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A Blue Meeting on a Monday [Finn/Luna]

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#1Akiva Xerxes 

on Thu Dec 08, 2016 11:09 am

Akiva now had been in Crocus for a couple of days but he had not yet found what he was looking for. Apart from that he had fixed it so that he had not met anyone around, well that if you counted Selena. Which was someone. He was not in the mood for anything lately and that made it hard to go around in a town like Crocus.

So this morning he stood up, feeling like Garfield on a Monday. He had the feeling that he had been drunk and had a hang-over but he didn't even drink so it was impossible and it was Thursday, not even Monday. Doing nothing made him confused with days. It might be good to do a job or hang around people. So he got out of his hotelroom, dressed in simple jeans, a black t-shirt and his leather black jacket. He moddled his hair with his left hand and headed out.

He should first find something to eat and drink and thus headed out onto the streets to find a vendor or maybe a nice cafe. He found a vendor but someone in front of him was fighting with another person and the owner. Before he knew it, magic was flying around and he still had to decide what to do, while avoiding Lightning and Fire magic. He should help the owner and get a coffee.

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#2Finn Mertens 

on Thu Dec 08, 2016 11:22 am

Finn had been making his way through the streets of Crocus. His stay in the Capitol was likely going to continue on, though there was good news to be had. Jake was on his way, meaning that Finn would no longer be spending his time alone. Until the arrival of his brother, the young adventurer had two options. He could laze around in his hotel awaiting for Jake to make it- Or, he could venture out into the streets once more and attempt to make new acquaintances.

Hitting the streets, Finn planned on wanting to wander around for a bit. To walk aimlessly through the winding streets until something caught his eye. As it turned out, that buffer was not needed. The moment he opened his hotels door, the street vendor just across the road became host to some beginners throwing their magic around. A blue haired male seemed uninvolved, though close enough he had to dodge. The owner himself seemed panicked, which made sense. The magic was lightning and fire, both of which had a high chance of causing collateral damage.

Shooting across to close the gap, Finn found himself behind both of the magic users (who had become awfully close as if to intimidate each other between spells) and delivered a punch to the back of each of their heads. While that might have normally made things worse, the obvious strength behind the fists seemed to quell their anger for the time being. "Get out of here you globs" the boy said. Despite his less-than-intimidating stature and appearance, the two grumbled and walked away in separate directions. Receiving a quick thanks from the owner of the vendor, he glanced over to the blue haired male and anyone else who was near by.

"You okay?"

#3Akiva Xerxes 

on Thu Dec 08, 2016 1:34 pm

Akiva himself just had gotten the idea of what happening, because he didn't immediately wanted to but in and he had lifted his hand, showing some clouds of steam because of him using his ice magic. He didn't want to attack or simply cast off spells no, he only planned some sort of same idea as the guy that came running in and stopped his plan. But it might be better, he didn't want to get all up in the problems of others and be more involved than just a simply bystander.

He dropped his hand and the little layer of ice turned into water and dropped onto the ground. He wiped his hand on his jeans and looked at the guy whom stopped the problem and was now talking to him. "I'm good, I think." he said, not noticing the scratch on his right cheekbone that was dripping a little bit of blood. He himself turned to the owner of the vendor, "Are you alright, sir?" He didn't do much to stop it yet but at least he could show concern, when the answer was positive he turned back to the person that stopped the fighting. "Quick thinking, nice job." he said as a thank you before ordering tea.

#4Finn Mertens 

on Thu Dec 08, 2016 1:41 pm

Finn nodded, smiling now that he was sure everyone was alright. The vendor offered some sort of reward, though the blond turned it down. He wasn't one to accept rewards for things he did himself, such as this volunteer work. In order to ensure Finn got some sort of thank you (and as an apology to the other customers), the vendor offered drinks and food for free to any in the area. Taking a water himself, Finn glanced at Akiva and noticed the cut.

