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What does the darkness shroud? (Michael)

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What does the darkness shroud? (Michael) Empty Mon May 29, 2023 3:06 pm

It was a foggy night on the path by the light house as Vex makes her way toward it as she was to make a hidden drop off at it for someone to come and collect but she was a bit lost in the fog and that might mean that she will need to come back a different time and call it for the day as the fog was quite dense and wandering off the path could spell her doom if she was not careful or lucky and not mistime her landing and break her bones in her body but she being a bit stubborn about this carried on forward toward the light house that she could see hitting the higher areas of the fog cutting through it like a knife in soup that just returns as the light spins around again to warn ships in the waters that they might be heading for a bad time.

She hoped that she didn't run into someone out here in this even if it would be a good place to get rid of the witness and toss them from the path to the rocks to make it look like an accident but she guessed that would also delay or get the drop found by the rune knights that would come to the scene if they were found fast enough, so she really couldn't risk killing a witness just hope that they don't stick around for to long after they part or stalk her to see where she makes the drop at.

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What does the darkness shroud? (Michael) Empty Tue May 30, 2023 12:46 am

Michael Winters
He was hanging out at the Lighthouse, just sitting on the edge and admiring the good ol moon, despite it being obscured by the Fog. He had a lot to think about, like how he snapped back at the square and nearly strangled someone for being a purse snatcher. Granted, he wanted to do oh so much worse than just mere strangling. But even something as tame as holding someone by the throat was enough to traumatize Mary Jane. He sighed, thinking he should've done better and controlled himself. Well, at least he didnt kill anyone despite wanting to oh so hard.

Michael hoped he could be free at least here for the night since he couldnt sleep. He thought there werent really people here and he could vent. Although he did hear some noise break his ambience. Some pesky footsteps.
"Oh great. Juuust great" he thought to himself.
He looked towards the direction of the footsteps, although it was foggy for him to see. While he did carry a knife on his person, he did hesitate getting it. Right, the whole point of coming here was to avoid people and get himself in a check.
The whole reason he survived this long was because he avoided bloodshed. He grumbled to himself and begrudgingly asked "Halt. Who goes there?!" as if he was some lighthouse authority, even tho he wasnt and just wanted to scare some potential punks away if he sounded official enough.


What does the darkness shroud? (Michael) Empty Tue May 30, 2023 7:41 am

Vex had just been keeping her pace as she walked, then the voice rang out in the area and Vex guess that she might just have to kill who ever this was an as they sounded as if they were at a distance she reached back and took ahold of her bow and she proceeded slower as to make less noise as she was already a wood elf which made her make very little sound as her kind are soft stepped but usually swift on their feet, if this person was a threat she was going to get rid of them in the rocks below as she doesn't need to be attacked out here so she would put them down first but she hoped that she doesn't have to do such a thing as killing some one here means that she can't sacrifice them later if they turn to her goddess Tutrix but this is not the time for that.

"I am just a lone woman out on a walk in the fog no need to be on guard." Her voice sounded friendly and she attempted to throw her voice a bit so that it didn't sound like it was come from where she is in the fog as this would also work to cause confusion on their part as they might hear walking from one way and talking from a different side as they might think they are out numbered and it might be a trap so they should just take cover or this might just be a learning thing for who ever it was that some things are not as they appear to be.

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What does the darkness shroud? (Michael) Empty Tue May 30, 2023 7:54 am

Michael Winters
Now he got some conflicting information. He could've sworn he heard footsteps in one place. But a voice from another place. He placed his hand on his chin as he tried to think and discern the situation. The voice sounded of a friendly lady, not of a punk delinquent kid like he imagined. He sniffed the air to see if he could get any info, considering it was too foggy for vision and sound told him there seemed to be more people. If vision and sound failed, he relied on his nose.

