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Hot in Here (Alyssa)

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on Sun May 07, 2017 9:58 am

Alyssa had promised Arcane the day off. With as much as he and herself had been working lately, they both needed the time to rest. She had decided, after much deliberation, that she would stay at the house today instead of going out. She had not even wanted to move from the bed, but had finally decided, after having Arcane glare at her for minutes, that they both needed to eat. Then, she thought, they would resume their lazy day in bed. As she walked downstairs, she yawned and stretched the aches out of her muscles. "Lazy," Her split stated in her mind. "You are so damn lazy." She simply shrugged and did not respond the the split.

Making her way to the kitchen, she gave the Growlithe some food and then began to prepare her own. Setting the pans on the oven, she retrieved the eggs from the refrigerator and the bread from the cabinet, which she immediately popped into the toaster. She had been about to break the first egg over her pan when she saw Arcane bolt to the door. Being that was strange behavior for the Growlithe, she followed, noticing a sealed letter sitting on the floor by the door. She picked up the parchment and opened it to find the fine penmanship of one Barras Berend, the local blacksmith. He was asking for her help, once again, as she had done a fine job at his shop a week before.

Unable to turn the old man down, she put away her eggs and grabbed the toast from the toaster. After quickly buttering the toast and grabbing an apple, she ran to her room to collect the rest of her belongings and change into something more appropriate to work in a blacksmith's shop in. Arcane seemed to be happy to be going out on the town once again, yet Alyssa knew it was only because he was spoiled every time they went out, and it was not usually by her, simply the citizens they helped who loved the company of the large animal.

They quickly made their way to the shop, all the while Alyssa was munching away at her toast and apple. She luckily finished them both before they stepped into the hot shop. Barras was busy, once again, beating some metal in the back. Arcane was one step ahead of Alyssa as he ran to the back and crashed into the man now standing in the doorway. Giving Arcane a quick pat on the head, Barras looked at Alyssa with a grateful smile.

"Thank you so much for coming, dear. I am sure you were extremely busy, but I could not think of who else to call. My dear apprentice's arm has healed but he is a bit rusty with his hammering now. I need you to work with him today, only doing the same thing he was doing for you the last time. Remove the metal from the forge and place it in front of him to hammer, once the metal has gone cold, place it back in and repeat. Got all that?" He asked. Alyssa nodded with a pleasant smile. "Thank you again, Alyssa." He went back to his work while Alyssa made her way to the back to find the frustrated looking man palming the hammer.

"Alright buddy, let's get this show on the road." She said, taking her position beside the forge. She grabbed the tongs off of the floor beside her and removed the metal from the forge, nearly dropping it as she did not realize how heavy it would be. Placing it upon the anvil, the apprentice began hammering away at it. Alyssa could see his shaky arm having trouble with the hammer. After only five hits, the metal was cold and ready to be placed back into the heat. She pulled it out a minute or so later, placing it back on it's original spot.

Arcane was watching the man hammer closely, almost like he was learning himself. Though he quickly got bored with the repetitive action and found something else in the shop to occupy himself with, which happened to be the same small ball he had found the first time around.

Alyssa could see that the man was certainly having trouble with the hammer, as his usual precise strikes were having trouble hitting their mark to flatten the metal. She moved the metal that was finally flattened to the side and collected another out of the heat, placing it on the anvil. "I'm sure you will gain your skill back in due time." She assured the man, who was seemingly getting more frustrated with every swing. "You can't rush healing...or perfection."

"Thank you. The boss says it will just take time. It is strange though, how little time it takes to lose practice on a skill." He muttered, slightly getting back into the practice of swinging the hammer. Alyssa placed the metal back into the heat, moving it out after it was red.

This went on for the day, Alyssa heating and moving metal, the apprentice hammering it flat. His face held a smile by the end of the day as he had almost gained his entire skill back. Barras had come over to watch a couple of times, patting the man on the back at his progress. Finally, the end of the day came and Alyssa was able to place the tongs on the floor and stretch. Though it was not a day off, Alyssa still had fun joking with the apprentice.

Making their way back to the front of the shop, Alyssa found Arcane waiting on her with Barras who held out another pouch of money to her. This time, instead of a handshake, he pulled her in for a hug. Alyssa pocketed the money and hugged the man back with a promise to help any time the old man needed it. Making her way outside, Alyssa decided not to go back home, as it was a lovely evening. Instead, they headed to get something to eat.


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