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Hammer Time (Alyssa)

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on Sat May 06, 2017 4:41 pm

Helping out the townsfolk in Magnolia had become Alyssa’s go to when it came to taking missions. She enjoyed helping the small city flourish. Arcane seemed to like helping the townsfolk as well, as he was treated most every time. Between pats on the head and yummy treats, the growlithe was one happy camper once he saw that they were heading, once again, towards the bulletin board in the center of town. Carrying her satchel on her side, Alyssa stepped up to the board in front of the stronger mages, all looking for quests higher leveled than her own.

Her eyes scanned the missions available to her today. There were plenty of quests that required sitting and doing nothing, but she had been doing enough of that lately. She was beginning to feel a bit weak when it came to combat. Silently feeling her own muscles and frowning, she began looking for more of a manual labor task. She definitely needed to train more if she was going to become a strong beast master. Though Arcane did most, if not all, of her fighting for her, she still needed to feel like she was able of protecting herself in a combat situation if it called for it.

She ripped off the first sheet that caught her eye. The local blacksmith, Barras Berend, needed help. Seemingly a manual labor job, she began her walk towards The Black Anvil with Arcane following closely by her side. It was a bit of walk, compared to those which she normally made for these quests, but she did need the exercise. Though she never gained weight, she did lose muscle, and it was showing. Even her split had begun calling her lazy, it was the one thing that they had agreed on lately. Her split had become much more blood thirsty lately, leading her to go hunting just to sate the split.

She had realized that as long as she had been in Magnolia, she had not taken time out for any training. She realized Arcane must have been completely out of practice as well. He had not been in a combat situation in a while, yet she was sure he remembered his own attacks well considering he was constantly and confidently jumping in front of any sort of threat towards Alyssa. She had been with the companion for a while, and their bond was unbreakable. So even if he did not remember how to fight, she was sure he would try anyhow.

Once they reached the blacksmith, they found Barras busy working. Noticing that his apprentice had seemingly hurt his arm, Alyssa finally realized what exactly he needed the help for. "Hello Barras, I see that you need some help. I am here for the job." She called, gaining the man's attention. He turned, noticing her finally, and smiled.

"Oh dear, thank you so much. My apprentice has hurt himself on the job and I need someone able to hammer out this steel for me. It will be a hard job, little lady. If you think you have the strength to do this all day, please feel free to grab that hammer there. He will move the metal for you, all you have to do is hammer it out." Barras explained. Alyssa glanced once again at the hurt man, who was smiling sheepishly as he motioned to the large hammer beside him. Alyssa mock saluted.

"Can do, sir. It should not be too difficult. Besides, I need to get these muscles back to work." She picked up the hammer and nodded at the hurt man. "Load me up, buddy. Might as well get this show on the road." She said. The apprentice grabbed the red hot metal from the hot coals and placed it on the anvil in front of her. Alyssa weighed the hammer in her hands and shrugged. She would hurt after the work, but it would be worth it. She got to work, hammering the metal, sparks flying to the sides of it. At first it scared her, the red hot metal, but she quickly got used to the feeling of holding the hammer. Getting a feel for the work, she was soon having fun.

It took a good dozen swings before she had completely flatted the first piece of metal in front of her. The apprentice removed it and immediately replaced it with yet another red hot piece of metal which Alyssa began to hammer the moment he sat down. At least, she thought, the apprentice was still doing something, even if it was as simple as holding the metal still where she could get it completely flat. Each time the hammer struck, the sound echoed around the room. It was almost a comforting sound after a while.

With the second piece done, she moved on to the third, slowly getting the hang of the work. The more she hammered, the quicker she became and the less she felt the ache in the muscles of her arms and biceps. Soon, she was getting though each piece of metal in less than five minutes.

Arcane sat off to the side quietly the entire time, watching Alyssa hammer away. He seemed pleased to watch her having to do the labor for once. The apprentice seemed happy to have Arcane as company beside him, as he contently sat and pat the growlithe every time he insisted. The man had even begun throwing a ball for Arcane to fetch between the times he was needed to hold the metal still.

Finally, the day ended and Barras told her she could stop as they would be closing for the day. Alyssa thankfully dropped the hammer beside her and whistled for Arcane, who was sleeping beside the apprentice. They made there way to the front of the store where Barras handed her a pouch full of money and thanked her for her hard work that day. Her muscles ached slightly, but she was happy for it. As they wandered out onto the street, Alyssa pocketed the cash.

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