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Jeanne d’Arc’s sword - Snowflake, Faye

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The ominous clouds of death and hopelessness has eventually settled its sight upon the large country of Minstrel. Bearing Jeanne d’Arc’s sword, it now lies desperately awaiting the heroes that will receive and raise the flag of a new prophecy. The task rests upon Snowflake and Faye, two Blue Pegasus mages that has received the words of King Reign and ridden over waves in order to reach the vast inviting coastline of Minstrel. Its roads are long and winding, climbing up a mountain with houses and other structures built into its sides and edges. The cliffs join hands with one another through heavy bridges, all leading up to an imposing looking castle at the very top, proving their craftsmanship not only in building boats but also architecture. Holy Knights here have already started their search for the powerful relic, determined to wash the country down with their powerful strength and magic. No man is spared from their clutches. Beams of arcane magic flash across the night sky every now and then as a clear indication of an ongoing storm of bloodshed. It drops ominous shadows over the country as men and women are forced out of their homes in order to answer the merciless Knights. The path these knights walked have left horrific trails of blood. With nowhere to run, the two heroes must fight and obtain the powerful relic in order to shine a new beacon of hope upon the people of this world.


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Faye did not really want to be there in Minstrel, her homeland. Even if she was with Snowflake, she didn’t feel like it was worth it to be in this gloomy country. It held so many painful memories. She couldn’t believe one piece of the puzzle to save the world was held within the same place that gave her so much pain. How ironic.

Looking back at the boat she had travelled in, Faye made a welcoming gesture. “Welcome to my country, Snowflake. This is where I was born all those twenty years ago,” she made it sound lighthearted and funny but on a closer look, someone like Snowflake who had been with her for a long time could easily tell there was something wrong with the little pink haired water mage, had been ever since the brief training session they had a couple of days ago.

Faye knew Snowflake was ignoring it, waiting for her to come out on her own. Yet, everytime she thinks she can make that step forward, insecurities pull her back again and tie her to the same place she had always been, from all those years ago as her house burned down to the moment now where she stood on the sandy beaches of her homeland once again.


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Eternal Winter

The seas were an unforgiving force as she rode the shipping galleon that rocked viciously against rock and water, the waves tilting the large vessel from its sides. That day had been great and new, the sun high above them and the skies showing no sign of turmoil. But passengers littered themselves about, the deck creaking as some clung unto the sides. They’d breathe in the sea air as the contents of their prior meals ended up muddled through the waves, hurling noises nearing the octaves of seagulls.

Seasickness was not her problem then, since she wasn’t a man born with that particular defect. Rather, she’d squirm about the galleon with no clear objective, dodging the eyes that flashed their curious gazes towards her. What followed was a noiseless sea-trip that would span the waters of Fiore, somewhere where the ocean darkened and the danger increased the more proximity they had with the place. The song of waves and turbulent winds, however, were largely drowned out by the poison in her brain, afflicting him with an insistence as strong as the devil’s.

It wasn’t until the land and its skies slowly reared themselves into view that she’d willingly undo the dismal trance Snowflake had casted upon herself for the duration of the trip, the somberness of the atmosphere all but overshadowing the turmoil inside her. Perhaps Faye had been talking to her for God knows how long – she was quite a chatty person to begin with – but all that words entered one side of her ear and trailed off from the other as fast as it came, while her thoughts wandered off immediately and her mind succumbed to the distractions and troubles that occupied her mind.  

”Minstrel!” the captain hollered, the words signaling the sailors to start unloading the goods that were carried, and for the two Pegasus mages to leave the premises of the sea-faring vehicle. The gratitude was brief and contrite since both parties felt too occupied to stretch the polite gesture of thank-you and you’re welcome. They were no sooner separated, where the ship disappeared eastward, and the strange hooded figure continued forward, with her partner accompanying her, having been left to her own devising as the thunder peppered the sky above her intimidatingly.



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Snowflake seemed as serious about their mission as Faye was. In her case, she was also deep into her thoughts and memories about the land that she once abandoned. They trudged along the way, Snowflake in her hood and Faye with only her own hands wrapped around her to help deal with the cold winds. It was strange how sometimes her mind was blank and sometimes it got overflowed with flashbacks. The path they took and the city that was soon coming into vision were all triggering the feeling of familiarity within her. She noted as they passed a rather large tree, a couple of steps around it would lead down to a less populated part of the beach. It made her smile although their situation was very grim.

