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The Picture Doesn't Reflect the Person.(Michael.)

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The Picture Doesn't Reflect the Person.(Michael.) Empty Thu May 25, 2023 10:05 am

Another day another outing, Miriko gather up her normal things and head off to the streets, It was at times a common place to find the painter of Blue Pegasus, just out in the streets seeing what she could make up at the time. It was a lot of times fairly fruitful to her art making.

So thus getting ready for her time here in the streets Miriko was riding on the back of Alistair. her umbrella covering her in shade as to not worry about feeling like she would risky getting over heated from travelling and working. The Cattian just consider this a normal day he did not need to do anything massively worrying at the time and eventually going to a spot Miriko liked in the streets where she would paint herself a chair to sit in, it was a really fancy looking stool but Miriko would call it a chair. After getting a paint brush out of one of the many bags she had on Alistair's back at the time.

Then she set up a few stands and set out 5 blank decent size canvas to paint on. Slowly taking her time to find and arrange the colors on her plate. While still keep that umbrella open and on her shoulders.

#2Michael Winters 

The Picture Doesn't Reflect the Person.(Michael.) Empty Thu May 25, 2023 10:26 am

Michael Winters
Michael had a bit of an exciting time in a while. He never actually met someone he liked and someone who was a decent human being who wasnt a cocky ass. It was a very nice change of pace, he just needed to make sure not to fuck it up. It would be nice to maintain some human contact. And well, hopefully that works out well for him. He just had a hard time trusting people and their intentions. But this one seemed sincere, she gave him some good vibes. Very sincere.

Now he was just chilling out in the streets of Hargeon, sitting on the floor and passing the time by playing the guitar a bit. He had a tune he worked on. But the lyrics were a work in progress. He could hum along as he plays, but he didnt feel that confident. Sure he could've just stayed shut in his room. But he knew he needed to change something in his life as to not be so ... bland and samey or stagnant if thats the word. Though he stopped diddling with his music and strings when he noticed a person. She looked... magical. Not in a compliment sense, but a literal sense. She was probably a mage. He figured its best he keeps to himself. Mages made him uneasy since they're magical and can do things normal people cant do. Like such as making a chair out of nowhere. Yeah thats a thing. He wishes he could do stuff like that. He's totally not jealous at all that she can pull stuff out of her bum. He tried not to pout as he looked at her. As well as he didnt want to draw attention to himself. Wouldnt want to look at a mage the wrong way. You never know if they're benevolent or malevolent.
Instead he just sighed. He tried to continue with his music, but he couldnt help but keep an eye on the mage to see what she was doing, being very weary and careful of her


The Picture Doesn't Reflect the Person.(Michael.) Empty Fri May 26, 2023 7:09 am

It would not take long for some of the varying people around the streets to start gathering towards Miriko. the parts often talking about the varying people wanting to see what creations can spring forth from the mind of the painter, As well as ponder how long it took to get her dresses made and who made them. Not knowing that Miriko had all these dresses herself. It took a long time and she often overworked herself so much it was at times no wonder that Miriko could sleep 12 hours at a time and not get up for long periods of time. She was only luck being a guild with family she did not get in trouble for some times being expected to be up some days and she would end up being late, sometimes by an hour or two.

Then as the small group started showing up and talking in general. Even one brought to Miriko a small child who seemed to ask the painter a question. Miriko was not a small woman. she was taller then most people, Her skin almost as pale as possible. taking her umbrella and kneeling down to the eye level with the child, After listening she walked over to Alistair. Open one of the many travel bags open them up took out a sketch books she had. She had many of them find a pencil and drew up something. Showed the drawing to the child then took it out of the book and gave it to the child.

Then she looked around to the varying other people who seemed to just wait for Miriko to make something almost like it was some kind of a show when she just wanted fresh air outside and create things. People watching her might not help the flow of it. Then Miriko looked up at the music she heard then walked over to where Michael was and simply watched for a moment, Then watched him play under the umbrella quietly and peacefully.