As he vaguely looked around towards the sound where the voice came from, he spoke "And whats a lil' lady doing all the way here late at night. Y'know its dangerous. You never know who you might... run into?" That wasnt really a threat, but a genuine question why the fuck would a relatively harmless sounding lady be out here.
Something about this didnt jive with him well. It felt like a trap. The idea of one of those hunters was.... not pleasant to say the least. Or even worse if it was someone magical. What if this was a bait for him to attack someone and then he gets got? Yeah, no thanks. Now he knew more than ever that he needed to resist his normal urges. He needs to keep up appearances that he's just a human and then find a way to leave this place in a not conspicious manner. Wouldnt wanna tip off that theres a wolf among Hargeon


What does the darkness shroud? (Michael) Empty Tue May 30, 2023 8:39 am

The only thing he can smell is an exceed that was flying around in the fog now as wood elves are scentless. She keeps throwing her voice. "As I stated I was out for a walk or maybe I am a ghost of a woman that fell to her death here." She started using a more ghastly voice to try to unnerve the man that had spoken out to her as she was not looking for a fight. The voice seems like it is coming from all around him as Carla her exceed carried her as they flew around the area so there were no more steps to be heard as they traveled around the area with Vex keeping the voice going and staying ready for if this man was to attack or send a blast of magic out into the fog randomly. She was not sure how they would react but she knew that she best be careful as she doesn't want Carla to get hurt in this game of cat and mouse with who ever this person is.

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What does the darkness shroud? (Michael) Empty Tue May 30, 2023 8:53 am

Michael Winters
He scratched the back of his head, not sure what to think. He frowned thinking if something was wrong with him. At least he picked up one scent and he looked towards the direction of where he got the scent of an exceed.
"Sooo, voice is from one place. Smell from another. I swear theres more to it. I hope its not a mage. But could be a non human too. Problem is I dunno about other races much. Oh wonder is this a Vampire. Or is this me being an idiot" he thought to himself as he tried to figure out the decision.
Unfortunaly, he hadnt really mingled with wood elves, so he was unfamiliar with their abilities and their au naturale scent that masks their pressence. Well whatever this was, it sure motivated him that he should go to sleep or skip town.

He focused on the voice which was now coming from seemingly all around. He looked around "I mean... lady. You're either a ghost or you aint. Theres no maybe. Make up your mind" he was annoyed with whatever this was rather than unnerved. And if this was a ghost, which funnily enough, he hoped it was, this would be the most annoying ghost he met. Although, if this was a ghost. He probably would've just give them a piece of his mind.
"So miss possible confused ghost being. Wanna like show yourself to me" he chucked "I wont bite~ Then again, I wouldnt be able to"
Hey, if this was a ghost after all, she wasnt the only thing that went bump in the night.
Another funny thing is now that she threw ghosts in the game, he actually was kinda more relaxed, as he doubted some werewolf hunter would use ghosts as a bait. They'd use flesh, meat, a human. So he ruled out the possibility of people that wanted him dead


What does the darkness shroud? (Michael) Empty Tue May 30, 2023 3:49 pm

The exceed kept flying around as the voice stopped. Vex had, had the exceed let her go and she shifts her weight in the air and lands nearly soundlessly near the man and then speaks again this time her voice coming from herself instead of it being thrown to a different place as the man requested that she show herself and she guessed as the man hadn't tossed out an attack they must be far more bark than bite and her bow is across her back and her dagger in her sleeve in case she needed it but she had her doubts that this man was going to attack unless she was to attack him herself and that was probably the smart move as she doesn't need to have a fight her and now and the exceed went to the drop off point leaving behind the item that was to be placed there before she flew back to where lady Vex was at. "Well hello there I showed myself so now what?" The woman stands at about five foot six inches so she was shorter than the man.

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What does the darkness shroud? (Michael) Empty Wed May 31, 2023 12:56 am

Michael Winters
As much as he wanted to throw down and kill. He knew he shouldnt for his own good. Its not that he was all bark and no bite. Its just he tried to practice self restraint and not go for bites, both literal and metaphorical.
The girl soon landed out of nowhere. Unexpected, he didnt expect her from air. But she was a wood elf, which probably explained her lack of scent. He had a good nose, he knew he wasnt at fault. It was the twink race that had no smell.

He looked at the smaller girl,unimpressed, crossed his arms and spoke "Well well well, lookie here. Not a ghost and not a defenceless lady" his eyes darted to the bow she had, which tipped him off that she lied about both situations. He glared at her and asked "WHO are you, exactly?" he uncrossed his arms, just so he can be ready to throw down if needed. Little did she know, he had a concealed knife on his person. Always for good protection. Plus he liked stabbing.
Anywho he needed to know who he was dealing with. Was this a hunter?


