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Fractured Thoughts (open, Judith)

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Kishin watches with Ghast as the people enter the Fractured Sky, his eyes scanning their faces without any expression. He notices a group of three individuals, a human, a dwarf, and a halfling, who seem to be arguing over who goes in first. Turning away, he looks towards others while bored. The lich in his 20's adjusts the mask on his face, a habit he developed recently to conceal his true nature as a being without much lively emotion. He feels a slight ache in his bones, a sensation he has grown to enjoy since becoming a lich. He is masochistic in this way, reveling in the pain that reminds him that he is still alive, in a way.

As he watches the people enter the Fractured Sky, Kishin wonders what they hope to achieve. The rewards offered are tempting, but the risks are great. He has seen people lose everything they have, including their lives, in their quest for riches. But Kishin understands their desperation. The mechanical city of Talaz Lagaar is in the grip of a plague, and the unrest among the machines only adds to the chaos. The absence of guards has made the situation worse, and people are turning to the Fractured Sky for a chance at salvation.

Kishin does not judge them. He has his own reasons for being here. He had ventured into the Fractured Sky not long ago, seeking for solaces. He had sacrificed much to gain his new form, including his humanity. But he does not regret his decision. The ache in his bones intensifies, and Kishin feels a surge of energy. Ghast senses his master's mood and whinnies softly, as if in approval. Kishin knows that he must be careful, for the hunger for power that comes with being a lich can be overwhelming.

He watches as a lone figure enters the Fractured Sky, a young woman with a determined expression. Kishin can sense her desperation and knows that she is willing to risk everything for a chance at a better life. He wonders if she will be one of the lucky few who emerge from the Fractured Sky unscathed. Kishin knows that luck is a fickle thing, and that even the most careful and prepared can fall victim to the madness. He has seen it happen before, and he knows that it could happen again.

But he is not here to save anyone. He is here to observe, to learn, and to satisfy his own curiosity. He is a lich, after all, and his motivations are not always understandable to the living. As the young woman disappears into the Fractured Sky, Kishin turns his attention to the sky above. He can see the fractures that give the place its name, cracks in the very fabric of reality that lead to other planes of existence. He wonders what lies beyond those fractures.

For now, he is content to watch and wait. The ache in his bones is a reminder of his mortality, and of the price he paid for his current existence. He knows that he can never go back to being human, and that his life as a lich will be a lonely and dangerous one. But he is not dissatisfied. He has Ghast, his loyal companion, and he has the Fractured Sky, a place of infinite possibilities.

"Champion" of the Fractured Sky: an apt name, befitting someone who absorbs the luck of the world but becomes under it's control. Kishin rejected this fate. At this time, Kishin is one of if not the first sacrifices recently, as if fated. In the original timeline, Kishin becomes a mere villain disposed of by the protagonists of Earthland perhaps. To Kishin, the sky represents an eyeball that looked at him funny, like it had decided his limits and exhausted his future.

In the day he lost his humanity, he decided with a chomp, to eat the recipe half-completed. He would of rather sacrificed his lifespan, to live only a mere month longer, rather than being under someone's eternal label. It was an unnatural progression. Afterward, it seemed like Kishin was rewarded, and the Fractured Sky's nature changed after his touch. Like it had become more hesitant, and bound by his taint, or full after eating. In the end, Kishin's bloodlust remained unfractured.

After becoming a lich, Kishin became presented with an option he had avoided. He can now enjoy others prosper. A dice had been rolled that it had wanted to take back instead of Kishin, and he had taken back his mortality in his rock. Now, for the rest of eternity, Kishin will claw his way to destroy what remains beyond. The rich, the famous, the infamous, many will die near Kishin. For now, he bears the title of a half-champion.

With each person in Talaz testing their luck, Kishin becomes their grim reaper in a demon king's homefield advantage. He waits here, hoping to torment someone's ruined day to become even worse. After having failed to be incarnated by the Fractured Sky, he had found his immortality to be an amusing joke he would share with the entities. In slight wishfulness, he hopes to see Esperia once more, curious to see if others receive their treatment or if bounties go elsewhere.

He had been left disappointed when his opponent had started flying and he couldn't enjoy a fist fight. With the plague debuffing damage, Esperia's struggles never mattered with the fair neck. As always, only here in the midst of danger does he feel truly free. At this time, he's no longer guarding anything for a client, and isn't as open to attacking on sight. He waits, for some might be foolish enough to sacrifice their bounties.