“How do we find this relic?” She wondered out loud, looking over at Snowflake. “I don’t think I even know what it looks like.” Faye couldn’t tell how she was going to be of any help to Snowflake. The silver haired woman was a lot stronger than her. For what she lacked in physical or magical strength, she wanted to help by being able to navigate her through the foreign land. “Where do you think it will most likely be?” She asked, eyes turning towards the large castle on top of the mountain. “Somewhere we can easily see it?” Her eyes lowered to the vast expanse of the city “or will this be a needle in the haystack situation?"


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Eternal Winter

The landscape before her didn’t seem merciless at first glance; in truth, the kingdom had a fairly comforting scenery, if not for the advent of war that hung thickly over their heads. There was a sense of restlessness there, among the civilians and it was the slightly unwavering determination of the people to look her down as she walked. It was what brought mild disarray into her train of thought and she was very much inclined to believe that the stares she was receiving were a mix of both welcoming and unwelcoming sentiments, both as an unfamiliar face as and a woman dressed in a matted piece of pale cloak, clad in armour and all of her equipment.

Whatever sort of business that the swordsman had chanced upon was to be completely incidental, like many of the other eventful things that persisted to trail her uneventful appearance, but this was not the like. She was here for a purpose; to find the relic that was tasked upon these two Blue Pegasus mages.

Her blade left an uncanny glow as she planted it into the ground, almost as if it were hinting him of the wary dangers ahead. A strong gut feeling wretched at the bottom of her stomach as she stared beyond the path before her, a darkening road that thickened into a tiny dot until it was almost invisible. Though not thoroughly scared yet, she could feel the chill escaping to the marrows in her bones, and it summoned an inner coward in her, wondering what lies ahead on this path.

”…I’m not sure.”

Snowflake was just as clueless as Faye was, regarding to the information about this relic, except for the fact that it was a powerful sword bearing a new prophecy and another undeniable fact that they were here to obtain it. But, how? What means are they required to take to come into possession of this weapon? Those were the questions that ran wild in her head together with her unbothered thoughts. It wasn’t until she glanced up, taking in the sight of a huge castle that loomed above her and nearly the entire kingdom. ”I think it’s there.”

The battlement stones were as washed out as the sky, one grey leaching into the other and each just as frigid without the sun. The granite was slick under the constant haze, and robbed the heat of any man that dare lay himself next to it. It was as if the citadel called out to her, or perhaps it was just her forlorn thoughts. And, as she traversed through the street of a new kingdom that she had travelled to, she could hear the whispers of the so-called relic spreading through the city like wildfire.  


Captain's Paranoid Bracer (Active): If there is anyone within 25 m around the user who intends on harming the user, the bracer tightens around the user's arm, warning them of the danger. This tightening is mild and does not hinder the user in any manner. Also, the bracer gives no indication as to who or where their attacker is. The effect stops once the threat is gone.


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As Snowflake pointed her suspicions towards the castle on top of the mountain, Faye’s eyes traveled to its darkness. Sitting imposingly at the end of a winding path, clouds of something dreadful and frightening hung around it. The once majestic looking castle seemed almost like a ghost castle to Faye now. Making their way through the town, Faye wondered if the Holy Knights have not reached Minstrel yet. Or perhaps they have but were laying low in order to get the jump on them. She hoped it was the first. If there was some way they could avoid a fight or confrontation altogether, Faye would consider herself lucky.

Passing through the dusty town, Faye felt her chest tighten. They were quickly going into an area that was all too familiar for the young mage. Down a cobbled path, into a wooden lodge, inside a tiny room, the sound of chains and sick laughter. Faye took a deep breath and immediately turned her head away. She did not want to think about it. If they could just vanish into the bottom pits of her memories, she would feel incredibly grateful. She wanted, desperately, to get her head back into the matter at hand.