What does the darkness shroud? (Michael) Empty Wed May 31, 2023 10:59 am

The woman looked at him and she smirked. "I am Vex of the dark guild Eternal Nightmare, and who are you mister?" She keep the innocent voice and a smile at him but was also ready as she was not as easy to beat as she appeared so if the man was to dare raise a finger or claw to aim to harm her she would be one step ahead of him and he would be one hell of a dead man, so for the moment he gets to keep walking. Rather it stays that way really comes down to the actions he takes and if she has to put him down like the rabid mutt that he was. She didn't wish to kill him but she was not against doing so if they made her have to do it but she doesn't think he is one of the fashion and who they are plowing obsessed Blue Pegasus members that she felt she would be walking face first into.

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What does the darkness shroud? (Michael) Empty Wed May 31, 2023 11:13 am

Michael Winters
Dark Guild you say? Well that changes everything. Still he cant show his fear of those guys. Mages were dangerous. Dark Guild murder mages were worse. This was a clear situation where you fake it til you make it. But considering she just casually blurted out that she's from one of them illegal guilds, so most likely a criminal. He had no reason to keep his demons hidden. Maybe he still gets to scare her away

"Well there Vex of the Dark Guild Eternal Nightmare. I'm Michael of no guild. A werewolf. And you caught me at a pretty bad time. So why dont you just turn your lil petite butt around and walk away from here. You wouldnt wanna be eaten by a biiig bad wolf. Unless, you're into a more different kind of eating" he did talk down to her a bit. Again its more part of the game, he needed to talk a big game, not make himself a target by appearing weak. But also not appearing as a too big threat to her that she would wanna try and take down. There was a perfectly struck balance... that had to be struck. Of course, he couldnt resist to do a lil tease which involved the more fun kind of eating. But if he was honest, little dark guild elf girls were not his type. Even tho she was nice on the chest department. Hmm, naaah, no amount of chest assets were enough to sway him to the dark side of Dark Guilds. But hmm Eternal Nightmare. Certainly a name he should remember and look into. Purely to know what he has to avoid.


What does the darkness shroud? (Michael) Empty Wed May 31, 2023 11:31 am

Vex looked at the man and was not even a bit scared of him even after he revealed that he was a werewolf but it was interesting enough that he was here in Hargeon as one of those with the guild master of the guild in this city and her wife being hunters that dealt with dark races like he was with gusto if the rumors were true she guessed but she was not going to back down from this man. "You talk a big game, but I fear you are more bark than bite wolf boy. Also talking like that to a woman is not very attractive. You might get the attention of loose women with no self respect with that line but I am more of a wine and dine kind of woman. You aren't half bad looking yourself but you might want to learn a little restraint before the wrong woman puts you in a collar and leash."

She giggled as she can see him as a dog on a leash just wagging his tail for a big chested woman with a kicking figure. As he talking big and with very little respect for who he is talking to as if she had just been a piece of meat and not an actual person with feelings, hopes and dreams. Carla the exceed piped up. "You are a vile creature talking like that to a woman, you need to refine yourself a bit before using more lines on a woman." She made a hmpf noise toward the man to really send the message that she found him disgusting for acting like that and Vex giggled a bit harder at hearing her exceed speak like that as well.

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What does the darkness shroud? (Michael) Empty Wed May 31, 2023 11:53 am

Michael Winters
It annoyed him when she said he was more bark than bite. He hated that. "It was just a slight setback. I'll get stronger" he thought to himself and wondered if he should do something about it. This way of pretending to be human worked out for him for plenty of years. He was alive, was he not? He could get stronger, but would that put him at risk? Make him a bigger target? Right now he just went unnoticed. Though in a way this opened his eyes that he needed a contigency plan if he did get noticed. What if his cover was blown. And besides, Michael was NOT bark and no bite. He never was. He never backed down a challenge. The fact that he had to take this from an elf runt hurt him more than any physical damage she could whip out.
"...I cant believe this bitch just did emotional damage" he mentally berated himself as part of him died inside.