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The Picture Doesn't Reflect the Person.(Michael.) Empty Fri May 26, 2023 7:26 am

Michael Winters
Michael was there on the sidelines, keeping an eye on the girl as she did her own magic thing. Eventually people would swarm her to see her craft. He kinda relaxed as she was preoccupied by others, so he was more comfortable making his music now that no one was paying attention to him. He quietly hummed as he worked on the lyrics mentally. It was nice to relax out on the fresh air. Hargeon was a nice place, he liked coastal cities and the sun. Ok, maybe not if its too much sun, but the south is certainly nice.

Occassionally, here and there, his eye would wander towards the group of people, but then just return to his guitar. So he can keep an eye on what his hands were doing, making sure he was getting the right strings for his tune. Although, during one of his glances towards the group of people he'd notice the mage girl. He finally saw her as she passed the group of people that swarmed her and she was walking away, seemingly leaving. He couldnt help but stare again as his hands mindlessly played a tune. But then he noticed that she was actually walking over to him. And then she stopped and actually watched HIM play his instrument.

It was an unexpected turn of events. He didnt think he'd have an audience. He slowly stopped playing his music, he didnt abruptly stopped, just gently ended it off and asked "Uhm... can I help you?"
Michael wouldnt know what would a mage want with him. And he didnt think he was good to garner an audience for his music. So he wondered what did she want. Maybe the music was 'dirturbing her art' or whatever.
Even if he was, he doubted he'd stop. Though now that she was here, he got a good look at her. He tried not to make it obvious that his eyes were scanning her and checking her out


The Picture Doesn't Reflect the Person.(Michael.) Empty Sat May 27, 2023 7:42 pm

It seemed their entire greeting was settled into pretty quick. Miriko did paint herself a chair to sit in. After settling into her chair she did not seemed to have a look of being too good for the people around her just if anything of wonder and curiosity. She guessed he would ask and she would get it after thinking of how to phrase what she wanted to ask.

After all she had never actually learned music. She never really had a chance too and often forgot about it as it was never in front of her to see all that often. Other people on the other hand where more interested in looking around at the things Miriko had lying around to see if there was anything worth money to possible see it was easy to sell being connected to Miriko. It was not shocking to Miriko. But there was Alistair standing up as tall as he could to start making people staying away from Miriko's things. Which not shocking scared them off quickly. It seemed was something normal for him to expect at least Miriko still had her supply of things with out any problems. Miriko was not at any risk either.

Back to the matter at hand Miriko seemed to ask one simple question."How does one learn this?"Miriko and him where far different looking people but it seemed Miriko spoke with no judgment or assumptions right away."It is a form of art I do not know."She also explain the reason for it just to make it maybe not too weird at all. She was now hoping it was would not be made to weird with how she went about these things currently. But for now she needed to wait to see what could happen.

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The Picture Doesn't Reflect the Person.(Michael.) Empty Sun May 28, 2023 7:05 am

Michael Winters
He was a bit surprised that the mage wanted to learn to play the guitar. She must've been a magical artist or something because she later said that it is a form of art she cannot do. He scratched the back of his neck for a bit as he thought of an answer to say
"Uhmm... well one learns with practice, skills, lessons, trial and error. I mean pretty much how you learn anything in life." he figured that was a decent answer to give.

But more so he was surprised that she couldnt just use magic to do the music for her. Granted Michael knew nothing of magic so he didnt know what was possible and what was not. But he was in a firm belief that you can do anything with magic. If you can use magic to revive the dead with nercomancy, then SURELY you could use it to play an instrument for you automatically.
Now whether she wanted to do it the old fashion way like normal people. Well... Michael would be hesitant to teach her as he didnt want to make a mage better than they already were. Like, he took pride that he could do something a magic person cannot. If he was gonna be a music man, he was not gonna lose that to a magic man.


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It was a basic answer, one she would give plenty of people when it came to drawing and painting. Most people would actually be happy with this answer, Miriko was not happy with answer at all in fact being a basic almost stock answer for this manner she was more interesting in details."Besides that. How does one teach the hands to know where the notes are? how do you know if everything is working order?"She asked it seemed she wanted more details. More than a what a basic understanding that seemed to be mentioned at the time currently.

