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Hammer Time [Ace]

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#1Ace Brookes 

on Thu Mar 23, 2017 3:26 am

After his last request, the gas mage racked up a decent amount of jewels but was no where near done for his big trip to crocus. The jewels were saved up for his grandad as a returning present. The Rune Knights' apprentice looked up the sky then darted his eyes back down to his watch. That previous cupcake delivery quest took up no time from the mage and he wanted to grind his day out. After all the weather this week has been smooth sailing with a nice warm spring rolling in on the vast lands of Fiore.

The young mage strolled back towards the heart of the city with the route still fresh in his head from this morning. There were a couple other requests that grasped his attention as he skimmed over them previously. Hopefully they would have been still up for grabs. Ace walked through the busy city of Magnolia like a tourist examining all the artifacts that stood out to him. He didn't get much of a chance to look around when he first arrived and was making up for lost time this afternoon. He had arrived to the board way quicker than he expected. Time was flying by as he scanned through the city's architecture. From a distance it looked like there was only one mage gazing at the request board. The gas mage had no time to waste and it was always first come first serve. By that it meant if you get the request first it's yours... He snatched it off the board and didn't even look back at the much taller well built man. "Have some respect young man!" the bystander roared. Ace just put his hand up and didn't even bother to turn around. Afterwards he began to scrutinize the details of the request he had now started as the man continued to mumble on.

The request read 'meet me at the Black Anvil on Market Street, I need someone's help as my assistant is injured'. So the young mage followed the path to what was know as the Black Anvil. He had no other idea of what might have been different about this quest but it seemed like a regular D-rank quest where he does a chore and gets his reward. The gas mage honestly didn't understand why people needed to hire mages to do these chores for them, but then again he couldn't complain as he was getting jewels out of it like everyone else. He looked forward to the time when he's going to be doing A and S-rank quests, but for now these will just have to do the job.

Shortly after, Ace arrived at the man's shop. There was no door and it seemed more like a workshop than an actual store. The man put on a big radiant smile and said "Hello there young man, how may I help you?". Ace nodded at the oversized man and said "I'm here for the request..." as he flashed the ripped paper. The man laughed loudly and replied "I'm Barras, I run this place... Now, It's a tough job young man, make sure you're ready for it!". Ace nodded once again with a look of confidence on his face. "Now let's go over the safety rules first. We don't want anyone ending up like Taro here" he stated as he gestured at his assistant. Ace turned his head to look at the assistant's arm. "Don't worry. If we're careful we'll be done sooner than we think". Ace quickly grew fond of the man as he gave out constant good vibes. He reminded him of his grandad. Even if what he was doing was tough or if life didn't go how he wanted it to he still found a way to make it seem easy and cheerful.

After going over the basics of what they'll be doing, the man called for his assistant to bring up a soft metal straight from the forge and place it on the anvil for Ace. Barras helped him through the process because it was his first time. He chuckled and said "There you go young man! You're picking up a new skill today". Ace peeped a small smile at the man. It was a very rare sighting to see the gas mage smile yet the clueless blacksmith didn't know as he'd only just met Ace.

The man then let Ace do the next part as he started a conversation with the dark skinned boy. "So are you one of them Fairy Tails or are you a traveler?" He asked. Ace continued to work as he said "Nope. I'm not with a guild, I'm with the Rune Knights". He then turned slightly towards the man and showed him his tattoo which was located on his left ear lobe in bold white. It came out habitually out of the young boy as people usually don't believe him. "Oh wow!" The man exclaimed. "So you're aiming to rise up the ranks, huh?". "Well actually, I'm the youngest Rune Knight Apprentice so far, which is pretty cool" Ace said as he pressed down on the red hot metal. "It is indeed... Your parents must be proud of you young fella!" Barras replied. "It's actually my grandad, he took care of me. All these jewels i'm getting now are for my homecoming" The gas mage said. The man smiled as he got up to take a closer look of what Ace made. "That's a solid part right there, keep it up" he said.

The gas mage's arms were sore at the end of the day. It wasn't any short job as he previously thought. It took way more of his time and energy than expected but it was great meeting the blacksmith. He'd reminded him of his grandfather's sweet attitude. Ace thanked the man for teaching him and shared a firm handshake with him. "Thanks Barras...". Barras patted Ace's back as he gave him his reward. These will definitely count towards the apprentice's homecoming.


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