Normally, what she said would've been fighting words. But the whole Dark Guild thiiing? Yeeea, he was realistic. He probably wouldnt come up on top if he got hit by Bullshit Spell Number 37.

OK, getting past first sentence was something. He focused on everything past that. "Yea yea, so they say." like how his talk isnt attractive. Yeah, another reason he didnt try to woo Mary Jane and instead friendzoned her. He was very blunt when it came to romantic intentions. If he wanted to smash, he'd say it. Anywho typical elves, wine and dine kinda person. More like whine and dine if you ask him.

"Oh is that so? Is that what you would wanna do to me~" again, he teased Vex, but also he wanted to see what she'd say to that. At least the dark mage said he was hot. He'll take it as a plus. He sure needed something tonight after that emotional damage.
He raised his brow when he heard her giggle.
"Oh yea, she's definitely having some fantasies right about now. Should I be....content, worried or freaked out?" he wondered. HONESTLY, he wouldnt mind doing some collar and leash type kink stuff. But honestly, he'd rather do it with a woman he's actually intersted in and not a passing fancy.

If the Exceed was within arms reach, he would grab it by her face and speak to her rather darkly "Listen cat. I will eat my words and take bullshit from your master. But I wont take any bullshit from a lil insignificant shit like you. So dont push it" before letting it go and not causing it any harm, just giving it a scare. Although if the exceed was much closer to Vex and in a safer spot, she'd mostly get a death glare that meant harm, while also receiving the same verbal message that she shouldnt push it with the verbal berating. He will take any verbal smack the Dark Mage gives him, but he wont let a flying shrimp do the same. He had some self respect.


What does the darkness shroud? (Michael) Empty Wed May 31, 2023 2:06 pm

Vex smirked as she can tell the man was a bit out of his league here as she was not one to drop her own standards that a man most not only look good but be more than just those looks that attempt to poorly carry them to the next place beyond that but when you court them they fall flatter than the rock they had in their head for brains if they thought it was good just to fake it till they make it. She watched as the man grabbed the exceed like he did and she went to say something but Carla transformed into her human form and looked him dead in the eyes. "You should really watch out being so boorish with a lady you might find that you lose a hand that way." When released from his grasp she took her place back by Vex's side and smirking at the man with a wink.


Vex clears her throat and looks him over once again. "You really should be careful where you wander at night so lightly armed." That is just a general word of advice to the man as she knows that there are many people that might come for his hide without really giving him a chance to even try to fight back and she figured that the man might just need people to support him more than threaten or try to scare him. "Friends can come in all shapes and sizes."

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Michael Winters
"Still. Not. Scared. Of. You" he replied to the exceed in human form and just flicked her nose. Honestly, he just wanted to bite one of them at this point and tell them both to fuck themselves. Oh he was in a bitey mood. But he had to think of survival. He hated every part of his being for being so weak. He became so good at pretending being a human, that he became just as weak as one.

He looked back at Vex and glared at her. "I dont need to be armed." at this point he was more angry than he was afraid. The only thing he feared now was making a foolish or deadly decision because he was angry. He really wanted to throw down even if it wasnt a wisest decision. He raised his brow when she said that friends come in all shapes and sizes. Did... a ... did a dark guild wizard really throw some weird invite towards him? Now he was more confused than angry


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Vex looked at the man as he said he didn't need to be armed and she giggled at him from what he said. "Seems in a battle of wits sadly you may be as unarmed as you appear now." She saw that the man seemed to be confused by her saying that friends come in all shapes and sizes. "Is it that you don't know what friends are or is me saying that maybe we can be friends confusing?" She didn't try to pick sides as this man was unaffiliated to a guild she wasn't attempting to recruit him more saying that the black and white of good and evil mostly blurred in a fine line of grey were people on either side can see the others point of view and be friends even if their roots are plant on one side or the other as there is always the grey to meet in and have more than just enemy's and allies but there are also friends.