"Oh, almost didn't see that," he started, glancing at the man who owned the food stall to ask if he had any first aid material. Given a small bandage, Finn unwrapped it and positioned himself in front of Akiva. "Hold still," he said, placing the bandage on his cheek over top of the cut. Much better. With that, Finn took a swig from the bottle of water.

"So what actually happened there, if you know? Did they just start fighting out of no where, or did something cause it?"

#5Akiva Xerxes 

on Thu Dec 08, 2016 1:49 pm

Even though the tea was for free Akiva handed some money. Just because he didn't like to get things for free, he didn't do anything to stop the fighting yet, so he would have accepted it if he did it. However the guy that stopped the fighting didn't accept eather. Proper manners.

He raised his eyebrows in surprise though when the boy.. young man.. said something about barely seen. Before he knew it he was asked to stand still and he got a bandage on his cheekbone. Which probably looked stupid but for now he should just accept. He took a sip of the hot tea and thought about the question. "I just came around to buy something. They were already in line and already fighting. I actually didn't listen I was thinking about the best way to stop it." He decided that it was now better to drop his grumpy mood and simply smile at the guy that asked him, a small smile, the corner of his lips went up and that's about it.

"There was something about a duel. They started about who was right and who wasn't and than who was stronger. Only because they arrived at the exact same time at my stand and ordered exactly at the same time. I couldn't help but asked which one was in a hurry since they both wanted completely different things." The vendor owner started to talk and Akiva looked up and shook his head, some people were unbelievable. He turned back to the hero of the day and stretched out his hand, "I'm Akiva,"

#6Finn Mertens 

on Thu Dec 08, 2016 1:58 pm

The look of disbelief and confusion on the young mans face couldn't be hidden, even if he had wanted to. This entire thing happened because the two of them ordered the same meal? "Th-That's... Kinda dumb." He couldn't help it. Normally he wouldn't be one to comment on situations of others, but that just took the cake. He'd never been so caught off guard by the sheer idiocy of others, mostly because he wasn't the kind of person to look at people in a negative way. When something like this happened, though, he couldn't help it.

Maybe there were other reasons behind it, but he just couldn't bring himself beyond the point of thinking it was stupid. Luckily, his more negative thoughts were broken by the man who was there with him. Akiva. "Nice to meet you, I'm Finn from Blue Pegasus!" He had recently gotten in the habit of saying what guild he was from. It seemed to speak a lot about a person- What guild they called home and all. Plus, it was almost as if he were advertising his services this way. It would allow him to try and expand upon the quests he could take eventually.

#7Akiva Xerxes 

on Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:08 pm

Akiva nodded when the other guy said it was dumb. It was. How could people be so stupid. This was why he prefered to be alone. You wouldn't believe this guy actually joined a guild if you really did know him. He was grumpy around lots of people and yet he was here in the capital where there were people everywhere. He should probably live in a library of some sorts.

After he introduced himself to the guy next to him, he got the name back and he opened his mouth to say nice to meet you when the idea fell that he said that he was part of Blue Pegasus, which was a big coincidence. So instead of saying nice to meet you he ended up with: "I'm a member of Blue Pegasus too." Which might be rude from his side. "Though I haven't been around much lately."

#8Finn Mertens 

on Thu Dec 08, 2016 3:24 pm

Glancing at the man who claimed to be from the same guild, Finn gave him a quick once over. Stepping to go around Akiva, inspecting this newly found companion, Finn quickly broke into a smile. "I approve! Not that I wouldn't have approved. You're just the first guy I've met other than the Guild Master! And you look like you're built as though you don't solely rely on Magic. That's good!" He couldn't help his response. He wouldn't have done that under normal circumstances, but he'd never met another male Blue Pegasus mage.

"Wanna walk with me then? We should get to know each other! We're in the same guild after all, it makes sense." Who knew when the day would arise that the two would be working together. It was best to get to know him on a personal level, that way he'd be able to understand what his partner was doing during the mission.

