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Travels (South to East)

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It's time to leave the salty shores. Kishin's journey to Hosenka began with a long trek through the mountains. He was used to the rugged terrain and harsh conditions, having traveled extensively throughout his unlife. However, this particular journey was more challenging than most, as the terrain was steep and treacherous, with rocky cliffs and narrow pathways that tested his balance and endurance.

Despite the difficulties, Kishin found a sense of solace in the quiet of the wilderness. He enjoyed the peacefulness of the mountains, the sound of the wind rustling through the trees, and the soft crunch of snow beneath his boots. He relished the time alone with his thoughts and the company of his faithful companion, Charlie, who trotted alongside him every step of the way.

As they made their way through the mountains, Kishin occasionally caught glimpses of the town below. He could see the smoke rising from the hot springs and hear the faint sound of music and laughter drifting up to him on the wind. It was a welcome distraction from the solitude of the mountains, and he felt a sense of excitement building within him as he drew closer.


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Eventually, with travel, Kishin emerged from the mountains and toward the bustling town of Hosenka. The change in scenery was jarring, as he went from the quiet of the wilderness to the chaos of the town. The streets were crowded with tourists and locals alike, all vying for a glimpse of the town's famous spas, markets, and festivals.

Despite the noise and crowds, Kishin felt a sense of joy as he looked. He had been to Hosenka before and knew the town well, having spent time there on previous quests. He had fond memories of the town's vibrant nightlife, its delicious food, and its welcoming locals. He was eager to experience all of it again, and more.

As Kishin looked through the town, he couldn't help but notice the Joya-based buildings he'd only briefly seen for real. The wooden construction added to the charm and rustic feel of the town, and he appreciated the artistry and craftsmanship that went into each structure. He felt a sense of nostalgia, as he had always been drawn to old-fashioned buildings and the sense of history they represented.


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Kishin's appearance was not typical of a lich. Despite being a young-aged lich, he was not one for the arcane arts, still feeling more comfortable with a gun in his hand than a magic medium. He wore a mask to conceal his undead features, not out of much shame now, but out of practicality.

As Kishin looked through the town, he felt a sense of anticipation building within him. He was eager to experience all that Hosenka had to offer, from its famous hot springs to its lively nightclubs. He knew that this trip would be different from his last, and he was excited to see what adventures lay ahead.

Lately, he's felt himself stuck in a state of limbo. Even with great power, he's not found his niche. It's best to continue working on setting his floor still. He'd considered finding a way to relinquish his state of being, to be a robot. His state of immortality is satisfying though, and he's found his ways around threats like Esperia.

Now he just needs to work on steadily getting his training back up to par for his body. There are targets such as Toge, Daisuke, Tempris, Ragnar, and Aria who aren't guild leaders. But just like how he tried to find guildmates, his luck isn't reliable for finding these people, and he can only continue to quest.

(travel exit)

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