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A Mountain of Contemplation.(Ragnar.)

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A Mountain of Contemplation.(Ragnar.) Empty Fri Aug 25, 2023 4:43 pm

Akuko was seemingly managing well for when the war was over, But it seemed Akuko's struggles where not over even if they where minor. But they where also ones she was only recently coming to terms with. She often did not express it at the times but it was most likely easy to pick up as you saw Akuko around. She would be here in one of the more relaxing parts of Mount Kuja. Where she would sitting on a rock looking up the skies where the colour of her now light blue eyes seemed to be following the moving clouds, She was hoping she would come to the answers on her own.

But much like how Akuko was still adjust to being a Demi-goddess and her new powers, She also was coming to terms with the reality of her parents being a live and having managed to live through the war, Akuko did not have any ill feeling or malice towards them unlike her previous self did. But part of her did feel like it was just going to be bad to hide herself for ever. They did not deserve Akuko just being off and never speaking to them. She was their only child.

Between all of these changes she can managed to come to terms with and thinking about that problem. Akuko has often been seen watching more doing and it seemed to almost be noted that she felt like she was not doing as much.

A Mountain of Contemplation.(Ragnar.) Shenhe10
#2Ragnar Asgeir 

A Mountain of Contemplation.(Ragnar.) Empty Sat Aug 26, 2023 1:35 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

Well quite a few things had changed for Ragnar, one being that he was no given a lot more responsibility then normal as in the previous guild he was just some guy. Just another member of the group and didn't have to deal or respond to anything he didn't want to. Now he was a Soul Reaper Lieutenant, assigned UNDER someone else. Apparently this is how things like the Rune Knights worked, and Ragnar wasn't happy about it at all! He had to do paperwork and shit now! He had responsibilities that he didn't sign up for, and he had to learn them all very quickly.

Ragnar took his day off, taking his Power Armor off his body, as it wasn't really needed anymore for what was going on for most days. Just wearing his normal black jeans, with a belt, and no shirt as he walked up the mountain to try and feel like he was back home, where things were simple. Kill or Be Killed. Now there was things like optics and rules and regulations and shit that he had to worry about.

Being important and having power inside of an organization fucking sucks, and the worst part is that Ragnar wasn't even all that important. He was third on the totem pole, he was ahead of a lot of other people but still not even remotely the top dog. Sighing, Ragnar continued up the mountain, until he sensed that someone else was with him and he began to walk towards whoever was here. There are normally not people on this mountain that Ragnar could remember, so he was wondering what they might be doing up here.

Much to his happy surprise, Akuko was up here! Ragnar smiled before calling out " Hey love! What are you doing up here? "

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A Mountain of Contemplation.(Ragnar.) Empty Tue Aug 29, 2023 2:06 am

Over all it seemed Akuko needed to over all start maybe talking out her problems and not sit around moping about. It was a problem she knew she had but it meant in some manner she did feel like she forgot and neglected a few other things. In this case she might have felt like even if some manner not true she is being bad at socializing and being attentiveness towards her personal life with the people with in it.

But she would come back to reality, get up from her where she was sitting and start walking over to Ragnar even if."Thinking to much."Akuko answered, because that exactly what she was doing and maybe it was better to do other things now."But I should try to do other things."Thus Akuko seemed to be able to focus on at least Ragnar at this time. It was not a bad thing."mountain climbing is a bit rocky alone."Akuko trying her normal sense of humour but more dry compared to other times.

A Mountain of Contemplation.(Ragnar.) Shenhe10
#4Ragnar Asgeir 

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Ragnar Asgeir

Raganr couldn't help but sigh at the pun that was given, normally not inside of Akuko's normal wheelhouse but it was still worthy of a sigh. Moving past that 'joke' Ragnar looked at his lover and asked " What seems to be the problem Akuko? Is there something going on that you want to talk about? " Clearly something was bothering her if she was coming all the way up to the top of this mountain to figure something out. His mind went to several things, but nothing seemed to make any sense in his mind so he just ended up asking. Ragnar was unarmed and unarmored today so that was refreshing, though honestly he could defeat most problems with his bear hands these days, and he had heard rumors that Akuko was even stronger then he was now. Though how she was beyond Ragnar's ability to understand, though there were plenty of people in this world more then capable of being stronger then him while being half or less his size and weight.

