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Marigold-Era [Travel by Foot][Alyssa|Kenny]

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on Sat May 20, 2017 11:34 am

Waking from her slumber, Alyssa realized it was late afternoon and she was extremely late.  Kenny was still asleep as well, so she quickly packed her loose belongings before shaking him to wake him up as well.  She had a certain amount of trouble waking him from his slumber and was tempted to just push him off the couch.  She formed little fists with her hands and began beating on his exposed chest lightly, trying not to stare at it or concentrate on how nice and warm it felt against her skin.

"Or, you could just lay down on top of him and go back to sleep.  That sounds like fun for both of us."  Her split had finally made a reappearance in her mind and for once, it's suggestion was not a bad one.  Pushing it back in her mind, she continued trying to wake the man.

"Come on!  We have to travel to Era today!"

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on Sat May 20, 2017 12:10 pm

The couch was more comfortable than Kenny would have liked to admit, in the course of the night he had slumped into the soft cushions and essentially was buried in all of the comfortability. He snored lightly, the dream he was having an interesting one and from time to time he would mutter something here and there giving little details about what he was dreaming of. He turned his head into his pillow and began mumbling. He soon felt something beating on his chest as he slowly awoke.

“Just five more minutes…” he groaned in and out of his sleepy state. “Despite her pounding he was doze back off and resume his dream, he raised his arms reached up and he attempted to pull her down to him. He’d firmly held her and smiled with closed eyes, “Give us a kiss.” he puckered his lips and leaned forward attempting to plant a kiss on her, rather it was her lips or anywhere else.

“Era… yeah an era of love.”



on Sat May 20, 2017 12:43 pm

Alyssa was shocked to say the least at the male. Instead of attempting to escape his hold like Alyssa knew he thought she would, she instead just collapsed on top of him, taking in his warmth. She liked being in his arms. "Awe, does the innocent little girl have a crush?" Her split was becoming a more forward with her, causing her to blush a bit. She tried moving out of his arms, but noticed she was being held firmly in place. With a smirk she turned her head and placed a soft kiss against his lips, trying to go for the element of surprise.

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on Sat May 20, 2017 1:12 pm

Surprised was an understatement, Kenny felt a pair of warm soft lips against his own and his eyes opened immediately. The kiss wasn’t bad, no, hell no, but his dream became reality. At first he mistaken a light, warm body press against his as part of his dream, but the kiss was all too real. He groggily smiled, “Wow… What a way to wake up.” he chuckled, rubbing his eyes with his free hand. He looked down and saw that their bodies were pressed against each other, he could only offer a sinister smile, “I guess I can strike ‘kissing an angel’ off of my bucket list.”

He sat up and, unashamedly kissed her again before drawing back. “I guess we should get heading to out, but do we have to rush? I was thinking we could spend a few more moment kissing and waking me up.” he joked.

“Good morning though, gorgeous, I hope you slept well.”



on Sat May 20, 2017 4:29 pm

Alyssa blushed as the man kissed her again.  She was trying to surprise him, not start falling for his charm.  Even in the short moments that his lips had been against her own, she could tell that he would be an extremely good kisser.  Maybe she would have to pull him to the side once they reached Era and test out her hypothesis further.  She gathered her things and chuckled at his joke.  "With as much as I would like to keep kissing you, we really have to go."  She called Arcane from his spot in the corner of the room and left the hotel key on a dresser before throwing the male's shirt at him.  Though she would rather watch him walk around shirtless, she knew she would not be able to stand other women looking at him, which she was sure would happen.  "You have everything?  Good."  With that, she walked out of the hotel room, hoping Kenny was following her.



on Sun May 21, 2017 12:17 pm

She insisted they’d get going, even though he much prefered his plan. They did only buy a single night in the room, and once they get back in Era he could probably just get another and then they could have a nice day in bed. There was just one thing he didn’t understand. Why were they going to Era again? He didn’t ask this question to the last person he traveled with and it’d be pointless to ask now. Honestly, he was just glad to have kissed her without getting another slap across the face. Though before he could say anything else she seemed to get into a rush, calling the dog, and getting her things ready. He caught his shirt when she tossed it to him and put it on. Before they would leave he at least managed to get his toothbrush in his mouth and began brushing as they got ready to go. Kenny reached for his bag, but realized that… he hadn’t brought it with him since he go in town… He carried his money in his pockets, yes but that meant his clothes, or well spare clothes were gone. He was right behind her, but his eyes were more focused on her hips than anything else as they walked.



on Sun May 21, 2017 12:27 pm

Remembering how it felt to let loose for a bit, Alyssa smiled. She was traveling to Era for one reason, to leave the guild that she had been born into. She felt trapped, being a part of that guild. For once in her life, she wanted to let her split have some fun as well. She could not repent for her sins with the Rune Knights, especially the murders of the mages her split committed. She realized for once in her life, she did not want to take the good route on everything, especially when she could get more money and get stronger helping everyone out, not just those deemed 'good'. She slowed her pace to walk by Kenny.

"I'm sorry I'm dragging you on this little journey. I've just been thinking a lot and before we start taking some jobs and training you in observation, I need to leave my current guild." She did not expand further.

Walking in silence, the two passed through many towns, walking for hours, it seemed. Finally they saw the gates of Era, a place Alyssa had not been in a while, and honestly, she was dreading going there again. She wanted to get in and get out.

"Well, here we are." She muttered.

-Now in Era-


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