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Hot in Here [Quest: Sorcha]

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#1Sorcha Donovan 

on Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:41 am

After dinner, which had been something simple as a homemade salad in the inn where she stayed.  She would head back to her room to read a bit and not be bothered too much about the time of the day, it might still be early when she headed to her room, slightly after six, but that didn’t matter, as she had already been up since six in the morning and she didn’t mind to read something and relax for a while. She was rather satisfied about today and could use some time to relax if she needed and wanted to go to the smith tomorrow again to be brave enough to ask a human for a weapon. Perhaps she could ask if she could work with him to make it, if she couldn’t get her hands on the elven weapons and items than she would have to find another way to be satisfied to get something. Especially for her own defence in towns that were barely showing any of her own race. The elf had to be careful. She took a deep breath as she finished reading the chapter of her book and closed it. Perhaps Barras would have a job for her to do tomorrow again and with that satisfied feeling, she turned around and shut the little light next to her bed and tugged herself in to fall asleep in a peaceful sleep for she shut all the feelings in the vault in her mind, this prevented her from having nightmares. She had no idea that this locking up might have influences on the health of her mind but as long as it worked, the elf wouldn’t complain.

Again she rose in the early morning, ready for another day with lots of jobs if that was possible and she stretched herself a couple of times, moving her shoulders and arms to make sure that she really had no pain at all. She wasn’t entirely sure if she was just imagining it yesterday but nothing happened today either. So she made sure she would be ready today. She would braid her hair in the elfish way that she knew and she looked at her reflection, the strong jaw line, the pointy ears and was rather satisfied with how her hair looked before she would make sure to watch the world of humans wake up. She didn’t want to knock too early on the smith his place. So she would take her time with breakfast and would wait another hour as the food would be worked out long enough, so she wouldn’t get a stomach ache later. After that she headed towards the part of the town where she had first found the smith. It might be a weird route to walk there but else she might get lost. She still didn’t know Magnolia’s streets too well because it didn’t interest her. But once she reached it, the door was open and she could hear the sound of the hammering already.


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#2Sorcha Donovan 

on Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:42 am

She peaked around the door and noticed that it was almost the same looks as two days ago and she smiled at herself and stepped inside again, Barras looked immediately up and smiled back and finished his work before returning to Sorcha as he had done two days ago too. No need to introduce himself again, he immediately greeted her with her own name and she was glad he remembered, wondering shortly about how much elfs he would meet. He asked if she came for another job and she was so taken aback that she simply nodded and listened to what he asked from her today, it was the other way around and that was when she noticed Ben. He seemed to be doing well with his arm, he looked up too at the same moment and came over to thank her for the herb recommendation, his arm had been healed sooner than expected. Because Barras wanted to make sure that Ben wouldn’t work too hard immediately and to get the right sense back in his arm, he only wanted him to hammer on metal. So that would mean that Sorcha would have to take the metal out of the forge, place it on the anvil and put it back in there when it was cold enough again. She nodded, that would be no trouble, because Ben had helped her well enough with the instructions, and she was glad to hear that his arm was healed.

She followed Ben to the point where they had worked together before, one look at Barras showed that he had nothing to worry about as he was hammering and working on his own craft. So she took the tongs that Ben pointed out and learned how to handle it before taking the hot metal out and placing it on the anvil, watching Ben smoothly use the hammer and fix hammering the metal until she had to put it back in the forge. It surely went a lot quicker than her own work but she wasn’t bothered about all that, she found it interesting to watch and she still had the burning question if she could work on her own weapon here at some point and get a dagger or something but she would first have to make up her mind with what she wanted. So she let it be and focused on doing her job for today. The fire of the forge sure felt hot but she did try her best to ignore it and help Ben. Once the metal was straight, which had taken a couple of hours Ben seemed to think it was enough and Barras agreed on that opinion. So the two went to sit down and have a short chit chat about nothing in particular until Barras was done and came to hand her the money for today’s job. She asked him a few questions about the items and with that weapons that he sold and simply said she was interested but had to make up her mind. After that she left.


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