#9Akiva Xerxes 

on Thu Dec 08, 2016 3:38 pm

Okay it was getting a little bit weird that Finn, as he had just introduced himself was walking around him. The guy must at least be five years younger and he was also ten centimeters shorter than Akiva. It felt like some sort of fashion show: checking out what he was wearing? Well he didn't put effort into it! But before he could make a rude comment, which wouldn't be a good idea, he was approved. Which made him almost choke in his sip tea. He managed to just cough it off. "Approved?" he said a little quiet but Finn just went on what it meant to be approved. "I don't like the guys in the guild that only rely on beauty and magic. So yeah I train." Was he very good at it: no he could do better. He was surprised that he was the first guy Finn met from Blue Pegasus, but it probably did depend if you were in Hargeon or here.

This guy enthusiasm was big! But it was also bringing again a smile to Akiva his face and he stopped worring for now about looking around and finding things that were impossible to find. "Sure, why not." he answered, it was a good idea, Finn had a good point and he should make acquintances especially those that were in the same guild as him. He took the last sip of his tea and threw the cup in the trashbin. "lead the way, I'm certainly not familiar here in the Capital."

#10Finn Mertens 

on Fri Dec 09, 2016 10:15 am


With that, they begun walking. The two of them made their way from the vendor and into the city. Crocus had a lot to offer in terms of sights and tastes. It was the capitol, and due to that it had grown to magnificent proportions. People from all walks of life had worked to make this place their home, closer to the Nobility and under the protection of both the Rune Knights and the royal guards. Crocus had made itself into both the safest and one of the most lively towns in all of Fiore.

That wasn't what brought guild people there. Those who called a guild home had powerful protection all around them, in the form of their guildmates. What brought them to Crocus was the promise for new. The allure of something out of the norm. One of the things that Finn had discovered here that was both new and beautiful was the monumental water fountain that was practically hidden within the Crocus streets. Within a few minutes of their walk, however, the fountain came into view. "Look at that thing, it's huge! Beautiful, and huge!"

#11Akiva Xerxes 

on Fri Dec 09, 2016 11:21 am

As Finn understood that Akiva had no idea how to walk around, he simply followed. However he didn't walk behind Finn but simply next to him. It was easier to talk that way. The guy looked younger than him but Akiva was impressed by the way he handled things as with the vendor. "You made a rather impressive entrance back there." he started the conversation, actually now quite curious to get to know his guild mate. "Don't mind me but I'm curious to ask, how old you are? I'm not good at guessing." He wondered if it was rude to ask, he never had trouble with that question, but he might when he would start to feel old. But right now he still looked good, so he wouldn't mind.

He continued to go and follow Finn through the streets and looked up and down, left and right to all the things that he could see. There was quite a lot and he sure had a lot of ground to cover. They came to another street and Finn started about something beautiful and he looked at where Finn was looking and he indeed had to admit it: "Yes. That's beautiful." and huge indeed! Why would you want such a big fountain.

#12Finn Mertens 

on Sat Dec 10, 2016 10:25 am

Finn had resorted to his hands to count out how old he was. He hadn't been one who went through the school system, only learning basic math from his adoptive parents. The Guild Master had tried forcing him to learn more, but it didn't sit well with Finn. Impractical math sailed right over his head, not allowing him to retain much if any of the knowledge. When it came to immediate decisions or "practical" mental math, however, it was a much more simple task for the young man.

"I came to the town when I was 12 and then it's been five years so..." His voice came out as a mumble, barely audible to himself and likely just a murmur to his new companion. "I'm 17!" His voice came right as Akiva commented on the fountain. "What about you? How old are you? And what brought you to Crocus?"

