pinned the rest of the sheets. She had a pocket map of Hargeon Town that the receptionist gave her upon checking in, which she pinned on the left side. First she would have to meet the client.


“That’s right. Here’s what you have to do,” said the blonde man. Bianca blinked in confusion as Maxwell dived straight into instructions and threw a can of graffiti at her which she hopelessly caught with both hands. She did not even get to introduce herself, but that was not important. The less people she knew, the better, unless they were from her guild or other illegal guilds, and that was for affiliations and stuff. So in the middle of the day, Bianca headed for the apartment, kicking down the door as instructed and making the biggest mess she could make. Luckily the man was not home so she had one less thing to worry about. Then, she brought out the ultimate weapon - old graffiti can that is almost used up. She shook it a few times before writing the phrase ‘Take it to the Max’ on the wall with the largest free space. The paint was already gone by the time she finished writing it out, so she simply threw it in a trash can on the way out. She met up with Maxwell again, who rewarded her for the job and thanked her. She nodded with a smile and simply returned to her inn to rest for a while. She rolled the sheet into a ball and tossed it into the trash, laying on her bed and drifting away until evening when she would go out for food.

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