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Tournament Arc NQ Solo A Rank

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Tournament Arc NQ Solo A Rank  Empty Thu Mar 30, 2023 11:02 am

Dan smiled as he approached the great baska rock, the place today's tournament would be held. Dan was approached a few days ago about entering the upcoming tournament in hopes of defeating the current champion and splitting the prize money. Dan who was getting bored during his vacation was more then happy to agree as he was looking forwards to seeing what people he would meet during the fights. As Dan reached the sign in he happily filled out the entry and walked inside and took a seat as he waited for his match to be called. As he waited Dan watched the first match of the day between a Solid Script user and somebody who apparently specialized in gun magic. The fight was definitely interesting as he watched as the Gun mage caught the script user in the knee causing him to fall and hit his head knocking him unconscious.

WC: 151

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Tournament Arc NQ Solo A Rank  Empty Sat May 27, 2023 2:35 am

Dan calmly stood and began to walk towards a concession area to grab something to drink as he continued to wait for his number to be called. Dan slowly took a sip of his soda as he watched the tail end of another fight between a large man wielding a massive two handed sword and a small female competitor who quickly and gracefully danced around the large males swings. Dan watched as the girl suddenly jumped into the man's face and blew a strange blue powder into his face. The man staggered back before rubbing his eyes and falling back onto the ground outside the ring unconscious. Dan was mildly impressed at the fight as he finished his drink and began to walk back towards his seat. However before he could sit he heard the loudspeaker begin to sound "WILL NUMBER SEVENTEEN AND NUMBER THIRTY THREE PLEASE REPORT TO RING FOUR I REPEAT NUMBER SEVENTEEN AND NUMBER THIRTY THREE PLEASE REPORT TO RING FOUR."

WC: 164
TWC: 315


Tournament Arc NQ Solo A Rank  Empty Mon May 29, 2023 5:59 am

Dan looked down at the card holding his number and sure enough a big bold thirty three looked back at him. Quickly fixing his sword to his side Dan stood and began to walk towards where a sign reading 'Ring Four' with a large arrow pointed. As he stepped into the ring Dan looked around to see a large group of people in the stands. Nodding his head he looks towards the opposite side of the ring as a older looking man steps into the ring and takes up a sloppy boxing position as they both awaited the matches beginning. Dan could tell this man while in decent shape wasn't going to be much of a problem for him. Making the choice not to draw his sword Dan quickly raised his hands up and cracked his knuckles. As the bell rings the man charges forwards and throws a slow punch. Raising an eyebrow he quickly moves to the right before giving the man a quick chop to the neck knocking him out cold.

WC: 173
TWC: 488


Tournament Arc NQ Solo A Rank  Empty Mon May 29, 2023 6:07 am

Shaking his head in disappointment Dan quickly returns to the stands to await his next opponent. Hopefully the next person would actually be able to fight back. As Dan waited he began to scope out the competition he might be facing later. The only real potential contenders other then the current champion was a man a few years Dan's senior with a large two handed broad sword with a odd symbol on the hilt that looked like a skull with a snake through it and a woman that somehow looked like she was both thirty and thirteen at the same time making Dan blink to himself for a moment before seeing her use a pair of gloves to summon shockwaves through the ground. Dan yawned for a moment before hearing his number being called again to the same ring he left a short time ago. Dan sighed for a moment before standing and begining his walk.

WC: 156
TWC: 644


Tournament Arc NQ Solo A Rank  Empty Mon May 29, 2023 6:17 am

Dan quickly entered the ring to see he would be facing a man wearing a large suit of black armor. Dan hummed for a moment before nodding and drew Galantine from it's sheath. Immediately the air grew warmer as the sun began to blaze in the presence of the godlike blade. Dan could see that the man was beginning to get uncomfortable in the blazing sun as his armor began to absorb the heat like a sponge making the inside very hot. Not wanting the man to die he quickly sheathed the blade once more as the man tore off his helmet and signed to the referee that he was throwing in the towel as he was getting light headed from boiling inside his own armor. Dan started to apologize but the man smiled and waved it off saying he would get a blacksmith friend of his to adjust the armor to prevent it from happening again.

WC: 157
TWC: 801


Tournament Arc NQ Solo A Rank  Empty Mon May 29, 2023 6:27 am

A few hours passed as Dan continued to win fight after fight until finally the finals had arrived. Dan quickly entered the ring as the champion awaited him on the other side. Dan knew that this man was the reason that he was even here as his mission was to beat the current champion. Dan could see why as the man had a large smile as he waved at all the cameras and fans before scoffing at Dan as he pulled up his gloves. Dan narrowed his eyes as the referee started the match and got out of the way. Wanting to start strong Dan claps his hands together before separating them as a pair of mixed yellow and purple magic circles 0.5-Meters in Diameter appear on his palms before beginning engulfed in black lightning. Dan quickly runs towards his opponent and begins throwing palm thrusts at him before getting a glancing blow on his side as his opponent winced.

WC: 160
TWC: 961


Tournament Arc NQ Solo A Rank  Empty Mon May 29, 2023 6:36 am

After feeling Dan's lightning the champion quickly jumps back before using what seemed to be a type of re-quip to pull out a large rifle and taking aim at Dan. Reacting quickly Dan claps his hands together creating a mixed yellow and purple magic circle 1 Meter in Diameter beneath his feet causing black lightning to cover his body just over his equipment in the shape of a suit of black armor. Dan watched as the magic bullet bounced off his armor. Deciding to end this quickly he begins by rubbing his shoes back and forth along the ground creating a pair of mixed yellow and purple spell circles 0.5-Meters in Diameter to appear below his feet causing his legs to be engulfed in black lightning. Making sure to use his now enhanced speed Dan runs and quickly attempts to send a elbow into the champions solar plexus upon contact a mixed yellow and purple spell circle measuring 0.25-Meters in Diameter appeared and began to discharge black lightning into his opponent knocking him unconscious. Dan sighed with a smile as his hand was raised in victory.

WC: 186
TWC: 1147/1000  (20% WC Decrease from Hermit Tarot+10% Guild Lv 2+20% Lazy Coin)

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