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Home hits differently,When your in Fairy Tail.(Social/Open)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Home hits differently,When your in Fairy Tail.(Social/Open) Empty Sun Mar 26, 2023 7:24 am

Judith Karlinius
Questions always where the days when people came and gone from Fairy Tail, Judith's goal in the end as guild master was always kept simple if members stay keep them to be around when they where around, If they left to go on a job makes sure they knew they had everything they needed and returned home to the things they enjoyed, If they where gone forever form the guild? Never be upset. Surely that last part seemed a bit strange to consider but over all one person was use to seeing everyone leave all of the time it was just something she figured was best to keep in mind.

But opening the guild doors today, an hour before most people where even be here see if they left empty glasses or dirty plates upon the various tables set up. Judith seemed to do a normal morning of sweeping the floors, washing dishes, starting to warm up various things with in the guild kitchen set up various years go by her to have fresh pots of tea and coffee ready for people.

But the guild hall would be open at it's normal by when people arrived there, Judith would be at her normal spot of with in the window where she had a kitchen and she would wait.

#2Kurumi Takahara 

Home hits differently,When your in Fairy Tail.(Social/Open) Empty Sun Mar 26, 2023 11:44 am

Kurumi Takahara
Used to seeing people leave all the time? But..what about the new ones coming in! Speaking of coming in, a fresh guild member decided to make her way into the guild hall haphazardly, doing her best to clean up a bit of the messes left by folks. Broom in hand and various dirty dishes in the other; Kurumi slowly made her way around and tried to clean up slowly but surely. She noticed someone whom she wasn't very familiar with. Going to offer a polite smile in an effort to keep her hands free for broom and dishes.

"Hello there!" offered the young Kurumi. "You wouldn't happen to be part of the guild would you? I'm here to help out if need be!" she proclaimed cheerfully. Going to waddle her way around the halls and keeping the messes made by others in hand. "Or if you need help and aren't part of the guild, I can maybe see if I can help out regardless!" she said, nod nodding her head happily.

#3Judith Karlinius 

Home hits differently,When your in Fairy Tail.(Social/Open) Empty Mon Mar 27, 2023 3:03 am

Judith Karlinius
Some one else was doing some of the normal things Judith does. It would not be the first time it would also no be the final time. It was interesting to see the new members do these things even if Judith never asked them too. In some manner it was interesting for Judith as well because for her there was some one she had yet the time to talk to yet. Maybe that was just the fun of it.

Kurumi's introduction would be the normal way Judith did things but she could not help but start off the conversation differently."Oh? Did some one want to take over cleaning duties now for the guild mother? Or are you just excited for the days head?"Judith said with a smile on her face.

Then well could not help but ask because she did like sneaking these things in when meeting the new members."But if you wish to help me with something really quick. What do you know about your guild master?"She hoped she either did not know already this was her, She was honest even if she knew it was her. There was always many options that could happen here.

#4Kurumi Takahara 

Home hits differently,When your in Fairy Tail.(Social/Open) Empty Tue Mar 28, 2023 4:42 am

Kurumi Takahara
Kurumi looked at Judith and smiled politely. Continuing her cleaning duties that she had thrust upon herself! Hopefully that wouldn't be an issue of some sort..she didn't want to make a bad impression! Quite the opposite actually! She wanted to make the best impression. Even if she didn't know who this mysterious stranger was..she was already asking strange questions! Regardless..she responded. "Well..I don't really know much, if anything about the guild master. I hope to get to know them eventually though! You mentioned guild mother, do you happen to know them? Are they nice?...So many questions.." she muttered, rubbing her temples lightly. "Anyway...To answer your question simply put..I don't know much or anything about them really..I'm very sorry I can't be of more service...Please forgive me." she said, bowing politely to the stranger before her and subsequently...whacking herself in the face with her broom. "Ow.." she muttered.