Ragnar looked over the mountains and into the distance as he waited for Akuko to answer. Hopefully she would be honest and tell him her feelings but if not then Ragnar would understand and not push... for now.

A Mountain of Contemplation.(Ragnar.) Dsafds10

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Well if anything Akuko was seemingly Easily read by Ragnar. Akuko should have expected this from a long term partner. But these where matter left unfinished and Akuko was looking to solve that problem, thus maybe Ragnar would be the right person to talk too. This matter could however easily involve Ragnar too.

But she does not think Ragnar knows the answer exactly but maybe talking it out helps. Thus more in her newer habits Akuko seemed to get off of the rock, move on into doing a hand stand and kept herself suspended up by one hand."Something I have been avoiding since returning to Joya that in some manner has been highlighted of late after the war."Akuko being a Demi-god sure did have her move around and work a bit differently. She had been at least adjusting to her change in being powerful a bit better.

She would stay in place for a minute before just standing normally."My parents are alive....But I don't know if they know i live. Last they knew I was dead."It was easy to guess where this was leading into at this point and Akuko was at a crossroad she was unsure how to cross.

A Mountain of Contemplation.(Ragnar.) Shenhe10
#6Ragnar Asgeir 

A Mountain of Contemplation.(Ragnar.) Empty Thu Sep 07, 2023 10:18 am

Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar watched as his lover decided to do a hand stand on one hand, an impressive feat in the fact of how much strength, dexterity and balance it took to do that. Ragnar was 100% sure that he wouldn't be able to do it, given that he was just too wide and didn't have a great center of gravity for that kind of thing. Either way, Ragnar listened as he heard the first sentence. Apparently something had happened that the Joyan War could have possibly solved for her, but didn't or atleast made the problem more then it was before. Ragnar leaned against a nearby rock as he watched Akuko stand back up and then told Ragnar what was really bothering her.

Ragnar's face was one of mild shock when he heard the news but quickly changed to one of understanding. That would make sense that her parents thought that she was dead, she did literally die and then become a demon. Then ascended into a Demi-god. That alone would be a very difficult conversation to have because there is an entire philisophical issue there that Ragnar wasn't going to into. " Well, I guess the question is, do want to see them again? If your parents did love you, which I imagine they do, I am sure they would be thrilled to have their daughter back in their life. But, you aren't exactly the same person as you were back then, you have changed alot. " Ragnar meant that in an emotional health, maturity but clearly Akuko has changed massively physically as well. " The next question that I have for you is, do you think our parents would approve of me? " Ragnar smiled at this, as he tried to distract Akuko from whatever thoughts were going through her head and into a joke. Ragnar knew the answer would most likely be no. It isn't likely a 'nice' Joyan family would approve of their daughter dating a barbarian from Icebergian. Ragnar knew that he wouldn't if he had a daughter, but that was because he knew that if he was a traditionalist, Ragnar and him would have to have a fight at some point and Ragnar would kill him.

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Akuko was going to have to make some harder choices, the matter of how life changes was coming for her quickly and she had to deal with making them some what herself. But she could not help but let out a sigh for a moment. Only remarking in a joke."I suppose it won't be too bad as long as I don't tell them i wanted to nuke Joya, As well about your past."It was still meant to be a joke but this new whole stating them as dry humour thing was most likely still very new and very different.

But Akuko did know that she had to keep that part hidden away for now. For there was going to be a shock in that family life."I most likely have to fuss up to what happen to me for they will have a lot of questions."It seemed she just might have needed to talk it out. She was collecting the pieces at this time and over all had seemingly was trying to figure out how to go about it."Maybe i'll bring Miko along."Akuko didn't forget about Miko just some how Miko at times seemed to sneak around and do things to get it's self in trouble. But Miko was not with them now and Akuko did not seem to be thinking about where Miko went, She was solely talking about her current situation. What the tiny fuzz ball was doing seemed to be over all not be on her mind at times.

But she was coming up with what all she might have to do while think here with Ragnar."All and all depending how they faired from the war, I suppose this situation should be somewhat emotional."Akuko did sound only slightly nervous only because she had to act that way, Akuko being how she was however. Akuko then did a normal thing of just kind of laying on Ragnar in some way, if anything she merely just threw herself at him casually at the time. Not thinking about much else at the time.

