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Little Bit of Mischief [Houren]

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#1Houren Vanadis 

Default on Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:33 am

Was this job really worth the money?

Sure, the jewels that came with the completion of this job was substantial, enough so that he wouldn't need to work for a few weeks at least, but it came at the risk of running afoul of nobility. The girl that had hired him for this job, Rosalia was her name, was going to be the next head of Marigold once her father was gone, so perhaps he would actually earn brownie points by helping her on this occasion? He wondered if she'd remember him if he helped her. Right now, though, it was the money he was thinking of, not the favor of some sheltered noble girl. Right now, he was standing outside the castle, observing the four guards as people literally poured in and out of the castle. He had never met a family that was so liberal, so open to having strangers come in and out of their home before. Of course, Houren knew that the most private of quarters were strictly off limits, so it must not have been any different from renting a building, using the downstairs as a business and the upstairs as a residence. The four guards were all muscular and tall, much like Houren himself and it was obvious that they took their job of protecting the Syllas family seriously.

His job wasn't to hurt them; if Rosalia had asked requested the assistance of a dark guild, then perhaps that would have been the goal, but for today, the Fairy Tail mage simply had to wait for her signal, and then distract the guards so that she would be able to escape into the town for a little while. If he got caught, he knew he would be punished, but at least they wouldn't be able to charge him with assault and battery. They could always lie that he had attacked them, but such honest men would never do a thing like that, would they? And who knows? Maybe Rosalia would come to his aid if anything happened, but on that front, he was not expecting much at all. He began to get impatient when finally, her lithe figure appeared at the window. It seemed like she could recognize him even though the distance between them was really quite great. She gave him a light smile, but Houren did not act immediately as he was aware that this was not the signal that they had agreed on; when she had met with her maid (since Rosalia was not allowed outside the castle), the maid had specifically stated not to distract the guards until Rosalia waved at him. It seemed to him that she was simply smiling at him from afar as a means of testing him, and when she was satisfied, only then did she raise her arm and began to wave. That was his cue to start distracting the unsuspecting guardsmen.

He walked up to them without hesitation in his step and eyed them all. For a second, it seemed like he was lost and one of them generously offered to give him directions. "Where is it that you're headed for, good sir? If you are lost, I can assist you..." he trailed off as Houren's expression suddenly changed. These people were nice, yet he was deceiving them all so that the young charge placed under their protection could run away. Would they be fired by Rosalia's father if he found out about this? Were they brand new recruits as the old guards had just lost their jobs because of Rosalia's desire for adventure? No, he did not think she was a bad person at all, she wouldn't possibly commit a stunt like this if the livelihoods of other people were on the line. Weren't the Syllas family incredibly fond of the people of Marigold, and would do anything for them? No doubt Rosalia was raised with such a mindset, and he doubted that just because she was not given the freedom she craved, she would resent the citizens or her protectors.

Houren thought about what he could say or do that all four of them would chase him. Surely, if it was merely a childish prank that was deserving of punishment, only one or two would leave their station, which meant that Rosalia would not be able to leave her quarters. Suddenly, he had a bright idea, remembering the ring that the maid had given him, saying that it was a 'deposit' on his payment. He showed the ring to the guards. "This belongs to your lady Rosalia. I have her in my possession, you see. If you want her back..." he began to run, much to the surprise of all four guards. Unsure of the validity of his threats, yet worried all the same, all four of them began to chase him. When the guards were far enough from the entrance, a cloaked figure flew out of the house on horseback; the cloak's hood flew off when the horse's hooves hit the ground, revealing luscious locks of red hair that could only belong to the noblewoman Rosalia. The guards immediately halted, gave Houren an angry stare and one even cursed before they ran after Rosalia. It seemed like this had happened to them before, but Houren's method must have been new.

They ran after Rosalia but there was little chance that they would be able to catch her, fit as they were, because she was on horseback. With their attention shifted away, Rosalia's maid saw it fit to come out, greeting Houren as she did so. She thanked him for allowing Rosalia to leave the grounds, although it would not be for long before they brought her back. Still, the thrill of the chase was enough to sate her for the time meaning, the maid said, as she handed Houren the payment that he was owed. After obtaining her reassurance that the guards would not be punished too badly, Houren turned around and was on his way back to the bulletin board.


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