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What does the darkness shroud? (Michael) Empty Wed May 31, 2023 2:26 pm

Michael Winters
Her giggle annoyed him, because he knew it was mocking him. He listened as she doubted his intelligence, which was also another reason he wanted to tear her throat and saw himself doing it... in his minds eye.
"Lady. I know what friends are. But coming from you. A Dark Guild mage? Is something I never expected to hear in a 100 years" he said
Seriously, what does he make of this. What was she playing at? He knew she wasnt recruiting him. He had no magic and what was the point of having him. Unless she was serious about that collar and leash thing? Ok, why did THAT pop into his mind? She didnt want that, unless... Naaah.
Right anywho, he wanted to get back to the inn. But was hesistant leaving with this bunch of problems looking at him. He didnt wanna be followed and liked having his location hidden


What does the darkness shroud? (Michael) Empty Wed May 31, 2023 2:34 pm

Vex can see that he seems to be waiting for the other shoe to drop on this situation as there was a misunderstanding that she might be trying to trick him and she walked a few steps closer to the man and she reached out and gently patted him on the chest. "You are a man with a beast inside, the important part is to understand that you might have these dark urges in you that you feel the strong want to act on. Thing is, is to find a good out let for a way to use your gift that most might see as a curse to your advantage and to help and protect those that need you in that moment." She removed her hand and it glowed slightly and Vex looked at it and she smiled as it seemed that her goddess agreed that he might not be as big and bad as he first appeared to her so she was not going to worry about him and think of him as a threat for the time being as he probably had a lot to process with what had just happened and what she had said.

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What does the darkness shroud? (Michael) Empty Wed May 31, 2023 2:40 pm

Michael Winters
"And why do you think Im here and not in town?" he said finally revealing why he was here. A lighthouse, seemingly out of the way of everyone and everything else. And it had a stellar view to the moon. He was here with the intention of being alone and dealing with his inner demons or inner beast himself. He certainly didnt expect the company of an elf and her exceed sidekick. It annoyed him that she talked as if he was a complete dumbass not knowing the simplest things in life. He knew this.

He watched as she touched him, he was really annoyed by her. When he noticed her hand glow, he grabbed her by the wrist rather harshly and moved her hand away from him "Dont touch me"
He didnt want to show his full strength, afraid that she might sus out how strong or weak he is.


What does the darkness shroud? (Michael) Empty Wed May 31, 2023 2:47 pm

She looked at him and she smirked. "Soft hands for such a beast huh?" She backed away from him as she figured that he was just getting more pissed off by her being around him. She wondered if he was a lost soul or if he was also a sinner, but she she finds out he is a sinner she will deal with him later as he seemed to still be in his early stages of his growth so time will tell where this one ends up at and who he aligns himself with to find out if he is a true one or if his path is that of ruin and sadness from those that reach their hands out to help him pushing them away and causing a mighty rift to tear it all apart from the inside out and his best will take the better of him and breath a fresh new blood lust that he will never be able to truly sate.

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What does the darkness shroud? (Michael) Empty Wed May 31, 2023 2:53 pm

Michael Winters
"I'm not soft. Now shut up. I know you're just trying to goade me into battle. You want me to give you a reason to attack me and claim" says in a mock innocent girl voice that she used "Self defence" he returned to his own voice "Well fuck you. I wont let you tempt me and I wont let you use your bad juju magic on me"
He wasnt sure what was her game and what she had in mind. But he knew he couldnt stay here. Nor return to the inn. His best choice of action was to go to another less populated place, just in case he's followed. Maybe she gets bored of him and goes her merry way

"Well.... Vex of Eternal Slumber. Im gonna let you be and you do whatever dark guild stuff you do here at lighthouses" he said as he made his leave, but very much kept his eye on her


What does the darkness shroud? (Michael) Empty Wed May 31, 2023 3:02 pm

She looked right in his eyes and she used a stern voice at him. "You idiot I was being nice not trying to bait you into attacking me. I thought you were a nice guy rather you want to give yourself the credit or not that is a different story." She heard him miss say the name of her guild and she giggled. "If you are looking for a slumber try the north they have the sleeping crybabies." She watched him go and then she runs to the side of the cliff and she jumped off of it and Carla followed behind her flying and grabbing the woman and they fly away to the next area to deal with more of the things that they needed to get off of their list for the night before they head for their base and get some dinner and then maybe get some sleep before they needed to wake in the morning to pass the word of Tutrix out to more people.

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