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At Sea...[Jazmynn]

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#1Jin Tatsumi 

At Sea...[Jazmynn] Empty Mon Mar 27, 2023 2:56 pm

Jin Tatsumi
"Hoist the sail now! Hard to port!" The captain yelled as the ship struggled to swivel. The beacon on the lighthouse had shone brightly. In the night. And by that light, an enemy ship had rammed into theirs.

Jin jostled on the boat and knocked side to side, trying to stay on his feet. "Come...On!" he grumbled and held tight to the railing. Waves lapped up against them. Guards from this ship rushed to the side to gauge the enemy.

Jin peered over at them. But below them was a normal sea vessel. People stared back with just as much shock. Their eyes were partially shielded from the annoying glow above Jin's head as the solar disk bobbed up and down.

"The waves are crashing in!" The second vessel yelled back. Just then, the waters trembled and tossed. The ship Jin stood upon rocked heavily and began to tip.

"No.no.no.no," he frantically looked around for something...anything.  But he was hard-pressed for magic now.
At Sea...[Jazmynn] Beeb2b50c667e372ec6a2218cc990ec1

A young boy slipped and slid toward the edge of the leaning ship. Jin loosed his whip and flung it out. The ends latched around the boy's leg and he yanked him back to grab the railing.

A wave rushed toward the boat. Jin sheltered the kid as the wave smashed into the side. The boat capsized sending the people crashing into the water. Jin pushed the kid toward the surface. Wood and debris pummeled the sailors. A flash of magical light sent a healing wave through the water, healing their injuries and exhausting the paladin.

The final waves carried the people toward the shore. A hand grabbed Jin's shoulder as a sailor pulled him in. Jin crawled to his feet and took a few steps before falling face-first to the sand. He spat water out onto the warm beach, laying on the ground like a dead fish.

"There was a man on that boat. A fugitive we suspect," a rune knight spoke in the distance. Jin tossed some boards from the debris on top of the solar disk, laid back down, and as discreetly and quickly as he could, shoveled a mound of sand next to his head to conceal it from the knight.

"No rest...ever," he moaned.


At Sea...[Jazmynn] Empty Sun Apr 02, 2023 11:05 am

Jazmynn had a lot of consider, her world had felt like it changed for the better but now it seemed that she had just spent all of time before this seeking something that would have just come to her if she proceeded along the path of life she chose.  Because of this sleep easily evaded her,  her copious amounts of warm caffeinated beverages prior normally didn’t have an effect but it seemed to leave her restless this night.

Each step had her wide brimmed Purple Witch hat bending with each step as if flopped up and down with each step, the click of her boots along the cobble stone was loud in the empty but chilli streets. Not that it was too cold, just cold enough for her to be not perfectly comfortable. Maybe she had gone about it all wrong,  maybe she should have started to take missions and then socialize, that at least gave you reason to be there,  in the last two social encounters she felt like she sort of Wedged herself in to converse.      A Distant light and some shouting out on the bay gained her attention as he green eyes peered into the depths of the darkness, without a lot of light on the boats it was impossible to tell what was happening on the ship.

As she continued her journey towards the docks,   sure it was a little more Exposed so that cold air came in quickly stealing her heat,  but this was never intended to be a log walk just something to help balance a Weary mind to a Wired body, to be at least sleepy before retreating back in for the night in hopes to get some rest.  She didn’t often find herself in these sorts of episodes, but seeing her sister the day before after 5 years of looking, it destroyed her in some ways, she had spent so long dedicated to it only to feel like it was all for nothing.    And now, its not like , it didn’t provide some satisfaction or at least a close to that chapter in her life. . . .  Resentment seemed to be what Jazmynn managed to chalk it up to.   Her sister seemed to ease through life on her naïve charm and here she was grinding from the bottom with a 5 year Deficit.

The smell of the sea air interrupted her thoughts as she peered down the length of the dock rounding the corner.  in the course of a couple of minutes she had lost sight of the boat in the distance.   The dock seemed busy  but more in the direction of the beach on its opposing side.  Jazmynn couldn’t help but wonder what had happened as she walked along the boardwalk down towards the beach to see if she might overhear something that could clue her in, maybe information like this might come in handy if it didn’t get her killed first.