She hastened her pace to keep up with Snowflake, walking right beside her. For the odd looks and glances that were thrown at her, Faye deliberately ignored. She recognized some of them as inky faces in her memories. A lot of it was pleasant, but a good majority of it quickly turned to ashes and remains of a painful experience. They washed away as her focus swung from reality and flashbacks. ‘No, Faye, focus,’ she told herself.

The path towards the castle was long. As they approached it, more and more of it showed through the peeking gaze of the afternoon sun. It threw light onto the castle roofs which Faye noted had gotten dirty over the years. She remembered how grand and beautiful it had looked a long time back. In her childhood, Edwin brought her there for several puppet shows. Those were one of her happiest days since every time they made that trip, she would get candies wrapped in colorful papers. “The castle seems to have grown really old. What do we do? Where do we begin?” She asked, lost, hoping the relic will magically speak to them or something.


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Eternal Winter

Snowflake wasn’t sure if they were the only ones here to find the relic; for all she could know, the entire world out there could be searching for it, and none of them would know who they were among these strange faces. Albeit, that was the least of her problems. Travelling to a complete new country without any source of information of what they were looking for, nor knowing who they were going to be up against, but only with a sense of purpose – yes, they were practically a sheep in the grasslands waiting to be eaten by God knows who. ”Tsk.” From her lips escaped a sigh of frustration followed by a click of her tongue against the roof of her mouth. It was only then she was beginning to finally regret her decision of taking upon the solicitation of retrieving this relic.

The fortress was a fine castle, built with a panorama of the surrounding land. From the towers once stood medieval watchers, quiver and arrow ready to fly. Steadfast walls were built for defence in an age that was defined by jealousy, greed and the love of power as much as honour, nobility and loyalty to the crown. This castle stood to inspire awe in a realm run on deference to royalty, to title and social status. From cloistered rooms, land parcels were given to lords for promised service. In times when “technology” meant wood, string and metal armoury, the expectation of comfort was reserved for just a few. Those were the things she thought as she walked up the climbing hill, the path which would lead them to the building.

”Grown old? You sound like you’ve been here before,” the woman uttered, brushing a few strands of acolyte-white hair past her face, with a yellow orb gleaming right above her head. The so-called orb was supposedly her headgear, though it necessarily didn’t appear as one, and it might have attracted attention more so than she had expected. Their journey towards the castle was merely filled with a few words but with lots of observation done, just in case anything seemed sceptical enough to her to consider that there might be the relic placed in one of these locations. She didn’t mind the long silences between then; solitude had, after all, become a comfort she’d come to seek upon pure impulse alone.

Soon enough, their journey would lead them to their destination to the large oaken doors of the castle. It came to her surprise that there were barely any guards, not even at the entrance, nor at the bridge that spans towards the fortress. With her hand pressed against the castle doors, she exerted a force that was enough to cause the doors ajar, followed by a loud creak. The shrilling call of an opening door outcasted light into the barely lit room, footfalls resonating against the hard floor. ”How come there’s no one here?”


Captain's Paranoid Bracer (Active): If there is anyone within 25 m around the user who intends on harming the user, the bracer tightens around the user's arm, warning them of the danger. This tightening is mild and does not hinder the user in any manner. Also, the bracer gives no indication as to who or where their attacker is. The effect stops once the threat is gone.


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It suddenly occurred to Faye that she had never mentioned to Snowflake about her homeland. Whether it was a conscious or unconscious forgetfulness, Faye was not sure. Perhaps the frailty and weakness of her past self had deliberately hidden itself away, shy of telling a story that is not pleasant neither for the listener nor the teller, or perhaps it had simply slipped off Faye’s mind that she had yet to tell Snowflake Minstrel is where she was born. Usually, she would just choose to not tell someone and ignore their question. Faye was the type of person that kept a lot to herself. However, while still being such a closed off person in general, lately she had come to disclose or show most of herself to Snow, having gotten quite close and attached to the fellow Blue Pegasus mage. Precisely why she did not hesitate to just tell Snow, “Yes, I guess I never mentioned. This is where I was born. It’s my country.”