She would even mention it as a connect towards her own creations."I can say the very same way for teaching some one to paint or draw. At times other people might want to know beyond on that."Miriko was at this time a bit more brave. Normally she might have been scared away in some manner in this situation because she was easily made nervous by other people. She was just determine to learn a new thing today.

At least Miriko was not mentioning how poor teach this was. She was that way sometimes too. "I am not here to judge how playing is. Just learning beyond the basic of what you explained for a form of art I don't know and wish to learn more about."Miriko seemed to continue to stick to it. She was not backing down currently, At least the on lookers would have a interesting conversation at hand.

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The Picture Doesn't Reflect the Person.(Michael.) Empty Wed May 31, 2023 4:09 am

Michael Winters
The girl wasnt satisfied with his answer. Well duh she could say the same about drawing, but thats what he said. Thats how you learn all in life. But what she really wanted was lessons.
"It requires you to have a good ear to tune the guitar and you need to know what string makes what sound. Once you know, its all about the things I said before. Anywho, besides that. I am not inclined to teach you how to play, young lady" he spoke as he played a tune

"You're a mage, people fawn over you and your magic. You have guilds and fame. All I have is my music and I wont let you take that away from me" he said and made himself clear that he wont teach her anything concrete which also explained why he told her basic bs that applies to everything. Because if he taught her music, then she'd be able to do the stuff she does and he does, rendering him obsolete. Magic, drawing and music. Where does that leave him. More worthless then ever

He did consider teaching her if she pays him, but ultimately decided that no amount of money would make him change his mind. He didnt want to be robbed of the one good thing that made him special


The Picture Doesn't Reflect the Person.(Michael.) Empty Thu Jun 01, 2023 8:11 pm

Miriko almost seemed like she could get entirely upset about the situation that was going on with him here. It seemed if anything she was not getting anywhere and most people would have normally might have given Mimi a chance in some manner."No your not." Miriko said if anything the painter did not seemed discouraged by the matter at hand if anything she would going to try and be brave enough to make some kind of deal with him. Money she did not lack but maybe she could give him something of equal value or if not more value.

So she would offer it."Your focusing on what you see before, not the story behind it. A bit of a narrow mind to think of it aren't you?"She asked of it because she was building up being brave about it. Alistair however seemed to look between the two talk as if the cattian seemed to be unsure how this will go.

"My magic is weak, anything I did was self taught in terms of my art and skills. I have had plenty of failures before."She pointed out because maybe it was spark some sense that she was prepared to fail the situation if she would fail at it.

But she would finally mention her deal."But, rather then dragging on a story of things people won't remember. How about this I offer you deal."Miriko would stare this man in the eyes, her dark purple eyes seemingly almost determine that it will work out for her. For normally a rather well reserved and oddly skiddish person this was a different pace for Miriko."You give me on lessons in attempt show me how it works, in return I offer you a lesson to show you how to either:Paint, draw, sew, tailor or hair cutting."Then with in a moment she added something else for it too."Or a painting that you can sell for money due to connections of my name and guild being a well known and professional painter."Now these would tempt most people so now she needed to see how it would go.

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Michael Winters
"Well yea" he said no shame. Explaining "I like by 'what you see is what you get'. Im a simple man, you can tell things by looking at me. Anywho you are a mage and a successful one. You lead a life better then me and are loved by people. That much is obvious" he said