A Mountain of Contemplation.(Ragnar.) Shenhe10
#8Ragnar Asgeir 

A Mountain of Contemplation.(Ragnar.) Empty Wed Sep 13, 2023 8:31 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar waited and he wasn't surpised that the first thing to come out of Akuko's mouth was a joke. With a smile, Ragnar agreed with that statement, most likely not the best thing to say to your parents you just found out were alive that you wanted to nuke the country they lived in. Ragnar leaned back as he waited to see what else Akuko had to say and he would let Akuko finish everything she had to say, and she threw herself onto him, which at this point was an extremely normal thing for their relationship. " I mean, assuming they faired ok in the War, and honestly even if they didn't, it is going to be emotionally charged no matter how you do it. Bringing Miko along might be a good plan, have a support animal. I am not sure how much you should tell them, given that you went from human to daemon to demi-god in the span of the time you have been gone. You made friends with the new Shogan of Joya, along with are dating one of her champions. All of these things all at once might cause them to have a heart attack."

A Mountain of Contemplation.(Ragnar.) Dsafds10

A Mountain of Contemplation.(Ragnar.) Empty Fri Sep 15, 2023 5:17 pm

Ragnar seemed to be handling this a lot more logical then Akuko. The again it was always a back and forth in this regard. Sometimes it was Akuko doing things. Sometimes it was him. They came from work so over all this might not be a bad thing. It all was going to be emotional and Akuko seemed to be dreading it at this moment. But it seemed it would help to come to some kind of clear mind for the moment."That is fair I suppose. I should mentally prepare myself..."Akuko did not sound disappointed if anything trying to prepare one's self she was being more then ready.

Then she would even ask him."Well we should get this over with then. Are you ready?"Akuko already seemed ready to go and get this over with. Even if it seemed pretty quick. But Akuko seemed to be dealing with it in the moment and figured it was safe that way.

Then she paused and looked around for the moment. Because now she was thinking about Miko and now had to ask."Where is Miko anyway?"Akuko asked aloud. For some reason since these matters settled she had stopped tracking Miko and what the tiny being was doing.

A Mountain of Contemplation.(Ragnar.) Shenhe10
#10Ragnar Asgeir 

A Mountain of Contemplation.(Ragnar.) Empty Mon Sep 18, 2023 1:21 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar couldn't really do much but shrug as Akuko said that she was going to have to mentally prepare herself for this. It made sense that she would have to do that given the fact that she is going through the full gambit of emotions all at once. And then she asked him, if he was ready to get this over with. What? Ragnar had assumed that she would want a couple more days to figure all of this out but apparently she didn't. Well, it makes sense, she had been subconsciously dealing with these feelings for a long time, and sometimes it was better to rip the arrow out of the wound for it to heal fully. Ragnar nodded his head in agreement, this was as good a time as any.

Then the question of where Miko came up, and Ragnar stopped and looked over Akuko before looking around. Normally that little fuzz ball was attached to Akuko, and if not was normally nearby. Ragnar also couldn't find Miko, at least with a quick glance around. " Hey.. Miko. I have candy. " Ragnar called out into the area around them. If Miko was nearby, the fuzzball should come running.. floating to Ragnar. Ragnar did have candy on him, as at this point he always carried it just in case Miko wanted some or if Ragnar needed to bribe the thing.

A Mountain of Contemplation.(Ragnar.) Dsafds10

A Mountain of Contemplation.(Ragnar.) Empty Wed Sep 20, 2023 2:14 pm

Normally this would have Miko just bursting out of no where to get the thing to snack on, But this did not seem to be the case. Either Miko was not listening got lost some where or sleeping. But it seemed Akuko was looking around confused."Could have sworn Miko was behind me..."Akuko said since they had settled anyway she would start waking towards the path down the mountain."See if we find Miko down the path."here they where talking themselves into solving a problem and now they where going off to fine a thing being that seemed to go do it's own things.

Ragnar was more prepared for Miko then Akuko was. after all she had no candy on her. Seems these days she had a lot of things on her mind that simple things where forgotten."I knew i should have brought some dried mango with me.."She was not blaming herself just realizing poor planning while they where walking down the path.

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