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5.2 The Quest Regulations

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on Thu Sep 08, 2016 8:56 am


The Quest Regulations

Quests are given out by many non-player characters that live all over the world. The user can look up these quests in up to four boards: Good Quests, Bad Quests, Event Quests and Call Quests. The user can only be on a single quest each time and can't start another quest until they complete the quest they are on or forfeit it. The user can only take quests that are of the same rank as the user or lower. The quests sometimes have requirements of their own such as the completion of another quest or statistics of a certain level.

Most mages that are in a group are restricted in the types of quests they are allowed to do. Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale, and Blue Pegasus only allows the users to take Good Quests while Phantom Lord and Grimoire Heart only allows the user to take Bad Quests. The only ones capable of taking quests from both sides are Guildless mages.

  • Good Quests: The quests listed in this section are quests that raise your fame. They require you to do good deeds or in some cases deeds that are simply deemed good in the eye of the public.
  • Bad Quests: The quests listed in this section are quests that raise your infamy. They require you to do bad deeds or in some cases deeds that are simply deemed bad in the eye of the public.
  • Event Quests:
    The quests listed in this section are either temporarily or ongoing for a while. In some cases users must apply to participate in the event but if that's the case it will be stated accordingly. The rewards often differ from Good Quests and Bad Quests.
  • Call Quests:  
    The quests listed in this section are given out to specific users or groups and can only be done by those users or groups. If the quest is meant for specific users their names will be mentioned in the topic title. The users must respond within three days to accept otherwise the quest is automatically declined.

The user receives fame for good quests and infamy for bad quests. When the quest is completed the reviewing moderator will add the right amount to the profile. When you need to calculate fame, simply reduce your infamy from your fame total. Same goes vice versa i.e. an item requires 2500 fame, Bob has 3000 fame and 1000 infamy. Does Bob have enough fame to purchase the weapon? No, Bob has 3000-1000 fame which is 2000. Fame and Infamy is used throughout the forum for various purposes such as quest requirements, race requirements, nobility requirements etc.

  • D-rank Quests: 100 Fame/Infamy Points
  • C-rank Quests: 200 Fame/Infamy Points
  • B-rank Quests: 300 Fame/Infamy Points
  • A-rank Quests: 400 Fame/Infamy Points
  • S-rank Quests: 500 Fame/Infamy Points

If the user meets the requirements of the quest they'd like to take they can post in the quest topic requesting to start it. In case the user wishes to take this quest with other users they must state with whom they are taking it with. If the users are members of the same team the user must they must reveal that by placing a [Team] tag behind the names of his teammates and below that the reduction they'll get for being with a member of their team. Below are some examples on how to post in a quest topic.

Example 1:

I wish to start this quest with John Wick [Team], Balthazar Blade and Whitney Cutlass.

[10% Wordcount Reduction]

Example 2:
I wish to start this quest with Bradley Cannon [Team], Lysa Lancelot [Team] and Jeremiah Creston.

[20% Wordcount Reduction]

When you get approved for your quest you may create the topic for it which is always the title of the quest finished by brackets in which the first names of the participants are listed. This makes it easier for is in the future to check previously completed quests in case you listed them wrong in your Sheet. In case the title has not been given properly the quest will not be reviewed.

In case the quest's title is Doing The Dishes and your name is Marcus Marlboro, the title should be: Doing The Dishes [Quest: Marcus]

In case you are doing that quest along with Jenny Jameson and Bill Bacardi and have properly requested to do so via the method given above, the title should be: Doing The Dishes [Quest: Marcus, Jenny and Bill]

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on Thu Sep 08, 2016 8:56 am


The Quest Difficulties

D-RANK Requests: The easiest quests available. These quests are available to all users as long as they meet the requirements of the quest.

  • Word Requirement: 1000 Words
  • Basic Reward: 25,000J and 2500XP

C-RANK Requests: These quests are not necessarily easy but can be if the user is well prepared. These quests can be taken by users that are at least C-rank.

  • Word Requirement: 2000 Words
  • Basic Reward: 50,000J and 5000XP

B-RANK Requests: These quests are showing some difficulty but if it is done properly they can be simple. These quests can be taken by users that are at least B-rank.

  • Word Requirement: 3000 Words
  • Basic Reward: 100,000J and 7500XP

A-RANK Requests: These quests are considered difficult and can therefore only be taken by users that are at least A-rank.

  • Word Requirement: 4000 Words
  • Basic Reward: 250,000J and 10,000XP

S-RANK Requests: The most difficult quests available. The user needs to be at least S-rank to start a S-rank quest.

  • Word Requirement: 5000 Words
  • Basic Reward: 500,000J and 15,000XP

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