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Why are trees so big. [Private | Shin Sekai]

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on Sat Apr 15, 2017 11:05 am

Sinaloa hated it here.

It was bright and sunny and everything was much too loud. Where was she going? Where was she now? Tears spilled over Sinaloa's cheeks as she trembled in the middle of the forest. Everywhere looked the same. The forest spun and she couldn't tell which way was up.

The small mage sniffled and took off running, stumbling and tripping over loose dirt and tree roots. She couldn't tell where she was. Sinaloa toppled over a ridge, sliding down into a small creek. She let herself rest here, getting soaked by the water now mixing with her tears. She wasn't hard to spot, with all the noise her sobbing was making.

#2Shin Sekai 

on Sat Apr 15, 2017 6:11 pm

Shin made his way through the forest rather enjoying his day away from his monster of a Pet when he heard what sounded like a hurt child "What's a kid doing out here alone?" he asked himself heading in that direction Maybe they got lost and fell into a whole or something. he thought. "Hello is someone there??" Shin asked walking through a few bushes to find a girl crying in the middle of a creek "Hello am Shin Sekai from Fairy Tail do you need help?" he asked walking over to young girl "If you stay in there you'll catch a cold why not come with me to get you someplace dry and warm?" he suggested to her extending his hand out to her. Why would she just sit here all alone? he thought to himself as a smile formed on his face.


on Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:43 am

Sinaloa sniffled, sitting up when she heard someone call out to her. Shin Sekai from Fairy Tail. He kept coming closer and closer. Sinaloa whimpered and backed away, keeping a wide distance between them. If you stay in there you'll catch a cold why not come with me to get you someplace dry and warm? He tried to sound friendly. Knowing Fairy Tail's reputation he could be genuinely trying to help.

Except she didn't know if he really was part of Fairy Tail. She couldn't trust him. Sinaloa turned heel and ran, splashing upstream and slipping on the wet dirt. He was right. It was cold. She was completely soaked and the wind chilled her through to her core. Sinaloa sniffled and stumbled over a tree root, falling into the water agian.

#4Shin Sekai 

on Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:13 pm

Shin backed up a bit once she started to run "Hey let me help you!" he shouted chasing after her What is with her I only trying to help her up? he asked himself as he tried not to slip on any rocks "Hey look it's okay I'm not gonna hurt you promise just stop run...ing." he as the girl tripped running around some tree roots. "I...just want...to help you." he told her extending his left hand showing the Azure Blue Fairy Tail mark Oh man she is really clumsy no wonder she fell into the water. he thought to himself catching his breath while trying to smile to make her feel more comfortable with him.


on Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:33 pm

Sinaloa felt small. She felt weak. She knew that she was these things but at that very moment, she hated it. Sinaloa wasn't a slave anymore. He could be what he wanted, but at the same time the world wasn't the same out here and it never would be. Sina had been sheltered as a child, and then mistreated as an adult. Here, he lay soaked in the freezing cold river, staring up at a strange man who insisted he only wanted to help.

The fairy tail insignia really was right there on his hand. It was the prettiest of blues... Forgetting, for a moment, that he was scared, Sina reached forward and took Shin's hand, gently tracing his fingers over the other man's guild mark.

#6Shin Sekai 

on Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:36 pm

Shin was a little worried that She had hit her head on something as she traced the guild mark on his wrist "Hey why don't we get you some dry clothes okay." he recommended to her as he smiled at her while moving his hair out his eyes with his right hand. "I never caught your name, did I?" he asked her. I hope she doesn't get a cold from being so wet I mean I could take her back to my place and give her some just in case, he thought to himself as he heard the sound of some birds chirping nearby .


on Fri Apr 21, 2017 3:11 pm

Sinaloa blinked, only just now realising he had asked him a question. Was it a question? Should he answer? Would it be weird if he didn't? Would he like his answer? Sina thought so much about what she was supposed to be saying that she forgot what the question had even been.

He looked up at Shin with wide, round eyes, the fears and distress very obvious in his irises. He gently tugged on Shin's hand, giving a warning before pulling hinself to his feet and backing away. Sina didn't trust him, not yet. Not so close. Strangers were strangers, after all. Even if he was in fairytail Shin might still be nasty. Sina considered running agian, glancing around for escape routes.

#8Shin Sekai 

on Fri Apr 21, 2017 6:27 pm

When Sinaloa took his hand small scene played in his head of a woman telling him something but quickly brushed it off That was weird but oh well. he thought as he felt Sin's hand tug on his. Shin was happy to see that Sinaloa got up but was worried that she was running from someone or something "Hey if something's wrong you can tell me I promise I don't bite and it's my job to help someone if they are in need." he told her as he noticed that he cut his leg a little from chasing after her before.