She shrugged as if it was not that big of a deal and that they shouldn’t dwell on it. They had bigger problems to face, a sword to find, and possible delusional Knights to fight off if they were ambushed in any sort of way. This made her tense up and not exactly watch where she was going. The road had eventually lead them up to the castle, the giant edifice that stood haughtily above Snowflake and herself. Contrary to the bright and glittering place in her memories, the building now gave off a rather frightening and haunted air. It stood as terrifyingly promising as the pandemonium of legends, made Faye wonder what had happened that made it change so much. She did not think the Knights had gotten to it yet, but then again, that was something she could also be wrong on.

When she moved up to the heavily crafted door, the sheer size of it that went a few meters well above their head intimidated the normally indifferent puppeteer. For once in their journey up the long mountain, Faye had second thoughts about going in. But they had come on a mission; a mission to retrieve the sword of Jeanne d’Arc and somehow make sure Earth stays alive at the end of this war with the angels.

It –at times- confused Faye why she had to be one of the few taking up this task. Did she have any particular fondness towards and Earth and its ways of living? Yes, she enjoyed spending time among people and making puppets. But was that enough of a reason to go through so much trouble when there were undoubtedly so many other men with profound hero complex and the likes going around? Again, she just decided that she was doing this for her puppets, that if this world did blow up, then her beloved puppets will no longer be there either.


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Eternal Winter

Above her was a stretch of sky, and though the pale blue colour was inviting in its own right, leering into it echoed nothing but forlorn thoughts, lost in the transition of cloud to puff to nothingness over the short span of a few moments.

”I guess this is my first time at your homeland, huh?”

It was strange; that was probably the first time in ages that she had thought of her homeland – Iceberg, and it was also strange to be at someone else’s native country as well. She wasn’t sure if it was the former or the latter, but it almost made her heart feel empty. Homesick; she supposed it was a real thing to her now, considering the number of years she had refused to return to Iceberg. Confusion or was it her fear, that stopped her from going home all this time. She was truly afraid her memories would haunt her again, and she often wondered if travelling back to her homeland would trigger everything that she had once, if not always, been frightened of.

The frothy haired mage had her eyes on the sky again, and she fears it’s now an impulsive habit of hers to commit to the clouds when she had too many thoughts running on her mind. Somewhere in that splash of blue and white was an illusion, a reflection, perhaps, of the broken woman that she was – a part that she always hid. For how long had she been staring, exactly? Snowflake could already feel a prickle at the base of her neck, and a string in her eyes either from the brightness of the sun or the emotions that welled up within her. Hesitantly, she’d pry her eyes away from the comforting reverie back to the castle and the main objective that she had stapled onto her mind. That was too bold or even reckless of her, to even drift into wonder when there was such a huge task ahead of her.

”Are we even at the right place?”

Footfalls resonated through the hallway as she snuck a quick peek inside the building. The entire castle looked completely unoccupied as if all the royals and the workers had taken off on a holiday. She wasn’t certain if she wanted to enter the building without anyone of authority inside, especially since it was a castle where the king and the queen of the kingdom lived. ”I’m not even sure if we should be here. Should we leave?” The woman was clearly hesitant, after all, she wasn’t even certain if the relic they were searching for was at the location.


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“It’s alright” Faye replied. She didn’t think the royal family resided there anymore. It looked abandoned. Nothing lightened the hallway, no one answered their call. Faye was almost completely sure that there was no one in there besides Snowflake and herself. What looked back at them was the silent echo of an endless darkness. “Did they move somewhere?” She wondered out loud. Why was the King and Queen not there? What had happened that the once vibrant castle was now closely resembling a haunted house? Many thoughts and theories flashed into her mind but she couldn’t place a feeling of surety in any one of them.

Instead, Faye walked forward, staying close to Snowflake. The walls were decorated in an old aristocratic style, golden borders that had dulled over time, tall paintings of previous lords or people of royalty, forgotten statues of faceless ladies, empty armors, all of them lined the hallway they walked down. It eventually led them to a very large room with black and white crisscrossed tiles. “This, why does it resemble a chess board?” Though she said that, Faye also noted that this was perhaps where most of the events or balls were organized. It was one of those rooms with a clearly polished floor although days of neglect had rendered it yellow and worn out.

