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Underground Associate [RANK - A]

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Zerutod stepped off the train, his senses attuned to the bustling sounds and lively atmosphere of Hosenka. The intoxicating scent of cherry blossoms permeated the air, intermingling with the unmistakable aroma of rich, savory foods and the distant chimes of music. As he made his way through the winding streets, Zerutod's blind eyes darted about, capturing every subtle vibration and minute detail of his surroundings. People passed him by, their voices blending together in a cacophony of laughter and conversation. His mission weighed heavily on his mind. The up-and-coming crime lord who had been causing trouble for the shop owners of Hosenka needed to be stopped. It was a task that required subtlety, finesse, and a delicate hand, skills that Zerutod had in abundance. Zerutod's first stop was a local tea shop, known for being a hub of information. With a charming smile, he approached the elderly owner, Mrs. Kaneko, who had been serving tea to curious patrons for decades.

"Good day, Mrs. Kaneko," Zerutod greeted, his voice smooth and gentle. "I hope you're feeling well today. Might you have a moment to spare for a weary traveler?" Mrs Kaneko huffed, her eyes twinkling with amusement. "Ah, Zerutod, always finding the time to charm an old woman. What brings you here today?" Zerutod leaned in closer, his voice lowering ever so slightly. "I've been sent here on Rune Knight's official business, Mrs. Kaneko. There's a certain individual causing quite the disturbance in Hosenka, and I intend to put an end to it." Mrs Kaneko's eyes widened, her delicate fingers tapping the table thoughtfully. "Oh my, that's a dangerous endeavor you've taken upon yourself. This crime lord is not to be trifled with, Zerutod."

A mischievous grin spread across Zerutod's face. "But you see, Mrs. Kaneko, my seemingly hapless nature is merely a fa├žade. Behind these blind eyes lies a shrewd mind, ready to outwit any opponent." Mrs Kaneko chuckled, pouring a cup of steaming tea. "Well, Zerutod, it seems you've always got a trick up your sleeve. But remember, there are shadows lurking in Hosenka, and they won't be easily bested." Zerutod took a sip of his tea, savoring the warm flavors that danced on his tongue. "I appreciate your concern, Mrs. Kaneko. I will tread carefully, like a dancer on a moonlit stage. Now, do you have any information that could aid me in my quest?" Mrs Kaneko leaned in closer, her voice a mere whisper. "There have been rumors of an underground meeting taking place tonight in the abandoned warehouse near the outskirts of town. It's said to be a gathering of the crime lord's most trusted allies. Be cautious, Zerutod. Darkness lurks within those walls." Zerutod nodded, determination gleaming in his bright lavender eyes. "Thank you, Mrs. Kaneko. Your wisdom is invaluable. Tonight, I shall expose the darkness and bring light to Hosenka once more."

With a nod of farewell, Zerutod left the tea shop, his steps filled with purpose. The sunset on the horizon, cast long shadows across the city as he made his way toward the fateful encounter that awaited him. Little did he know, this mission would test his intellect, his skills, and ultimately, his very resolve. But with his katana at his side and time magic coursing through his veins, Zerutod would face whatever dangers lay ahead, ready to unveil the shadows in Hosenka. And so, the stage was set for a battle of wits and a dance of blades, where Zerutod's true nature would be revealed, and Hosenka would forever remember the name of the man who brought an end to the reign of darkness.


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