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Hot in here [Quest: Y'shtola]

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on Thu Feb 22, 2018 6:22 am

As Y'shtola wandered back toward the Black Anvil the Wild Neko couldn't help but wonder what in the world was reasoning she had behind her decision to pay the forge yet another visit. There was no doubt she was displeased with the way this society worked. Humans were petty and selfish and due to the way their society worked had become rather soft. They could no longer appreciate the excitement of overcoming trials and hardships and in a way, she felt disgusted at this. It didn't help that it wasn't an exclusive situation, no, in fact, one could easily say that everywhere human society prospered one could find this type of attitude and it truly infuriated her. But then again, there were somewhat rare encounters that led her to wonder why oddballs like Snow and Barras were willing to function in a society like this... Then again, maybe it was because they were grown and raised in a place like this? That could explain why they were tolerant of it. Perhaps that was why she had gone to the Black Anvil, in the hope she could distract herself from the ugly nature of this society and observe something she felt worthy of admiration.

Like expected Barras was hard at work at his forge, one order after another being finished by himself and his assistants. Even Henric, the assistant who was still dealing with his injured arm when she visited the Black Anvil for the first time was working. "Oh, Y'shtola?" Catching a sight of the Neko the man was quick to approach her, a grin on his lips while he raised a hand lightly in a waving gesture to greet her. "Morning Barras, seems you're already hard at work?" The smith laughed softly at her words, replying in jest. "Never a moment of rest here at the forge~ What brings you here today?" Y'shtola had paused for a moment, to be honest, she had actually visited the forge this time in the hope of gaining some funding to replace her bow, and just like every hard-working Neko she had decided to seek the aid of Barras, knowing all too well that he had plenty of work to do, often even more than he and his assistants could handle. "I was wondering if you needed any help again at the forge?"

The man raised a hand to his chin, seemingly pondering for a moment at her question. "Well, it's true that work is going well, but I could use your help... Remember Henric who you worked together with last time? His injury recently got recovered and he is out of the cast now, so I need him to get used to the work again. Could you pick up the metal from the forge and place it with the tongs on the anvil so he can do the hammering work?"

That seemed simple enough of a task... "Sure, let me put my bow aside and I'll lend ya a hand for the day."

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on Thu Feb 22, 2018 6:38 am

Arriving at the section of the forge that Henric was working at the young man quickly greet Y'shtola upon recognizing the Neko. "Nice to be working with you again Y'shtola, I believe Barras briefed you on the work already?" The Neko nodded her head lightly while slipping her hands into the gloves, making sure they sat well while she answered him calmly. "We'll be switching roles today, right? Don't worry, I'll keep the metal in place so you can focus on the hammering."

The man nodded his head lightly as Y'shtola picked up the tongs and pulled out the recently made metal, the soft steel placed carefully on the Anvil. "Feel free to whack it Henric." Letting out a little snicker at the word choice of the Neko the man slammed the hammer onto the metal, a few times repeating the motion before Y'shtola noticed the metal was starting to cool off. "Just a moment..." Returning the metal to the forge she pulled it into the fire, letting the metal turn hot again before returning to the anvil, repeating the same action several times. If there was one thing she admired about this society, one thing that made it somewhat able to be tolerated then it was without a doubt the nature of true Artisans like Barras and the effort and dedication he and his assistants put into the work. She could see that even with his struggling after recovering from his injury the assistant Henric was still hard at work trying to do his best, gritting his teeth like a true man. It was a long day, an exhausting day but all things considered... when the signal had been given for the forge to close down Y'shtola had to admit it had been a good day.

"There we go, excellent work Henric." The assistant was panting in exhaustion while she herself was leaning against a pillar trying to catch her breath. "Likewise Y'shtola." Footsteps suddenly came from nearby as a familiar voice called out. "I see the two of you lasted until the end of the day, let's see what work you did hmm?"

Barras approached the anvil where the smoothened metal was placed, a nod of approval coming from the smith. "Good job, I see that you're able to get back onto the regular schedule Henric." The assistant nodded his head, a proud smile on his lips while the smith approached her, a small pouch in his hands that once he handed it over to her was revealed to contain jewels in it. "And this is your pay for the day Y'shtola, it's a pity you're likely not the type to settle down... we could use a hard-working Neko like yourself."

Y'shtola merely shook her head while thanking the smith for his payment. In the end, she would never settle down in a society like this, and especially not while she still had her mission to accomplish! But for now she had finished her work at the Black Anvil and was getting ready to go home...

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