She spoke how she is weak, how she was self taught in arts and skills with plenty of failiures before. She then decided to cut the bs and make a deal with him. He teaches her music and she teaches him art, sewing, tailoring or hair cutting. Michael rubbed his cheek and chin to see if he needed a shave. But luckily he didnt. He thought his hair was good. Drawing was not something he was interested in nor talented. Sewing was... again something he thought he didnt need. And tailoring yeah, it seemed like a feminine ability.
So nothing she said grabbed his attention. Though she was willing to deal. Question was... how much did his self respect cost. If he did agree to make a deal, then the mage would have everything he has and no doubt would have an audience of people like she did before.
"Nothing you offer really grabs me. But I am willing to see you want to deal. I may agree to a monetary exchange. But that still proves my point. You will take my skill that I specialize in. Taking the only thing that makes me special. If I share it with you. Im not special. I got nothing and nothing can stop you from sharing my knowledge to others. Music is the only thing I am good at. So unless you are willing to pay large sums of cash. Im not interested"


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This might be an odd matter for Michael, Because Miriko upon hearing that could reach a deal."You will be payed well then if you choose it, I am leaving all options on the table."She then offered her hand to shake like most people agreed to make a deal and seal it. Most people expected it but Miriko almost expected him to not to. Just going off of the things she saw when she was knee high to most people and she dealt with them now. After that Miriko would well get up from her painted made chair and it was dismissed back to black paint that faded away.

Then she simply said."Come with me please. I will not make these lesson public nor the deal fully public."After all she did have some thing she did value having some things private rather then having so many things open like it seemed."That might be your thought of it....but I am going into this expecting to fail like my past three ventures I tried to get into."Miriko mentioned as she was collecting all of the things she had just put out like she was leaving already.

Then while she was she then pointed at Alistair."This is Alistair, He is a Cattian."Just casually mentioning because Alistair had been there the entire time just never really made himself known. But the massively giant cat was hard to hide. He even spoke."Hello it is wonderful to meet you, I promise i am harmless."The cattain's Fiorian was rather clear and well spoken."However, Miriko you are forgetting something....he does not know your name."

When point that out, Even if her back was to Michael she was hiding that for a moment she was embarrassed that she forgot that part. Getting over the matter pretty quickly."Oh...right,I am horribly Sorry. I am Miriko Rinmizukmi of Blue Pegsus....With that out of the way. I offer you a chance to ride on Alistair if you so wish, We are going to go to a private studio I have set up, At least if you are okay with it."She wanted to sure she was just not doing too much right away after all most people would have just jumped on a chance for all of this with out question.  Miriko offered this out of good faith.

#12Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He hesitantly took her hand and gave her a rather weak handshake. Just showing her how much he was uneasy with this business transaction. He hoped she was loaded because he hoped to get as much as money as he could from her. After all, he hoped for a home. He didnt want to line in an inn forever.

Michael followed her when she said so, getting his stuff quickly. She dismissed her magic chair and then casually pointed to a cat...tian. He sniffed the air just to remember their scent. The rather polite creature mentioned that there was no name exchange. Michael didnt really mind it, but since they were doing that, he might as well do it too.

He learned she was a Blue Pegasus mage, well that figured considering where he was.
"I guess since we doing introductions, might as well do it myself" he doesnt remember did he throw his name or not. Thats how much he followed the conversation sometimes
"My name's Michael, I am an average non magic human and I belong to no guild" 3 truths and 1 lie. Seems good. She'll never know.
Miriko then said that he could even ride the cat. He glanced at the mount for a moment, but just shook his head. Yeah no, not his type of mount. Too fluffy and maybe weird considering what he is.
Anywho, he focused on Miriko and just nodded.


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It would be a casual walk towards this studio of her. Where Miriko was just simply riding on the back of Alistair, with her legs draped on one side rather then how most people normally rode on any mount it seemed Miriko did it to not damage her dress and to get on and off of Alistair with out problem. After all she was always in some manner trying to look presentable even if she was just there to paint pretty pictures and that was it."Well Michael for how odd are starting of in which we met each other might be, I hope to make it less annoying."Miriko said casually.

Alistair on the other hand, seemed to not even pay much mind to Michael to all most likely because he was not trying to get Miriko to sleep with him or trying to her you know over all creepy things. Miriko was a grown women but people needed to have more class then to think Miriko in many perverted manner. It was easy to view Miriko this was. Her dresses covered her well but it did not hide her figure well. But she was not ever trying to show it off rather then just looking nice for herself.