#13Akiva Xerxes 

on Sun Dec 11, 2016 3:37 am

Akiva could see that the younger one was counting on his fingers and even though it was funny, he didn't laugh. Not everyone got the education that he had and not everyone was good at math or anything else. He himself never had the full understanding for the difficult calculation options but he did know his own age without a problem. However he just continued to walk and simply waited for Finn to answer. Finn said something during their walk but Akiva wasn't able to hear and he wondered if he made Finn embarrassed of himself. That was absolutely not what he had wanted to do and he was about to apologize after he had watched the fountain. His eyes were still on the beautiful thing when Finn said he was seventeen. It took a few seconds to conclude in his brain because they had talked at the same time.

Immediately the question was asked back and that was to be expected, but he lingered on his answer more because he was surprised that Finn was just seventeen, sure he looked young but he was already impressive strong. Akiva had thought he was strong for his age but he had a few years of doing nothing but travelling and enjoying the life that he had wanted to end so soon. "I'm twenty-seven." he said, ten years difference, maybe he should just leave. He wasn't made for socializing. However he first had to answer the other question Finn asked, his eyes turning from the Fountain to Finn and wondering if he should answer.

"I came to Crocus because someone send me a letter back at the Guildhall to come to Crocus and look for something. I have been here a few weeks now and I still haven't found it." He rather returned to Hargeon, he also didn't seem to have a thing for big cities. "I might give up searching and become a tourist before I head back to the Guild."

#14Finn Mertens 

on Wed Dec 14, 2016 10:04 am

"Looking for a random thing or stuff?" His question was almost as vague to himself as it would be to Akiva. A sort of nostalgic smile crept onto Finn's face. The feeling of curiosity, the want to expand upon it. It was the thing that had driven him into the life that he now lived. It was that drive to find things out, to expand upon his knowledge, that had help form who he was. Hell to be honest it was also for the adrenaline rush he got every time. This sounded to him like a true adventure.

"Well, what is it your looking for? Crocus is the Capitol of Fiore, there's plenty of stuff here. Items, people, buildings, books- It's everywhere if you know where to look. This is probably where all the secrets of the country come to fester too." He glanced at Akiva and shot him a smile. "Tell me what you're looking for, and maybe I can help?"

#15Akiva Xerxes 

on Wed Dec 14, 2016 3:08 pm

Akiva looked back at Finn, what a.. oh if yeah.. It took a few seconds before it made sense. "The problem is that I don't know what it is. It could be everything." He said, he hadn't taken the letter with him, it was still in his suitcase in the hotel he was staying at the moment. But he had learned it by heart otherwise it would be very difficult to find. He wasn't sure if he should tell Finn yet. He thought first about just getting to know the guy, but yeah that might come with the idea of filling his fellow Guildmember in about his slight problem.

"It would be great if you could help. I got this letter that said I should be looking for The opening at the Close. So I went to art gallaries but I can't find it. It must have something to do with me, since it was send to me with the intention that I would know what it meant but I do not know." He only shrugged and crossed his arms and looked again at the fountain, thinking about all the things that it could be. But he really had no idea and that made him more fustrated. His jaw was set and he looked rather grumpy at the moment, it wasn't an improvement through the days.

#16Finn Mertens 

on Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:48 am

The riddle was a confusing one. Finn wasn't much of one for intense thinking and hadn't really much experience with riddles to begin with. Crossing his arms and hunching inwards some, he began to think. Open and close? That made absolutely no sense at all. His mind danced on multiple possibilities, swiping through the same four guesses again and again to try and make even one of them stick. The more his mind churned through the same ideas, the more frustrated he became.

"Gah!" Bringing hands up to the side of his head and quickly ruffling his hair, a disgruntled noise escaped the adventurer. "This is stupid. Who the heck even talks in riddles?" His head had begun to hurt, and the realization that he was not the best to figure this out hit him quickly. If Jake was here it may have been different, but the fact of the matter was that it was only Finn. "You have no other ideas or clues?"

Shortly after asking, something caught Finn's eye. "Sorry, I gotta go," he shouted suddenly before running off.


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