In life, happiness is often not equally returned or allowed. Kishin wonders if he's recognizable to those from Fairy Tail. He had never got to quest with others in Fairy Tail, except one. Soul-searching, he wonders if he should be a corpse left alone. Sitting in his princess carry on Ghast, he swings his feet carefreely, ignorant to the test of people's fear to even get close to him.

Fractured Thoughts (open, Judith) Bagel-everything-everywhere-all-at-once

#2Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
There was always a question if everything happen for a reason or if fate had dealt it's hand and you had to deal with it's folly. At least that is a lesson Judith had to learn over the many years. It was something she would eventually talk to many people about if you ever got past the many some what confusing ways Judith spoke to people. Even that in it's self was it's down rabbit hole. Judith for how easily known she was by her own guild members and how social she was with them was still a woman of many mysteries. Even taking into account that you could meet her husband. Meet her children and visit the many things they have built up over the years.

But maybe that was not the entire point, It could easily have just all been a show of all of the things that just happen to have worked for her in life. For Judith had secrets everyone did, But Judith had an image to keep up, One should not forgot how much it could risky things to fall to have your reputation fail and or fall over many things.

it was why Judith always seemed to do a some what hands off way of leading, suggest and guide through words. Learn and see many things it was what kept things working well for her. Sure some question just how powerful Judith was in the end. When you where far more delighted to never show off how powerful a person could be. One had seen some what the things his former could master could do. But how far it went was still up in question and it was entirely how Judith wanted it to be. Not out of fun or some kind of game. But to keep things in line.

In line of not having to worry about the varying power struggles she heard of with in the years. Either way how Judith ended up here and why was just as good of a question than anything else. It was just one of the many wonders still attached to Judith. A blessing it be she did not mind questions at all. If everyone was just going away from what they were curious about, why not learn what it is? if Judith was ever too much at risk she had ways to get out.

You could still consider it reckless and dangerous she was this way but still not a fool to consider that she had the tools to get in and out of things around her if she really needed to. A Free spirit like Judith could stop for a moment and continue her curious wonder upon the many things around her to learn and reflection what it was trying to show her, Considering it a lessons in which a person needed to take in and learn their own way Talaz Lagaar was interesting for it has things Judith would never be able to consider seeing in her lifetime thinking she would long dead before seeing them ever.

She wonders what all she could do if ever able to understand and grasp the things that where unlocked here. It all seemed almost too beyond her, She could easily admit that as well. In some manner she never had much interest in whatever was in these place unless lured in some manner. Would it be the chance of things to come that might have lured Judith into Talaz Lagaar. She just needed to ask the right question maybe the one area she saw people flee away from would be it, At least she thought it was people running away from that.

Eventually Judith would just casually walk over and start her path to where Kishin was, In some manner these meet ups where both wonderful and interesting even if at times easily consider awkward to meet your former guild master in a state of questioning, One needed to consider context for everything after all. Was Judith the expected guest or the surprise one over all in the end seemed like some one was getting a visit by her, Harmless however it maybe.

Judith's arrival would be slow, because she had been observing so many things in her own way to take in the detail in some manner a bit longer than most people when something had been interesting had popped up and wanted to look around a bit longer. This place in some manner of emptiness had to ponder was this the future and what it behold? where where the plants and forest? where are the animal better what how was this safe for people too? But there were just trailing thoughts that where just in her mind since this place was new to her.

Could almost ponder how long it would take Judith to actually find him, would be easier if she knew she was trying to find some one as well but she was just here thinking she was just learning things for the most part. But if some one was waiting for some one to be brave enough. That was what Judith was brave enough. It was not all that scary to find Judith willing enough to go close to anything. It was interesting to Judith to yet to know if it was entire him or not but still come over and look with interest what was lingering about

It would not be too long that Judith was looking upon and staring at Kishin and Ghast. Just more in general wonder if something was going to happen. She was expecting something but what was a good question."Well, Isn't this interesting to see in a land of technological advancements."Judith plainly. Always being the one who was okay with starting conversations. Now she just needed to await an answer of what was to come, It was going to be a complex one if she where to guess.