But they would arrive not too long after, Blue Pegsus's guild being in the background Miriko got off of Alistair, hooked that umbrella she used for shade on a holder, Pulled out a key and unlocked the door before them. Then she walked into this building.

The studio was pretty simple, Across the walls and floor were hundreds of completed well detailed painting, pencil drawings either with colour or just black and white. There was a chair and a section of the room seemingly left for Alistair to sit in, There was also an almost uncountable amount of painting and drawing supplies on the floor and blank materials for what would be made into art.

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Michael Winters
He listened to her speak and he was unsure what she just said. Was she being overly grammatically correct and literate. He merely blinked and said "Yes" because he wasnt sure what she said. He mostly just followed her to where her studio was.

As they walked, he'd notice the Blue Pegasus guild place. Even in the background, the place made him uneasy. He knew the people there were known to be very welcoming and kind, but he didnt feel welcomed there because he was not magical. Plus him being a werewolf, he doubted anyone would be welcoming to his kind. He just lied passing off as a human or if someone saw his teeth, he'd just lie about being a dragon slayer.

He watched Miriko as she got off her mount and hooked that umbrella she used for shade on a holder. She then pulled out a key and unlocked the door before them. Then she walked into this building, with him following. Entering inside he'd saw a lot of art and a lot of art supplies. He scratched his head again, thinking what to do. He agreed to teach her. Hopefully he could be good at at least that
"Right... so here we are, I guess" he said trying to break a silence


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Miriko was not rude by any means, She actually found a chair for him to sit down in. While in the back ground Alistair yawn because well it mean he could have a lazy moment thus anyone who saw a cat who was laying in a bed to sleep Alistair seemed like an entirely normal house cat just massively different size then anything else. It seemed so peaceful for him and to think he just had to bring Miriko places and make sure no one did anything to her. a simple task at times.

But after Miriko got him an actual chair she walked out to her front door, closed and brought her umbrella back inside and placed it by the door."I don't need some one to stealing that to market off of my crafting skills." After all Miriko did a lot of things and she seemed to almost never use her magic for what most people would use their magic for. Signs of the many things she could make or do where here. Not just the paintings and pictures. The dresses she made herself, The various bolts of cloth she had in the room, Wigs to style hair, Yarn for Knitting that Alistair had not gotten too because it would not last too long. Even parts of her failures where here, Various things made of metal that looked broken or deformed, horribly cut wood in unknown shapes and a knife used for cutting things that was broken with pieces out of it.

Then she just got a small paint brush, small bottle of black ink and made herself a chair as well as a pretty close example to what he had for a guitar, Just more reflective and glossy. Then she put on glasses that where seemingly almost looking like something a grandma would have. it had something attached to it to make sure that even if she was not wearing them, they would not fall off. Then she waited to see what would happen.

#16Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
When he was offered a seat, he took it and sat on the chair. He waited for her to get settled and wondered how would they do this, since he had just one instrument for both of them. But as he was contemplating that, he saw that she just magicked out of blue. He frowned again, feeling envious that she could do that. Whatever she needed in life, she could just draw it. He wished he could do that.
"I wonder can I theoretically draw myself a girlfriend and a house if I had that magic" he thought to himself

When he realized that she was ready for lessons, he knew it was his turn to kick into gear and uphold his end of the bargain, begrudgingly.
"Disclaimer. I am no teacher. I dont know how to form lessons to beginners. But since we're here, I might as well try it" he said and placed placed his hands on the guitar
"So for an absolute beginner I think there are 2 easy chords. So the first chord we're going to be learning is the E Major chord also known as the E chord and this is where we need to place our fingers to be able to play it" he speaks and also shows by placing his hands there and just doing a mini tune just so she can hear it

He thought what else to do and say
"These metal strips going down the guitar are your frets and going across are the strings. We number the strings thinnest to thiccest. So 1 2 3 4 5 and 6. And each fret, its the area between the metal strips that we'd call fret 1, fret 2 and fret 3" he'd speak as he'd show her
"Any time we'd place a finger on a fret, we really want it to be this side of the fret, so the side nearest to you up against the metal strip, but not on it. So if I wanted to place my finger on the first finger first fret. It would be placed here, rather than in the middle and we'd also want it to be right at the tip of your finger, like this"