#5Judith Karlinius 

Home hits differently,When your in Fairy Tail.(Social/Open) Empty Wed Mar 29, 2023 6:09 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed Judith would just end her ruse quickly most than likely just because with in her mind it almost felt cruel to play this needless trick for so one some one, As well as she wanted this to be a moment of learning for all parties with in the guild hall."I hear the guild master like to work in strange ways: hides in plain view, speaking in almost riddle like structures, Overly friendly and caring enough to be considered a person mother or second mother."Judith said just to give them a bit of insight of things to possibly come as well.

Then she would just let her now after patting her on the head."But you do not need provide me service."In fact Judith wanted to laugh about it slightly because well she would be sure to show who she was."After all why would I as your guild master before you now ask you for such things?"It was a question she wanted to see the answer too but made it seem so harmless because she often did all of the work with in the building.

"I do cook food, wash dishes and clean the building between all of my work as guild master, You should be here to relax or ask question before any majorly stressful tasks or work in the future."With the hint blown wide open, It was the largest hint that it was the guild master just here being herself here.

#6Kurumi Takahara 

Home hits differently,When your in Fairy Tail.(Social/Open) Empty Thu Mar 30, 2023 4:44 am

Kurumi Takahara
Looking at Judith and tilting her head to the side. "Wow! She sounds mysterious! I wonder if i'll get to meet her at some point.." she inquired to herself quietly..before she was told she didn't need to provide service. "Oh..I'm sorry. I hope I haven't offended you in some way! If you'd like, I could get another guild member here to help you?" she asked of her. Before suddenly being told that she was the guild master! "O-oh...Hello Ma'am!" she said, flustered as could possibly be. "No no, i'm fine helping. Really! I want to be the best helper I can be! Eventually i'll go out on a mission, but for now...a clean home is a happy home! So did you have any possible missions for me, Ma'am?" she asked of her guild leader.

#7Judith Karlinius 

Home hits differently,When your in Fairy Tail.(Social/Open) Empty Fri Mar 31, 2023 3:34 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed Judith had unintentionally pulled a better trick than most of the time. None the less Judith seemed would want to be sure she settled down at least. It in some manner almost felt like she was just being a bit to cruel this time and maybe she needed to plan these things a bit differently."You shouldn't be serving me, After all members new and or old. Are the one who should be eating and drinking."Judith mentioned with a smile on her face.

Then she would collect the rest of the things needed and already picked up."Sit down get comfortable, tell me what you want to eat or drink. I have a few questions for you."Then just before Judith walked away Judith did hug the new fairy tail member. Maybe this would not let the mood of the room fade as it did, After all keeping things in line where important.

But Judith then just seeming leaned out the serving window where the kitchen was, waiting to hear what would be asked to make. Since well that was all that was requested, when she knew, Judith would join in the conversation again after the request done."As for jobs, We have the job board as always. Don't take anything you can not handle."She also forgot that part.

#8Kurumi Takahara 

Home hits differently,When your in Fairy Tail.(Social/Open) Empty Fri Mar 31, 2023 4:18 am

Kurumi Takahara
Kurumi looked at Judith and slowly nod nodded her head. Going to sit down quietly and without question. After all, she was the boss! Don't offend Big Boss Lady were the words going through her mind. Soon enough, she was asked what she wanted to eat before replying quickly. "Spaghetti and meatballs please!" she said solemnly. Suddenly she was hugged! She gave a brief hug back to Judith before releasing her after a moment. "Got it! Any recommendations for a beginner?" she didn't really..know the guild leaders name so she simply called her boss or some synonym of it. Surely that wouldn't be too bad, right? Regardless...She waited until her spaghetti was done and listened to her talk to her. She didn't seem that scary! Hopefully she stayed that way.