“Will we really find the relic here?” Faye once again voiced her doubt. Although the overall atmosphere felt like that of a mystery novel, Faye had her uncertainties that the relic will be hidden in such an obvious place. On top of it, Faye also realized that her memory was starting to fail her. Although she had been to the palace on many occasions tailing after her father, it appeared that she had never gone anywhere out of this same room she now stood in. All those times, she had stayed exactly where her father could see her. When she thought of it now, Faye understood how small her world had been back them. It was small, but to the childish soul that was locked inside the darkness of a room, the light her father showed her back then had been the biggest and brightest. She was a fool.


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Eternal Winter

It wasn’t until Faye mentioned and Snowflake would look down at her feet to realize that she was standing on top of a polished marble floor painted in the colours of a chessboard; black and white. At each far ends of the wall, there were huge chess pieces, as large as the size of their bodies lingering around the corner. So though the floors were bare and the paint was in need of loving care, the furniture lay still without the warmth of people, it stood all the same, strong beneath the flakes, cobwebs and dirt of years.

”You’re right. It is a chessboard.”

The woman rested her index finger on her chin as she rubbed it in contemplation. She found it rather strange that an entire room completely designed to resemble a chessboard even existed inside the castle. Were royals into that kind of shenanigans?, the thought crossed her mind – or perhaps it was just that they had way too much money to decorate an entire room to a completely useless piece. From how the dust had collected inside the room, it almost seemed that they had discarded this part of the section despite how the rest of the hallway was entirely clean; not even a speck of dust was visible.

”Strange,” the frost maiden whispered to none other than herself as she let her eyes swept through the vicinity, observing the little details she could pick up. Surely, the relic wouldn’t be hiding in plain sight, right? Since it was of high importance, it would most likely be sealed away in some sort of a compartment covered in runes. That was her imagination, though it was highly possible that her assumption was wrong as well.

The chessboard that they were standing upon was large enough to cover at least half of the room and she couldn’t lie; the area was spacious. On the other side of the room were couches and she had to admit that she’d never seen a room with so much furniture and they were all rustic and dark, sprinkled liberally with vibrant cushions. There was a table in easy reach of every seat and the walls are more framed photographs than paint.

”I don’t think there’s anything here. Let’s just go to another room.”


Captain's Paranoid Bracer (Active): If there is anyone within 25 m around the user who intends on harming the user, the bracer tightens around the user's arm, warning them of the danger. This tightening is mild and does not hinder the user in any manner. Also, the bracer gives no indication as to who or where their attacker is. The effect stops once the threat is gone.


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Faye agreed. The room, despite its grand appearance, didn’t seem to hold the thing Snowflake and she was searching for. It was nothing more than an empty room designed to look like a chessboard. The search was starting to get troublesome. For a sword that laid somewhere within Minstrel, the fact that they had no clue whatsoever at where it could be hidden made their task of seeking for it very difficult. She truly wanted to just sit down somewhere and forget all about it. What did it matter to her whether the Seraphims destroyed the world or not? She didn’t want to care but at the same time knew she couldn’t give up just like that.

“Let’s just go somewhere else,”
Faye sighed, taking a door towards a very long hallway, decorated almost the same way as the main hallway. The walls here not only held portraits of previous royal members, but it also had certain other artistic pieces that resembled mythical Gods and Goddesses. Some were characters from Minstrel’s history. One of the paintings –Faye noted as they walked by- was of a woman’s. She had long golden bright hair and wore a silver armor. In one of her hands was a sword while on the other was a large flag that was dancing proudly in the wind behind her. She stood on top of a castle looking valiant and beautiful.

“Could this be who I think it is?” Faye brought the painting to Snowflake’s attention. “This must be Jeanne d’Arc. Then the sword in her hand is the relic we are looking for. Although it’s not much, now we at least have a clue of what it looks like,” She ran a finger over golden frame the painting rested in, collecting a thick amount of dust doing so. Noticing how it had gotten her finger dirty, Faye frowned and quickly wiped it away on her trouser. What an annoyance. Exactly how long has it been since the castle was abandoned that it had started to look like this?