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#3Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
"I don't know about any fugitive," one of the survivors said as Jazmynn was making her way closer to the group. The rune knights exchanged a look seeming as if they weren't entirely convinced. but there were plenty more people to speak to. The survivors dragged themselves out of the water and further up the beach.

"A wave caught our boat, we aren't sure about what else happened though," that same survivor said to the knights. The knights sighed, "Well if you see a Joyan wearing a coat with a glowing chest piece and a whip on his side let us know. He is a potential terrorist needed for questioning." The knights turned their back to investigate further down the beach, toward the other wrecked ship.

Jin sighed and stood up with sand falling off his coat and out of his hair. He gave ti a quick shake and then quickly covered the glowing piece of his chest plate with his robe. "Sheesh," he grumbled when he heard a woman's voice.

"Help!" A woman cried from the water, still trapped by some debris as the waves threatened to wash her back out to sea. Some people on the beach were still unconscious and needed to be tended to. Jin caught a glimpse of a woman that seemed more capable than most. He waved at Jazmynn and cupped his hands around his mouth to yell, "Hey can you help me with this lady," before he could get a reply Jin started to wade out into the water. A glowing disk hung about a meter above his head in the symbol of the sun.


At Sea...[Jazmynn] Empty Sat Apr 08, 2023 7:50 am

The night felt quiet despite the tragedy others were suffering in that very moment. The illusion Stillness and the muted Tranquility shattered in a moment as she found what she was approaching wasn’t just some people out on the beach late or even late fishing  but instead cries of help rang out to her.

This Caused Jazmynn to freeze up mid stride as she looked over the situation now taking it in for the Scenario that had happened instead of the fabrication of her own thoughts.  The yell for help silenced her own thoughts as she analyzed the position of the people near by, partly it was due to her inexperience in A Crisis situation but also partly to do to her cautious nature as she looked about the beach and the water near the shore were people seemed to be washing up and struggling to get up the beach.   It was a Horrific sight, going form the illusion of Normalcy into this dire circumstance.

The bellowing call for assistance was enough to break her trance, from stand still She would start to run down the beach, losing both shoes in the process as she ran shoeless, Each step pushed sand into the bottom of her Tights  between her toes, but it was hardly what she focused on as she raced towards the person and then together towards the woman he was requesting help for.

“What happened?” she asked getting within ear shot of the man requesting her help, The Crest sigil of the sun was an intriguing addition to the situation, she had questions but they could always wait, if she got the chance to ask about it later she might, but for now there were far more pressing matters.

She would make it to the shore were the woman was,  the Waves seemed to sink her just below the water causing her to gasp and try and steal breaths of air in between the waves. Trying to think of the best corse of action as she started to race into the water,  the resistance on her legs almost had her fall over but she managed to withstand the force for the first few waves untill she was in about waist deep in which she stumbled and fell pushing herself back up a few times in her hastily rush.
Jazmynn knew what could help but she wasn’t sure if the magical properties of her magic would allow for her to withstand the force of the waves.    Jazmynn;s hands coated in a Light purple like Substance as she quickly pressed both palms together and expanded out what looked to be a oozy purple Bubble  which she levitated towards the woman, the bubble would place over the woman’s head allowing her to attach a breath or two without the spray of water and wave getting to hear.   Unfortunately The bubble wasn’t that durable and large waves would easily break it especially if she was unable to concentrate while helping dig the debris off the woman, what was more pressing?    It was hard to tell without communicating further.   Jazmynn was trying her best to withstand the force of the waves on her magic  but within a few seconds of the bubble appearing it would burst Causing Jazmynn to panic slightly being as she was far less experienced in Crisis. “ What is the plan!?” She Demanded as her hands formed another bubble to attempt to give this woman breathing room again. This time determined to not let it pop.

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#5Jin Tatsumi 

At Sea...[Jazmynn] Empty Mon Apr 10, 2023 12:41 am

Jin Tatsumi
"Oh," Jin replied a little surprised that anyone would have joined him in something so reckless. He gazed downward to see her bare feet pressing into the sand as she dashed down the beach into the waters. "The boats capsized from the waves. Things are more dangerous than usual." He ran alongside her as they pressed further into the waters. Waves rocked upward and splashed across his chest and into his mouth. The rush of salt water caused him to chock and cough as he pressed forward.

