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Hammer Time [Quest: Kerii]

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on Wed Jun 28, 2017 9:43 am


Another day, another opportunity to do some jobs in Magnolia. Kerii noticed that she had been doing a heck of a lot of jobs lately. She wondered if it was possible to do too many. She supposed that it would if she could be easily overworked, but that was not true. Kerii was always happy to lend a hand and never felt overworked by doing so, especially when it meant getting paid right away and possibly getting stronger in small ways. For example, that licorice root and the potion Khalash gave Kerii. That was a gift she didn't expect from the job, but Khalash later explained to her how exactly it made her stronger. It was supposed to make her be able to case more spells without growing tired. So basically, it was like she had an increase in energy or mana, which would explain the feelings she got when she chewed on the root and drank the potion.

As Kerii walked towards the request board, she couldn't help but wonder what kind of job she would take. Or at that matter, what kind of jobs would be available. After taking so many jobs from the board, it was hard to imagine that a lot of people would suddenly need more help, thus replenishing the board with more quests to the extent that it looked how it looked the first day Kerii arrived in Magnolia, which was ultimately spent doing a great variety of quests with Videns. From healing the sick to watching over a sketchy magic shop with something mysterious behind a back door, they did a lot of work. Whatever was on the board though, Kerii wanted it to be different. Although helping Khalash gave her more benefits than just getting jewels, she wanted to lend someone else a hand.

When Kerii got to the request board, she took a look at everything available. There was indeed another request Khalash put out, which kind of made Kerii wonder how he was able to pay for every request. Was his business really that successful? When she and Videns helped out with looking after his shop, he only got a few customers, but maybe he got more earlier in the day, way before she and Videns even got to the Mag Drug Magic Shop, which was pretty late admittedly. After all, they did do several other jobs prior to watching Khalash's store.

Kerii decided on taking a job offered by a client who was named Barras Berend. He was a blacksmith who ran a forge called the Black Anvil. The slip of paper explained that he needed an extra set of hands to help him accomplish his duties as a blacksmith. He had more demands than what he alone could produce. He said that someone who utilized metal magic would be ideal, but he was happy to receive help from anyone. Although Kerii was not anywhere close to being a metal mage, she did think that she could be of use to Barras. Working for any new client would probably benefit Kerii as well. This time though, she would be sure to let him know that a mage from Lamia Scale was helping him. After all, Fairy Tail couldn't take all the glory in this town.

Although she didn't know where exactly the Black Anvil was, she was sure that she knew the area it was in. After running around town doing all those quests, she did get to know Magnolia a lot better than when she first came, and Kerii was certain she saw the Black Anvil somewhere. She just couldn't quite put her finger on it. So, she decided to look for buildings that she saw close to the Black Anvil. Granted a lot of buildings looked similar in Magnolia, this task was actually a bit harder than she had originally anticipated, but after finding a few distinct looking ones, Kerii finally found the Black Anvil. It was a small forge sandwiched between two plain buildings that didn't look too significant.

The elven mage entered the Black Anvil and saw a man hammering away at a piece of metal, probably creating some kind of sword. "Excuse me?" Kerii asked, raising her voice a bit to overcome the clash of metal against metal. The man looked up, confused for a moment to see an elf talking to him. She couldn't blame him though. It wasn't every day someone got to see an elf. "You needed someone to help you?" She said holding up the piece of paper she pulled from the request board. Barras nodded his head and basically told her what she needed to do. "I just need you to hammer out some pieces of metal for me. You see, my assistant hurt his arm so he can't do the hammering. However, he can supply you with some pieces of metal. Oh, and don't worry. The metal is relatively soft. Even the most inexperienced people can hammer it out. Your anvil is over there." Barras jerked his head over towards one of the other anvils. A hammer was resting on the anvil, ready to pound out any piece of any kind of metal. Kerii went over towards the anvil and picked up the hammer. A young man whose arm was in a sling placed a piece of soft metal on the anvil for her. She thanked him while she looked, almost mesmerized by the warm glow of the metal. She had never seen a piece of metal fresh out of the forge before.

Kerii mimicked how Barras pounded out his sheet of metal. She hammered her own piece and sent sparks flying. She was startled by it for a moment, but continued to hammer. She flattened out quite a few pieces, several even, before Barras said that she had done enough and was grateful for her work. He took all the pieces she flattened out for him and went to go onto the next step in the blacksmithing process, whatever that was, but not before paying her generously for her work. She highly doubted that hammering metal would merit the amount of jewels she got from anyone else, but she wasn't complaining.

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