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Graverobbers [Nastasya]

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#1Felix De Luca 

Graverobbers [Nastasya] Empty Sat May 27, 2023 8:15 pm

Felix De Luca
Felix held his hand on his hip, prepared to draw his weapon the moment it was needed. He had recently been employed by the innkeeper to look around the local cemetery. While nothing had been confirmed, there were some strange sightings in the area that seemed to indicate somebody was looting the graveyard. Both the innkeeper and the locals seemed rather concerned by this. Felix couldn't quite tell if it was out of respect for the dead or fear of whatever sort of otherworldly horrors lay beneath your average cemetery, let alone one in a place like Dahlia.

Felix didn't much like Dahlia. It was the kind of place that made a morgue look like a theme park, the type of town that could make a tragic play seem like a lighthearted comedy. So why was he here? It was just transit, really. As it turned out walking around took quite a while and while Felix didn't like spending the night in Dahlia, spending the night in the woods OUTSIDE of Dahlia sounded even worse. Unfortunately his work ethic was so incredibly strong that he felt compelled to do a job despite his disdain for his surroundings.

"Shoulda just laid my head down on that bed..." Felix muttered to himself, actually taking his weapon out of its holster despite not yet needing it. The sounds of all the birds, insects and other things of questionable origin were getting a little bit much. "Might be laid down in the earth instead." His comments were unneeded but still provided the valuable benefit of keeping him sane. Even a mostly fearless man like Felix couldn't help but feel unease in such a place. Felix continued to stalk the rows of the cemetery, keeping an eye out for anybody who could be sneaking around. If he didn't find anyone in, say, half an hour he'd probably just be on his way. He hoped whoever was lurking showed up soon; he'd rather have a horrible jumpscare instead of thirty minutes of torturous tension.


Graverobbers [Nastasya] Empty Sun May 28, 2023 2:45 pm

Her white shirt was definitely no longer white, besides there were holes in it from where it went to decompose. It smelled disgusting and all she wanted was a pretty good shower now. Her long wine-coloured red hair was messy and greasy, it was plastered against her skin and shoulderblades. They might be bare but she did not have the intention to stretch that way at the moment. The white shirt that was already disgusting by the sand and dirt that had been on it, was also splotched with red drops. She had been drinking, and a lot of it, which wasn't your strawberry daquiri, it was blood. The vampire was hungry, her teeth almost too big for her mouth. She could barely close her lips over the others, but she managed, she was aware it was stupid to walk around like that, even when she had not bumped into another person yet.

But she was still so darn hungry. She stopped immediately when she heard something. Someone was muttering. She felt still rather weak and bumped against one of the trees. When she looked around it, she noticed that her death bed had not been that special, it was just a little away from all the other graves. It was a simple graveyard. Someone must have cared about her. She narrowed her eyes and heard it; the beating of a heart. It made her hungry and she felt her eyes shifting and looking hasty and hurriedly to find the source of blood flow. Nastasya had not been used to this bloodlust ever so much. But than again she had not been unconcious in a grave for so long, no matter how long it was. She found the source of the heartbeat and stared, baring her fangs for a second.


She was so darn hungry. She licked her lips and wondered how it would taste to dig her fangs into his neck and just su- okay stop. If she was not going to stop this imagining, there was a hard time to save herself. She was not strong enough, she had not had enough blood to be able to withstand anything. She would not have enough power and there was also this issue with her mind. She could definitely not put one and one together. She would not even be able to snap her fingers and fix her magic. No, she needed to behave. She needed to play with this person. How would she tackle this? She could obviously not step up to this person with; Hi I am apparently Nastasya Crowe, I am a vampire and I would like your blood... please don't shoot me. Or whatever this person was holding, it looked like something of a weapon, anyway... To sneak away or just grasp the nettle.

"Howdy Stranger, are you here to rescue me?" Obviously by the looks of her; she was not the one who needed saving. Saving from the dirt maybe... or the extensive time before she was able to find a shower.

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