Seeing her stumble he gave a gentle press with his hand to her back to help her against the wave as they pressed onward. his focused geared toward the trapped woman, he saw the purple magic flash next to him as a bubble shot forth. It enveloped the woman's head, and he smiled. it wasn't often you met a mage that had spells for helping others rather than means for destruction. "Nice," he called back to the mysterious woman.

The waves still crashed around the woman. Debris knocked into her trapped body, cutting into her arm, but she was able to breathe which was momentous. That was until the bubble burst. Jin's muscles tensed ready to react but he looked at his hands for a moment. he hadn't yet fully returned to power. His magic was still a bit foreign and gone was his ability to cast barriers.

The woman screamed through gulps of air. There was a panic in Jazmynn's voice as she formed another bubble. Jin took a deep breath and looked back at her, "I'll handle the debris if you can make sure she gets to safety," he gave a thumbs up and dove deeper into the water. He breached near the woman and with the reinforcement from his armor he slammed into the debris, dislodging it.

He patted the woman on the shoulder surrounding her in a suit of armor made of light. It would protect against the debris but not against drowning.

Jin held the debris up as pieces battered and cut his armor and arms. "All...yours," he said between waves slapping his face. Soft yellow light pulsed from the mage healing his wounds as he waited.


At Sea...[Jazmynn] Empty Wed Apr 19, 2023 12:26 pm

As Jazmynn stumbled in the sand and waves, she felt the small push on her back to aided in steadying her. She looked back to see if it was in further communication but then looked forwards again when she realized it was to help her balance and not in fact a signal or warning.  In the time she looked back she would have taken in a few of the Mans face, and general attire as her mind worked at what the man had said when she asked what happened. . .   what exactly did he mean by more dangerous than usual. . .~What a horrible time to be vague~ she couldn’t help but think before she was suddenly at the woman and being battered by waves, but perhaps they too were new to risking their lives for others.  She rapidly found there was no longer time to think about things like that, it was time to focus. So she did what came naturally in a Rescue scenario due to the books she has studies and the case studies of some the encounters with magic creatures; Evaluate, determine and then assist.    In the Struggle through the waves it could easily be noticed that she has a Blue Pegasus crest in their Traditional Blue center to her collarbone just below her neck.

First Evaluate -The Situation was clear, the woman in need of help was pined by ship wreckage or some sort of semi recognizable debris.  
Secondly Determine-  Jazmynn mentally skimmed her capabilities to see what would aid in the situation, being a Terribly strong swimmer herself she wasn’t suited to swim down and dig,  she lacked the basic Strength for Everyday things like opening jars and lifting stacks of more then 6 or so books, let alone the heroic strength it would take to lift a water logged chunk of wood that is constantly being pushed down by the Onslaught of waves.  Her Most useful ability was the ability to think, with the woman able to breath freely she too could help remedy her own situation a bit by help digging at her sides instead of struggling for breath.    The Woman needed Air, and That was something that this novice mage, but adept researcher could manage.

Assist was the Final Step as she Formed her Magic bubble and encased the woman’s head providing some protection from the waves but more importantly it would hold the air in the bubble around the woman, so she stopped drowning.   The Stranger commented on her use of magic which made her feel confident up until the Bubble burst under the force of the next big wave. Knowing this was only Delaying the Inevitable, eventually Jazmynn would tire, and this woman would drown If she wasn’t unpinned. She frustrated commanded of the man.

Luckily, he had seen the same issue or at least was doing something to remedy the problem the Abjurer herself couldn’t handle.  With the mix of Blood in the situation suddenly escalated Jazmynn’s already accelerated heartbeat, the idea of being injured hadn’t really occurred untill that moment. When the Stranger told her he was going under toe clear up the debris she would nod in response holding both her hands steady out and willing the bubble not to pop again.  Unfortunately, Jazmynn’s magic was more about encasing the air in and not as much about protection so it took a great more deal of concentration to keep its strength up, a mental strength that was wearing away with each large wave that bashed into her and almost knocked her over.    One of the large waves would have her stumble losing her large brimmed hat to the waves as it crashed down closer to shore.    She didn’t like the thought of losing it but she knew how poorly it would look if she was to abandon this cause to save her hat despite how much it meant to her.

