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Test the Waters - Michael & Mary Jane

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#1Mary Jane 

Test the Waters - Michael & Mary Jane Empty Fri May 26, 2023 6:32 am

Mary Jane
Hmmm... the last few days had been dramatic. it was her own fault of course but the problem was also that... well a lot of things were the problem but the first problem was; she was running out of money. For some reason; stealing felt tempting.... but it was a sin! So she was not going to do that. She prayed to the Divine and Illumin for forgiveness for even letting that thought cross her mind. No, she should do some God honest work. Thanks to Michael's tour and the wandering around town that she had done by herself; Mary Jane had figured out that there were quest boards. People who needed help could do so by the board. What Mary Jane did not do; was take the quest with her once she found one. Giving the ability for someone else to pick up the quest. That was a little bit stupid; she had just not thought about it all too well.

MJ left her hotel and checked the board for any messages. There was one plastered over the others; URGENT HELP NEEDED TODAY! Well if it was urgent, who was the red-head to say no. She noted down the address in her little notebook that she carried around and would try to find the place to be. Which honestly took her a little too long, it did not help that this was like her fourth day in Hargeon. But she managed anyway and knocked on the door of the lab. Water samples, she was rather curious how that would work.


#2Michael Winters 

Test the Waters - Michael & Mary Jane Empty Fri May 26, 2023 6:51 am

Michael Winters
It was a brand new day, which meant it was time for some brand new work. Michael got up from his bed, yawned and stretched. He had a morning routine. Get up and shave, he wasnt a beard or moustache kinda guy, so he wanted none of that. Sometimes he'd get a cut from that, so he'd just use a cotton ball to stop any droplets of blood. Once he did that, he'd fix himself up a mean breakfast as a self proclaimed breakfast connoisseur. Once he ate his morning food and drank his morning coffee, he'd brush and floss his teeth. Giving a smug and toothy grin into the mirror. He'd get dress and get out for the day.

His first destination was his usual place. The quest boards. Thats what he'd do for work and why he'd go from town to town. Sometimes quest boards jobs required him to leave town. It depended on the quest really. By the time he arrived there, Mary Jane had already been there. Maybe he just missed her. When he was there someone else was looking at the quests along with him. He saw one that seemed incredibly easy and no reason why he wouldnt take it. It was about testing the water. Seemed real easy, all he had to do was drink the water or maybe have a nice swim. He didnt really read any finer detail, only what was it vaguely about and that it was urgent. When he noticed the other person seemingly expressing interest in the quest, he smacked his hand on that particular quest and said "Mine" with a glare. And took the paper with him. He looked at the address and headed over there. While he did know where it was. He did still arrive a minute or so after Mary Jane, purely because she had a head start. As he arrived, he'd notice the familiar red hair. His expression and tone would immediately soften up
"Oh hey there"


#3Mary Jane 

Test the Waters - Michael & Mary Jane Empty Fri May 26, 2023 7:16 am

Mary Jane
Mary Jane looked over her shoulder when she heard a simple hey there and she blinked in surprise to Michael. A little frown appeared on her face, "Hi Michael.". Should she ask what he was doing here? She noticed he was holding the paper with the bright "urgent" message on it. Oooh you suppose to take the paper. That made an awful lot of sense, how else were not hundreds of people coming at the same job. She gave a wry smile, "Ah. I read that but I did not take the paper, I hope that-" is no problem, is what she wanted to say. But the door opened and the woman there introduced herself quickly as Raina and dropped a pack of glass flasks in Mary Jane her hands and some other equipment in that of Michael's. "Thank god, I have been waiting the whole day. Lucky you are with the two of you that would make things easy." she ushered the two to come with her.

Mary Jane did not say much after that, not even time to introduce herself. She gave a small smile to Michael and quickly followed Raina. "How are you?" She whispered to her neighbor now that they were hunching down and watching Raina use the equipment to get the water in the flasks. There was a little bit of time to talk in whispers between them moving from pond to river to another pond. If Michael would return the question, Mary Jane would smile and say she was fine. "maybe next time I could come along on a job you do. So as not to leave papers on boards." She did not mind making jokes about herself.

Raina did not seem to like that they talked, but she did not stop them. When they had the five different bottles she explained out loud (to overstem the two with their silly "useless talk), that this was to check how the water was and if it was not poluted. Mary Jane did focus on Raina as that was the polite thing to do and well environment was important. So when Raina went back to her lab and showed Mary Jane how she got the results, Mary Jane gave her all her attention. In the end Raina wasn't so bad as she thanked them and said that their help or assistance made her work a lot faster than all by herself. MJ could imagine, did you see how much equipment she made Michael carry around?! That was a lot for one person together with what Raina herself and Mary Jane were carrying.


#4Michael Winters 

Test the Waters - Michael & Mary Jane Empty Fri May 26, 2023 7:36 am

Michael Winters
He didnt notice her lil frown, instead he warmly smiled to her when she greeted him. She then said how she saw the paper but didnt know she should've taken it. He chuckled, but soon stopped and got serious as she got interrupted by their quest giver Raina. She gave some glass flasks to Mary Jane and dumped some equipment to Michael. She spoke how she was glad that there was two of them to help. He nudged MJ with his elbow and gave her a friendly wink. The 'i got your back' kinda gesture.
The two were soon ushered by Raina into her lab establishment thing.

Michael wondered how they'd test the water. He could use a drink. Like so what if its polluted. He'd get food poisoning, right. Part of him wondered what that tasted like... the polluted water that is. Probably salty. He snapped out of his thoughts when he heard MJ ask how he is. He'd whisper back and say "Im ok, you?", she then replied and her smile kinda made him blush a bit. She'd then say how she wouldnt mind next time coming along with him to a job. Honestly that got him excited. Like if he had a tail, it'd be wagging right about now
"Oh, I'd love that. Trust me. We'd be a great team" he quietly and yet happily replied.

Once Raina started speaking, Michael quickly hushed up and returned to his usual resting bitch face. Usually he'd be working alone, so he'd always be cold and distant and aloof maybe to the quest givers. It'd be just cold and professional work. But MJ here gave him an element of humanity with her presence.
Honestly, he had no clue how he'd react if he was alone. But Mary Jane being here helped him get over this quest. They went to check how the water testing worked. But if you ask him, he felt like the quest wasnt necessary? All he did was hold stuff for people as if he was a glorified walking shelf. But hey, money is money. He doesnt care if people put quests for seemingly stupid things. All that matters is that the work is done and that MJ is happy and satisfied. And if you ask him, today was a mission success.


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