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Even if he was never a trained teacher, Miriko seemed to prefer and she would explain why to him and hopefully maybe it would make a him maybe understand how she worked a bit better."I am not teacher either, But I often show people the starting basis of to draw or paint, as childish as it is....I do not mind other creative spirits around me." Miriko mentioned to him as she seemed to think how she make a guitar seemed to work as it needed too. Miriko knew it could be considered cheating if she just painted a guitar into existing because she could just fake playing. But she was not here to fool anyone and would leave herself offended if she did.

So as expected she would set up a canvas and get her collection of paints while listing while Michael explained the idea of frets and notes to her. it would just be a simply black guitar. poking the canvas with the very tip of the brush in her hand she made the guitar come out of the canvas, with it's imaged faded but not fully gone. Then she put it on her lap the same way Michael would. But alas she seemed to actually pay attention.

Miriko just wanted to learn all of the art related things, music was an art. But she knew very well there was many failures to be had. Plucking the strings seemingly her mimicry of a guitar did work as function. but she was not fretting any notes just plucking away at them. She struggled however to follow along and fret the notes, even when she was close enough and tried plucking the strings with her fingers the notes did not play or aside from the thump or muffled moment of a the note fretting out. Miriko's creation of a guitar via painting was perfect yes, But she was not faking it either she already had not been able to play notes right away. Almost like she knew full well she would most likely not get it right away.

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Michael Winters
He watched her once he paused talking to actually get a breath but also to see how she was doing. She wasnt really playing anything and he wondered if her fake guitar can even play music
"Uhh... need assistance?" he asked and wondered should he give her his.
Again he felt uneasy about all this, but it couldnt be helped.
Nevertheless if she said that she needed assistance and more help. He'd proceed to explain more things to her to try to be as short and incredibly simple and precise in explaining things.
He tried to resist the urge of just coming over and moving her hands himself, because he felt he was a better 'show dont tell' kind of guy. Explanation through actions, through feeling it.
But he knew people arent keen on losing their personal space bubble and being touched, so he tried to be verbal


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Well that question would be answer pretty quickly."Honestly. I believe I do yes." Miriko said. She was able to make the painting do many things. But the reflection of an object never meant the person was skilled enough to use it. It still required some effort to do the things she wanted it to do. Anyone who used these kinds of moments for deeper lessons in life could think of it as a sign of, Even if seemingly perfect in some manner not everything was perfect, Everyone was skilled but not able to learn others as quickly. Miriko was just trying even if she was at risk of embarrassing herself.

Miriko then seemed to take her hands off of the guitar and looked at them for a moment."I do not know what i am getting wrong, I am applying exactly as you stated to this situation.I do not get what is making it not work.."She did not sound annoyed or upset at this situation, if anything she seemed rather curious and stuck in the wonder of learning. She seemed to have some kind of tolerance to these things and not making it anything too hard to deal with, She was still calm and relaxed about it.

#20Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He scratched his head and wondered if her artsy guitar could even produce sound. It was a magical knock off. He didnt know if it could produce sound.
"Can I trade with you? Instruments I mean. I want to test your guitar" he said and offered his guitar to her for trade.

If she accepted, he would take her instrument and play short tune just to see if it works. If its her or the instrument. Nevertheless of the answer, he'd set aside the instrument he was holding and go to her to coach her more closely on what to do and how to move her fingers to make a sound. Although he did remember some people use a pick. But he normally didnt, wasnt his style and sometimes his wolfy nails would be just as fine as a pick. But for now though he focused on teaching her


The Picture Doesn't Reflect the Person.(Michael.) Empty Wed Jun 14, 2023 6:52 pm

It seemed like a good idea in her view as well. She seemingly just handed the guitar over with out much thought. Even then she did not attempt to play a note of his guitar. only really watching what would happen. Holding it Miriko might have realized some changes she could make to her spell to make it better, But she was kind of making a perfect copy of a guitar and that was it.