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Eternal Winter

Heavy footfalls resonated across the marbled floor as Snowflake headed towards the exiting door, after coming to the knowledge that there wasn’t anything they could use as a mean of useful information for the relic. It wasn’t until Faye spoke and the frothy haired mage responded with a simple, ”Hm?’, as she gradually turned around to see a painting of a blonde girl clad in an armoured dress holding onto a large blade that was almost the size of her body. ”I think it is.”

The woman walked up to the painting to get a closer view and she’d run her fingers over it, wiping away the dust that had been collected for God knows how long. From the painting, Snowflake could surely admit that Jeanne D’Arc was a beautiful and courageous woman wielding the sword on par with her beauty as well as her strength. Snowflake was truly in awe to witness the owner of the relic for the first time, but the information they had was so inadequate and nothing was of use to them.

”Look at this. I think the royals knew her really well.”

She pointed at another portrait painting hung up on the side where the royals – the king and the queen – seated upon their thrones and Jeanne D’Arc standing on the side. Perhaps she had served them at some point in her life. If people are still searching for the relic, did that mean the owner is still alive? If so, where was she? Even if she had long passed away, why were they requested to search for this relic only until now. Questions raced her mind as she gazed at the painting, but none of them could be answered – nor were they important, since they were only here upon commands of finding the relic.

In truth, this was the most puzzling request that she had received from when she began her occupation as a mage. At least they were starting to get some clues, here and there, though she couldn’t guarantee if they meant useful. But, it wasn’t so bad for a start, for they might actually be at the right place in the discovery of the relic.


Captain's Paranoid Bracer (Active): If there is anyone within 25 m around the user who intends on harming the user, the bracer tightens around the user's arm, warning them of the danger. This tightening is mild and does not hinder the user in any manner. Also, the bracer gives no indication as to who or where their attacker is. The effect stops once the threat is gone.


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Faye had not noticed the painting until Snowflake pointed it out to her. She was just as puzzled as the other Blue Pegasus mage now. Faye, despite have visited the castle before, had no recollection of seeing or even having a hint on these paintings. Seeing them now, she was trying just as hard as Snowflake, to put two and two together to figure out how the royal family of Minstrel was connected to Jeanne d’Arc. Seeing the woman in the picture left no doubt in her mind that their relationship was close. Perhaps it was lost in time but what appeared to be there could not be denied. At least that was the sort of confirmation Faye needed to be sure that they were now at the right location in finding the relic. And, she knew just where to go for more information.

“Here, Snow, I know where we should look. Why didn’t I think of it before, we should find some answers in the library,” Faye suddenly spoke up, lightly hitting her own head. She took the next turn and went up several steps towards a long hallway at the end of which stood a large wooden door that seemed to have jumped right out of a fantasy novel. It was tall and mysterious and the handle was quite a hard turn, letting the sound of locks clicking away very audible in the absolute silence that surrounded them.

“This is the only place I can think of that we will find more information. I remember coming here once,” Faye walked into the ginormous room stacked on all sides with shelves filled with books of all shapes and sizes and colors. It was a massive collection of books, all sorts. She vaguely remembered that one of the royals had a hobby of collecting rare books. He was so crazy for it that he even pioneered the creation of some national literature of his own, one of which was a chronicle dated back in his time to the time of his death and later continued by his descendants.

Faye was pretty much sure at this point that if they were going to know how exactly Jeanne was connected to the royal family, then that book was what they should seek. If they found her important enough to hang portraits of her in the hallway where only the royals have ever gone on, then there was no doubt that she was important enough for the chronicle. It must have something in it. The difficult task, however, was to find it.

“So, we are looking for a chronicle, Snow, it should be a rather big and old looking book, although I’m not sure,” Faye explained her inability to recall much about the book other than the few rumors and stories she had heard. Faye herself has never seen the book before either since it was said to be something that only the royals can read.  


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Eternal Winter

”A library, great idea!”

The snow haired mage immediately lit up upon their new choice of location for the hunt of the relic, since libraries had always been one of her favourite places to be in; she loved the smell of the books, the tranquillity and the texture of paper against her fingertips. Aside from that, they might not be close enough to find the relic physically, but she reckoned they might be able to get some information that might give them a lead.