"Hey If you want I can take you to my friend's place and get dry clothes?" he asked her still thinking about the women that was talking to him. Just who was she? he asked himself waiting on Sinaloa to respond to his question that he had asked her.


on Sat Apr 22, 2017 9:23 am

Sinaloa shook her head in response to Shin's question. She wasn't in trouble. She was just cold, wet and afraid, looking moreso like a lost, half drowned puppy than a person in distress. Sinaloa sniffled and backed away a little more.

Shin kept his hand extended to her, but Sinaloa tucked her own inside the sleeves of her hoodie. She would've flipped up the hood, too, but that was particularly drenched and dripping wet.

"'mfine. Where is town..? Just lost."

#10Shin Sekai 

on Tue Apr 25, 2017 11:43 pm

Shin lowered his hand pointed in the direction of town "I can take you there and get some new clothes if you wouldn't mind doing that I mean." he really only wanted what was best for her. having seen her run away from him once already was a shock if anything but Shin's main goal in this is to help her in what every way that he can. "Hey so why are you in the forest of all places to be anyway?" he asked her with compassion in his voice for her "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to that's fine by me I won't dig too deep into your reasonings," he added turning around to head back to town.


on Wed Apr 26, 2017 4:50 am

Sinaloa's eyes followed Shin's finger in the direction of the town. She'd been heading in the entirely wrong directions. Sinaloa nodded slowly, responding to the first question. She would follow him. Who knows if she'd ever even make it to the town if she left on her own.

Sinaloa tilted her head at him, considering the second. She had the choice to not tell him, but she'd already said most of it.

"Don't like people much. Got lost."

Without another word, the woman turned and started walking away in the direction he'd pointed.

#12Shin Sekai 

on Wed Apr 26, 2017 9:05 pm

"Hey wait I'll come with you! Town can get really confusing at times plus if you someone messes with you I'll be right there." Shin told her as he followed right behind like a bodyguard protecting a royal or something like that. The two made their way through the forest with Shin making sure that he didn't have to worry about her later on "Do you have any magic?" he asked placing his hands behind his neck as they walked looking into what every part of the sky that was visible on their way back to town. I should check on Crisp when I get home and see what Coco is up to afterwards. Shin proposed to himself still walking behind Sinaloa.


on Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:04 pm

Sinaloa tried her hardest to ignore the man following her. Focussed all her energies into quelling the fear that maybe he was going to turn on her at any moment. He was a normal person. Normal people didn't attack at random, or pin down helpless women to ravage them. It would be okay.

Her breathing started coming in shallower and her vision blurred, hurrying her steps so that she could leave Shin as soon as possible. Sinaloa wasn't watching where she was going anymore, focussing on going in the right direction... And walking straight into an oak tree. She didn't make a sound, stepping back and blinking away the pain. She felt stupid, incompetent, weak. It wasn't like anything had actually changed just because the doctor said it would. It was just easier to ignore it until it was right in front of her. Sinaloa sniffled and took off running agian, back into the woods and away from Shin.

#14Shin Sekai 

on Wed May 10, 2017 7:30 pm

Shin watched as she walked into the tree and held in his laughter due to trying not to make her feel bad "You okay there?" he asked getting a bit closer to her. The guild could use someone like her around just to lighten things up. He thought to himself as they made their way into Magnolia "I'll get you some new clothes as a gift before we split up okay?" Shin suggested to her as he ran in front of her and walked backward. I really hope that I'm not being too pushy right now...nah I'm fine he thought to himself as he still having a part of his mind think about the women he saw.


on Thu May 18, 2017 7:01 pm

Sinaloa shrieked as she almost ran into Shin, slowing down and stopping as he stepped in front of her. Begrudgingly, she slowed to a walk, allowing him to guide her. He wasn't Bad she supposed. Just. Didn't seem to take her seriously. Now that she was looking though.. he was cute! Maybe it... Wouldn't be horrible letting him lead her?

Sinaloa muttered under her breath about sentiment to what she had, tripping over a tree root. She caught herself, scowling at the ground. She was just making a fool of herself. It was a bad idea for her to try getting attached to this man, but.

He did offer to help. She was willing to follow if it meant no more embarrassment.

#16Shin Sekai 

on Wed May 31, 2017 11:16 am

Shin stopped just a few steps short of the clothing store "Say would you say if I ask you to join Fairy Tail???" he asked Sinaloa not looking at her "I know it's a weird question by what would you say?" he continued to add on walking into the clothing store. Did I really just ask this her that!?!? What am I thinking!?!? he thought to himself while keeping a calm and collective face about it. He questioned himself as to why he would offer someone that he just met a spot in the guild that he hasn't even been a part of for that long what was said can't be taken back now. They reached the store Shin walked in side and looked around as it was a general clothing store so this way he could buy himself some new clothes while Sinaloa shopped.

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