What Michael felt was exactly how any guitar should be, Just a lot smoother feeling compared to bare wood, like some one painted the guitar to feel smooth and glossy. The strings would feel like that as well however while he did try to play what he normally did, it all worked like it should. It was just that a smooth painted feeling guitar made from magic, playing with out errors was possible, If anything it was entirely on Miriko's end that she was not making a note. But she seemed to think that was entirely the case currently. But in a case of a person not making any judgments no matter the condition of things Miriko seemed to admire the guitar that he had.

#22Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He played a small melody on her made-up guitar and was surprised it actually sounded good and felt like it was made out of good quality. He hated it. But aside from his mental backhanded compliments, he shifted his focus on the girl who now had his instrument. He placed hers aside and actually went to her to coach her how to do it.

He'd tell her to play and then watched her fingers intently to see what she was doing wrong. Once he'd caught it, he'd correct her on how she should do it. And then show her the technique by picking up her magic made guitar and slowly moving his fingers over the strings to show her hows its done so she can produce a note.
He was better at showing than telling, but once he showed his example, he'd go to her and try to explain it as simply and as detailed as possible. Then he'd watch to see how she does this new attempt


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Even as Michael had went on and shown Miriko what to do exactly something always seemed to come up short, like not matter what she did each time she seemed to get something right the note she made just still seeming just a split second buzz and plunk. No matter what instrument she had it was the same result. Almost like in Miriko's determination to try and learn these things expecting to fail. Maybe this was a lesson was more for Miriko herself than Michael if anything he got to see a some what know mage fail at something.

It was a boost to his own ego if he wanted it but Miriko seemed to have not thought about it in the terms of what makes a person good or not at something as a symbol of status only if it was something she was able to learn for the sake of, since she was not a good mage nor was she over all good at a lot of other things people might expect her to be. But she seemed to be able to some what pick up the motions explained to her, So they just needed to figure out what was going wrong.

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Michael Winters
If theres one thing Michael realized is that he was not a man of patience. Something that is kind of crucial in a teacher when teaching people. To hide his impatience, he would chew on his nail, specifically the one on the thumb. He'd do it when he'd watch her play and not necessarily speak. It worked as a 'stress relief', impatience hider and to mask any werewolf features. He knows that chewing on nails isnt necessarily good or tidy or anything. But it was a habbit that replaced much more worse ones.

Still it seemed this mage was not a quick learner. So that was something. Perhaps mages werent all naturally talented as he thought? It was a hard pill to swallow actually. Though he guesses he should've known. Though one stereotype soon replaced another. Now he just imagined mages as slow learners who would coop themselves up in guilds and do mystic magic stuff and meditate and just take things slow.

Though with enough teaching and lessons for the day. He decided to stop it for now
"How about we take a break?" he asked just to see if she was cool with that
"We've been at this for a while. I mean we can continue this later if you want?"

If she was in the mood to converse still, he'd try to make conversation
"So how come you're into arts stuff?"


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It seemed Miriko's suffering was at a stand still at the time in which was not too bad maybe it was not seemingly a bad situation in. Miriko went a long with the break and would just simply move on to continue to talk. She even did not attempt to draw, paint or anything creative at the time. With her horde of varying paintings, drawings and art that was worth enough jewel to make a person well off for while. He did ask her a good question, a common one but still some what a good question. Why did she become attached to creativity.

Miriko would not lie to him after all creating things was to make up of her own flaws because it was the only thing she ever knew was she some how ended up being good at."With out going into boring detail...because I found I was better at drawing then almost anything else in terms of skills, Drawing and painting makes me able to feel comfortable with the world and people around me rather them be some what often unsure to be around them, at the time."Weather of not it was something Michael would judge Miriko or not did not seem to be a thought.

She was good at reading and writing, but so many skills form a young age she seemed to over all struggle with. It was not until it clicked where Miriko ended up at now.

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