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The Nightmare Mode Regulations

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The Nightmare Mode Regulations Empty on Sun Feb 24, 2019 10:45 am


Nightmare Mode


Nightmare Mode is available to all users upon creation of their character. The user may select in their character application whether they wish to play in Nightmare. This is an irreversible decision. This mode is not recommended for anyone who gets too attached to their characters. There is a constant threat of death when roleplaying in Nightmare.  

Nightmare is recommended for roleplayers who want to push their limits and become more aware of their environment in topics. In return, roleplayers in Nightmare have access to certain items, magics and companions in the shop that other users do not. They may also purchase the things that are available for everyone in the shop, of course.


  • Nightmare Mode characters may not use any of the Banks on the forum. This means that they may not send, receive or loan jewels.

  • Nightmare Mode characters are always in red danger, even in green danger topics. Every other participant in that topic falls under the danger of the topic setting.

  • Nightmare Mode characters may not be scooped into, nor may they be scooped into a different character.

  • Nightmare Mode characters must provide roleplay posts involving other characters for the Monthly Activity. Quests may not be submitted as roleplay posts.


  • Nightmare Mode characters receive the Nightmare title underneath their avatar.

  • Nightmare Mode characters have access to powerful exclusive items and magics in the shops.

  • Nightmare Mode characters may purchase magics that have already been purchased except for highly personal magics i.e. God Souls, Demon Souls.

  • Nightmare Mode characters start out with a Common Weapon, Headpiece and Armor that suits their class.

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