#9Judith Karlinius 

Home hits differently,When your in Fairy Tail.(Social/Open) Empty Sat Apr 01, 2023 2:10 pm

Judith Karlinius
It seemed people had settled in nicely to Judith little game of trickery, Given it was only really done on new members, she took it a bit differently then most of them after all most of them where nervous but not all of them where all that confused and stammered their talking seeing them recover quickly as well. Which was a good sign it means in the face or trouble one would recover from fear quickly if a foe seemed too powerful. It was a test in some ways, But a way to learn about the new members in a different ways."Oh? I have not made that in a while, I will have to whip some something interesting with it."Judith said with it sounding like it had set a fire in her soul because she expected something almost not out of the normal.

"Hmm...most likely not spicy, extra sauce, fair amount of meat balls maybe made out of beef and pork....extra cheese."Judith them almost seemed to have been gone with in a second of mentioning it. From the kitchen and the window Judith talked from when she was there, You could tell the various herbs that be smelled in the air. It would not be long due to time magic trickery that the food would be done with in seemingly a minute.

Then Judith would return to the table place down the food requested in the manner she cooked it, with an outline of the Fairy Tail guild make shaped from shredded cheese along with the extra cheese already put on there, Then she just placed down a glass of water. Then walked behind her cooking area and returned with a chair and sat down."Do not consider me such a magical figure, I am merely me."Judith said to kind of humanize herself."I am Judith. I do also get called Judy, Guild Master, Guild Mother and Fairy Mother. All are options for you to choose."Judith said while she seemed to just sit comfortably in her chair and waited to see what happen with her food.

Then she answered the ponder question because she wanted to know Judith could only just answer in some what of a basic way."You have plenty of options, There are always simple tasks around here in Magnolia, Even some of the cities around us have the sometimes simple tasks you can not believe people pay mages for, There is Potion making that could teach you something as well."It seemed like if anything it is better to looking at the board and Judith simply pointed out."Go for any of the quests of missions marked D-rank. They are easy, simple and you could be home in time for bed."It was not time to wait to see what she would think about her suggestions. Plus she wanted her to enjoy her meal.

#10Kazimir Seiryu 

Home hits differently,When your in Fairy Tail.(Social/Open) Empty Mon Apr 03, 2023 6:58 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
A flurry of pink petals swiftly blew through around the guild hall. it felt odd in a way to be back here again after so long. And after what had already happened with him and the council. Either way, it was nice to check in from time to time. As he materialized he could see the guild master and hear her faint words about spaghetti on some other dinner delights.

How long has it been since he ate in the guild hall? It felt as though he had not arrived here since the changeover. "You say something about dinner?" He asked but knew he couldn't eat it anyway. As he spoke he saw a new face in the guild.

"Someone new. Haven't seen a new face in some time. Welcome to the guild,"
he nodded to the young lady. "You know Judith can take you on some quests too," he said and took a quick look back at Judith. he was always trying to discreetly throw her into work.


#11Izanagi Aurum 

Home hits differently,When your in Fairy Tail.(Social/Open) Empty Tue May 02, 2023 11:49 pm

Izanagi Aurum
He approached the guild leader, eliminating his social barriers and putting himself at ease. He is lugging his head around with a red mark after being hit by a wooden chair. He attempts to rub it out, but it just makes it worse. "For once, it'd be nice to be welcomed without getting hit by something," he complains to himself about his unexpected arrival to Magnolia and the guild he grew up in. "Hey, Master! "Throw in a plate for me, please," he begged the guild leader, his hands clasped together, and his head humbly bowed.

The guild would be aware that he seldom returns from a mission, but when he does, he generally accepts every task he can get his hands on. Most people don't understand why he works so hard to keep the house his mother bought so long ago. Although, now that he is grown up, he has considered moving out, however, he can't bring himself to do so just yet. Due to his heavy workload, he is rarely awake long enough to meet the other members. Yet, fueled by the excitement of returning home, he is wide awake now. "Nothing better than master’s cooking," He indicated to the other girl with a thumbs up before sitting down comfortably.

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