The Woman lighting up with an armor of light grabbed back her attention as she looked down to the woman again and the stranger started to rise pulling the debris away from the woman.  This was their Cue to Exit to the beach as fast as quickly as she could with the woman, there was bound to be others in danger or in potentially worst condition.

With the woman Freed the Purple bubble would pop as she moved to aid the woman to her knee’s helping the woman by pulling her uninjured arm towards the shore, no commenting back but growing concerned that this man might collapse in the waves and be pinned too, unsure of the true strength he possessed.   As they managed to the shore Jazmynn would let the woman sit on shore for a moment before turning back to see what the other heroic counterpart was doing to save himself and if she needed to intervene again or turn attention to the woman, from the distance of shore, mixed with the darkening sky it was hard to see what the man was doing, and if he hadn’t moved form the location of the debris she would return back into the water at least to get a better look in not to have a lead if she needed to run to their aid. . . not that she felt she could do anything about it either way and shouting "Oh Please don't get stuck!!!"

#7Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
'Blue Pegasus,' he thought quickly to himself as he glanced at the iconic marking on the woman. Of course, she was a guild mage, and Blue Pegasus at that. What an odd situation to find himself in. But maybe they didn't know who he was. With his low reputation, it was easy to go unnoticed. All that mattered now was that they got these people to safety.

Jin held a chunk of debris leveraged with his shoulder. His own strength was bolstered by the powered armor that he wore. Even so, he wasn't the strongest and the buffeting waves slammed against his body. He spat out water as more and more of it rushed around him. He could hear the other mage approach and begin to drag the woman out and to safety. Jin breathed a sigh of relief as the woman was pulled clear from the wreckage.

Taking a quick look over his shoulder to make sure all was well, he noticed the woman was missing her hat now. Probably swept up by the sea, he figured. As he braced to shove the debris off and back to the sea, something bobbed along in the water and caught his attention.

"Well I'll be," He said and lashed out with his whip to snag the wandering piece of cloth. The mage's hat flung through the air and into his hand. With a smile, he held it high ready to say he found it even though it would be hard to see in the night sky. Then he realized the reason it had been easy to grab is that the water receded. A sign that an even bigger wave was on the way. Jin looked over his shoulder to see a bigger wave crashing forward, a body

"Come on," he said as he started to run but the sound of a whimper stopped him. A person with a damaged leg was struggling against the waves. Their face was mostly submerged in water. Jin left their back up so they could breathe but the rushing waves kept covering them. He was a healer but had no way of protecting their face as easily as the blue pegasus mage. But she had to find them first.

"So much for subtlety," he said as he reached up toward the disk above his head. It began to shine brightly. The night sky began to shift. The mood started to fade into the background of a clear blue sky. The dark night was suddenly subverted into daytime.

"Hey, I can't keep the waves away from them," he called back to the woman as he dug his feet in and pressed against the waves to make it back. His usual method would have been to let them fall unconscious and heal them later, but having the help of the blue pegasus mage would definitely make it less traumatic for the person and probably save their lives.

With the clear sight of the waters now, it would be easy to see the stragglers that were washing up nearer to the shore.


At Sea...[Jazmynn] Empty Mon May 01, 2023 8:30 am

Fretting from the shoreline, not understanding the situation to be as dire as it was, thinking it was only one person but as the man tossed the debris off to the side and started along the shoreline it seemed they stopped after calling to come along.   Jazmynn hesitated as she got about knee deep again In the saltwater.   Running about Bare feet was a poor choice just in everyday swimming between all the critters and sharp rocks but now the added hazard of ship debris, it made her panic slightly as she slowed her pace, partly due to caution but also due to Fatigue.  She was a Mage of Study, and this was very Strenuous on her.  She already felt her calves and thighs burning as she resisted the waves pushing her back and the waters natural viscosity.  It wasn’t like she could walk back to get her shoes and come back to help things were too dire and she felt obligated but only just now realizing the danger she was in because of this obligatory search and rescue.  

