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Hammer time [Shin&Pet]

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#1Shin Sekai 

on Sun Apr 09, 2017 11:18 pm

Shin made his way to the Black Anvil with the quest paper in hand just so he wouldn't have to ask anyone for help in finding the even though he had his new pet Crips with him it was just hanging onto his hair "I really wish you stop that Crisp I don't want to wash my hair a fourth time today." he told it as it nibbled on his hair. The walk to the Black Anvil as more work than he wanted it to when Crisp decided to stop eating his hair and play with some children before he tried to eat their hair. by the time that he got to the Black Anvil it was the middle of the afternoon.

"Sorry am late sure but Shin Sekai is ready to work." he said as to Barrs "Well it's nice of you to show up kid as you know I need some help around the place...What is that???" he asked in the middle of his own sentence pointing at Crisp. Crisp made a cracking sound when it stopped messing with Shin's hair and looked at him, "This is Crisp my pet he can work with me." Shin said as he grabbed Crisp by what he would call an arm and warped him around his waste. Barrs brushed it aside as he finished telling Shin and Crisp what to do. Okay let's see how well we can work together he thought to himself as he placed the sheet metal into the fire "Crisp pass me the hammer over there it's right under the planning bench." he asked as Crisp made it's way over to the bench and back to him.

"Shggg" Crisp said handing Shin the hammer and going to eat his hair yet again. You know at this point I really don't care anymore at this point, he said to himself as pulling the sheet out from the flames.Once he placed it on the Anvil the heat radiating from on top of the heat that was already in the workshop made Shin start to sweat even more than before "I don't see how anyone does this kind of work without passing out?" the question was valid in all means of the word as he raised the hammer to strike the super hot metal. "MOVE POWER!!!" Barras yelled causing him to fall out the chair he was sitting on and on top of Crisp "SHHHGGGGGGGG!!!" Crisp cried as Shin laid on top of him. "Okay okay stop yelling both of you." Shin told Barras and Crisp as he got back to work Hammering the Sheet metal. This is taking forever Shin thought to himself as he made his second and third strikes to the sheet. The light outside the shop started to dim as the change from morning to the afternoon was underway. As Shin was hammering away at the sheet of metal a girl walked in asking if she could her sword fixed, "Say I could help you with that I mean I'm already working on something." he told her wiping the sweat off his face "Oh thank you but are you sure it's okay?" she asked as he took the broken sword. "This doesn't mean you get anything extra Kid," Barras told him in a very serious voice that sent a chill down Shin's spin.

As he started work on the ladies sword, Shin found that it was real easy to fix and within two hours he finished the working on the blade and handed it back to the lady. "Thank you so much what can I do to repay you?" she asked him, "Your name and a date would be nice," he replied with a charming smile as he waited for the women's reply. "My names Coco Zeon," she replied giving him a kiss on his right cheek before she left the shop. Shin blushed as he placed his hand on his right cheek while Crisp looked at him then at the door and then back to Shin and slapped him across the same cheek leaving an imprint of his hand "Shgg shhhg." Crisp said still eating his hair. Shin pulled Crisp off his hair and beat him with the hammer and then got back to work "That'll teach you to do that again." he said as the hand print started to fade.

Shin started to fall sleep after the tenth and twelfth strikes to the sheet "SLEEPING ON THE JOB PUNK!!!" Barras shouted waking Shin up along with some guy in the corner. He started up again when and Coco walked back "I totally forgot to ask your name before." she said catching her breath as it seemed like she ran all the back to shop for this one thing. "My names is Shin Sekai I don't work here every day I just happen to take the quest that for this," he told her as he kept hitting the sheet. Coco took a chair and sat across from Shin as he continued to work Keep it cool Shin she really likes you so don't mess this up!! he told himself as he hit his thumb by mistake and played it off so well. "Shin...Oh, you're from Fairy Tail I knew your name sounded familiar somehow." Coco said as she clapped her hands. "Ya that's me," he replied as he stopped working for a second. "I make it my job to know everyone in Fairy Tail new and old," she added on as Shin started up again. The heat started to die down so Shin placed the sheet back into the fire and pulled it out after letting it heat up once more.

By the time that nightfall came Shin was a few strokes away from finishing this job and going home for a nice relaxing shower. Coco had turned out to be a really nice girl and was had really taken a liking to Shin and he her even though she was an FT fangirl in all means of the word. "ANNNNNNND DONE," Shin shouted as he swung the hammer down onto the sheet "Good job not take your reward and get out!!" Barras shouted at him. Shin pick up his belonging including Crips and rushed out the shop followed by Coco.


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