Libraries, like this one, were characteristically sombre and still, and that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it was that sort of silence that her body came to crave somehow, after the strain of odd, nuisance jobs pushing her being to and from between places. Settling here, between the small sectioned shelves and the books that huddled together, brought a warm calming feeling blowing over her person, like a meek forest breeze.

For Snowflake, solace was a sort of relief that, as much as she sought to take refuge in it regularly, was unavoidably hard to come by against the bustle of wizardry that constantly drowns Fiore in condensed noise – sounds that she could only hope to drone out every once in a while. Having been thrust into the complex structure of magic and a world that revolved around it so much that it sometimes caused her head to buzz: it was a sort of setting that did little to fill the void in her head. Before the two mages had begun their own separate search, they had discussed it merely a few seconds ago of what they were looking ago; some kind of book that would give off a majestic grandeur.

”Seems like it could be a beautiful book, maybe some sort of a fairy tale collection,” she spouted off her assumptions to no one in particular, but perhaps it might also help Faye find something similar to her description.

It was hardly anything substantial, she thought, given the magnitude of a library’s possible collection. The odd request was to be particularly daunting if she didn’t have stable foundation to fund her search, which would have been the title. There were no clues as to how the book appeared as, or the name of it even, but then, she wasn’t the sort of woman to reject hope for an outcome.

”54 books and I’ve yet to find it,” she mumbled in frustration, idly glossing her fingers over the dips of the rowed books, feeling the textures of their spines. As she did, Snowflake eventually came to the end of the section where she was greeted with a large spacious area with a suspiciously large book located on top of a white marble block. It was no doubt the book was majestic; golden and exalted – it illuminated in almost an unusual way that caused her eyes to sting. ”Faye!” she bellowed out her name into the space behind her, her voice echoing through the large walls and high ceilings of the room. ”Oh, I think I finally found it.”


Captain's Paranoid Bracer (Active): If there is anyone within 25 m around the user who intends on harming the user, the bracer tightens around the user's arm, warning them of the danger. This tightening is mild and does not hinder the user in any manner. Also, the bracer gives no indication as to who or where their attacker is. The effect stops once the threat is gone.


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Faye had thought about this before but now she was quite sure. The reason that Snowflake and herself got along so well was because they were more or less the same type. Although Faye appeared to be a lot more outgoing than Snowflake did, deep down, she was also the type of person that liked a bit of peace and quiet. Although she threw herself upon puppet making in those instances where she sought some time to herself, books and libraries were the next best thing in her list. So after rediscovering the royal library from her past, Faye needed no persuasion of any kind to find a corner and run her hands through the old hardcover books.

As Snowflake took one side and started searching, Faye took it upon herself to go through the other side. There was just something fun about going through rows and rows of neatly placed books, letting one’s fingers dance over the spine of them, pulling them out and putting them back in. Faye went around one block of the massive library, looking at the book titles and taking out the ones that looked suspiciously close to the chronicle from her memories. Her books of choice formed a neat tower on one of the empty tables of the library before she soon buried herself between them. She noticed that although the books were old and the rest of the castle was covered in dust, the library was kept rather clean and proper. She wondered what the deal was with that. Was the library magically enchanted or something? It was not unheard of for the royals to enchant certain rooms and things in the castle for some sort of effect and the royals of Minstrel in particular valued books. So as she contemplated the possibility of that idea, she had looked through half the pile of books she gathered, none of them even coming close to what she was looking for.

If given a different setting and time, Faye probably would have loved to keep herself in this library for a couple of days and actually read a lot of these books. The collection they had was amazing. These books covered almost everything and some of them, she looked on with special interest, were books on magic and spells and its history. For a mage like herself who heavily relied on her mana and magic, those books could have provided a glimpse into heaven. But nevertheless, they were there on a mission that could potentially make or break the world as they knew it. So she had no time whatsoever to actually indulge in her wishes.

As she eventually emerged from behind the tall towers of books, Faye heard Snowflake calling for her and immediately went to check what her friend had found. Just one glimpse at the book told Faye it was exactly what they were looking for. “Yes, yes, that is it. I’m sure that one is it,” She excitedly dragged a couple of chairs towards a desk nearest to Snowflake and told her to sit down. “Read it, Snow. I’m sure we will find some clue in it.”


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