On the opposite side of this her mind waged back retorts of her own selfishness as she felt that as part of her new guild, she needed to prove her worth somehow and that this surely would be good for her reputation.  This Mixed bag of Questionable at best Ethics were cast to the side as she made her way almost to the Stranger determined to save the people here.   Something stuck out to her though,  why was he helping so Feverishly, was he just an average person with a hero complex or did they gain something for this. . . .   Her Thoughts were cut short as Skyline Shifted as if they skipped hours of time she knew still existed.  It Caused her To Squint as the saltwater spray of her slow forward charge caused the light to partly blind her nearly fully dilated eyes.   She didn’t know what was going on as her Surroundings shifted so significantly, if felt like she was in some sort of illusion but so much still felt real.  

Her Charge had stopped as she looked up at the blue sky momentarily forgetting those struggling for their lives untill the next wave crashed into her thighs and reached higher than any previous wave washing her in the cold reality that it was still only just now the end of winter.    She Blinked still squinting this time, pausing to rub her eyes, adjusting for the shift in light so she could see and keeping one closed as she neared the man who quickly called to her  that they couldn’t keep the waves off them.

As Jazmynn manage to get close enough to see the person In need and understand the situation playing out she found herself wheezing slightly, and appeared to be quite out of breath as she gasped for air  but attempting to waste no time clasping her hands together to pool that purplish ooze untill she expanded the size to encompass the injured mans head.  Stumbling into the water and quickly swimming to push herself upright again while trying not to lose concentration of the bubble.  

She found herself counting and measuring the time between waves and their size mentally. ~1, 2, 3, small=Move  . . 1. . .2. . .3. . .4. .Medium=Brace then move  . . .1 . . .2 . .3 . . Tiny=Move fast. . . .1. .2. .3. . .4. .5. Massive  = Just Brace~  She counted the Rhythmic pattern of the water as it calmed her nerves and kept her on task.     The Longer she held the Bubble it seemed the easier it was to keep it from bursting.  Now enough to clasp her hands again shaping the next bubble in preparation of this one popping or for the next person who needed it.

She understood the Shift of light to be something that the stranger who was helping.  First the Armour and then now this sort of size,  they seemed to be a Luxmancer and with the size of the spells effect it seemed to be massive, maybe he was someone who was to be on the good side of.

#9Jin Tatsumi 

At Sea...[Jazmynn] Empty Sun May 07, 2023 10:04 am

Jin Tatsumi
Jin spit out water as it washed over his face. It didn't bother him much but he kept glancing at the person he held that was bombarded by it. He could try and hold the man above his head, but then moving would be difficult if a strong wave came their way. The best chance was for the surprise arrival of a Blue Pegasus mage to help with those air bubbles.

The light that was cast over the area caused the people on land to look up confused as they shielded their eyes. The woman paused for a moment too. Perhaps Jin had been too hasty in using that ability but time was of the essence. He glanced at the shoreline to see if any rune knights had returned but so far the coast was clear. The light mage pushed onward until he met up with the woman. Her body was still pressing against the waves as she moved forward. She was breathing heavily and he could tell that the waves were taking a toll. Her vigilance was impressive.

"Thanks," he spoke with hair and body drenched in seawater as the purple bubble surrounded the injured man's head. Jin's own body was starting to feel waterlogged and he worried about how it would all affect his recent condition. But for now, it seemed at least that he could still float. He scanned the area once the bubble was secure around the man's head and didn't see anyone far off at sea.

Jazymnn had turned to head back to shore as Jin pulled the injured man's body. Her stumble in the water made him squint out of worry that she was struggling to stay upright against it. With the hand that held her hat, he made a quick motion and a warm light appeared beneath the three. Jazymnn would feel her strength increase by two tiers and her body healed from any recent damage. Without a word, he followed behind her as she counted the waves until they reached the shore.

Once there, Jin would set down the man's body, and take a knee. He wiped the water off of his face and fell back on his butt with a sigh of relief. A moment after he would untangle the mage's hat from his whip and hold it out for her, "Dropped this." He said with a half-cocked smile, both tired from the events and relieved that all had gone well. At least it seemed so for now.

He hoped she would accept it without worry. He wasn't the most well-known mage, but he had garnered a reputation for being...on what some would consider the wrong side of the law. In the background, a couple of rune knights recognized him and left the scene. The current guild master of the group that had assassinated nobles and tried to assault the king.

"That is a pretty handy skill." He remarked about her magic.

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