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Kishin studied Judith carefully as she approached, his so-called eyes shifting between her and the surrounding area. He had been expecting someone more offensive, but he couldn't quite recall who. He took a step forward, Ghast by his side, and looked at Judith with a mask of indifference. His approach came with a simple hop, childish but daringly imposing.

Despite his appearance as a lich, Kishin was still as unmagical as ever. His interest in magic had waned, instead relying on his natural abilities as a fighter. To some, his abilities were luck and to himself they were easily discarded. It was his masochism that had led him down the path of becoming a lich, seeking immortality and the ability to withstand incredible pain.

Ghast, his ghost horse, seemed to sense Judith's presence and snorted, pawing at the ground. Kishin placed a hand on the horse's side, calming him. He watched as Judith looked around in wonder, her eyes darting from one thing to another. Kishin knew that she was a curious woman, always seeking to learn more about the world around her.

He wondered what had brought her here, to Talaz Lagaar. It was a dangerous place, full of unknown technology and potential traps. But Kishin knew that Judith was not one to shy away from danger. She had always been willing to take risks, to explore new areas and learn from her experiences.

As Judith approached, Kishin remained still, his mask hiding any expression that might give away his thoughts. He studied her as she looked up at him, wondering what was going through her mind. He knew that Judith was not one to hold back, always willing to speak her mind and ask the tough questions.

Kishin wondered what she would say, what questions she would ask. He was always intrigued by her insights, her ability to see things that others could not. He wondered if she had come here seeking answers, seeking to understand the mysteries of Talaz Lagaar.

Ghast snorted again, drawing Kishin's attention back to the present. Had his horse become dissatisfied of Kishin's character? "Doesn't this look like a nice pond? Some fishes go, the ones with solid families stay away, but the pond becomes clearer and drains," he spoke as he had in the past, with an amused voice emanating from somewhere. He turned his head slightly, watching as Judith seemed comfortable. He knew that she was a valuable ally, someone he could trust in a dangerous world.

"I'm a selfish one, I didn't say goodbye. In truth, I left for an offer I can't refuse. Can we still be friends?" His query was relaxed and boorish. He truly had only a small reason to leave Fairy Tail, besides Eteri and everyone not being able to quest with him. He's exceedingly bloodthirsty, but to him the most powerful thing is a steady supporter, for the least they can do is be an addition to your own self or hold you steady.

As his words came out, he walked past Judith, to where a screaming portal lay. It's unknown as to what poor fate those inside had met. Having all the time in the world, Kishin was in no hurry to guess. He doesn't want to close the door in 100 years for his fate with Fairy Tail. Laying down on the ground next to the portal, he crouches and then lays enclosed down with Ghast's unfelt warmth. Unable to close his eyes, only like this could Kishin be relaxed.

#4Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
It was all some what interested when it seemed to be who it was. Judith also seemed to have shown and express not judgment about the matter of him leaving. It seemed if anything something she expected at times and just gotten use to it."Could almost think of it as a sign for many things, Even when I often speak of it as a open view of interpretation of inner reflection in vague terms, But most people don't understand these things right away."Judith said, not mentioning right away if she liked the view of the pond of not.

But remarking she would."But it is nice to hear some one still takes time to look at the things around them, Rather then just looking at what is in plain sight."Judith said with a bit of a smile. Because if some one could see things way of thinking it opened the mind to many ways of thinking and consider how they could take it. It was a good way of expanding of the mind."It leaves you thinking less of things around them at the time that are far less harmless."If anything, Judith was delighted to talk about simple things for a small amount of time.

Even if he admitted it Judith over all was use to these situation ending entirely differently."Do I understand, such things are a matter of life and time that things happen like that."Judith was an understanding person after all she was a mother before a guild master, She was asked to take that role  and thus she had a different way looking upon it different than most likely other guild master and she had."I will give you credit for this matter, You are nice enough to meet me again after leaving."Judith said with out a second thought because in some manner Judith did often mention understanding and listening was important to a person to learn and express at times.

But over all if seeking forgiveness was it, It was not hard to get form Judith."Not matter the reason: either out of wanting to just do something new, Offers too good to walk away from, wanting to leaving the spotlight that mages across fiore get. Everyone has a reason and I will never judge anyone for leaving my guild."Normal understanding that Judith said needed to be some what normal when you where a guild master, for many years Judith had seen Fairy Tail just be a guild with for the most part only really being her around, It was a mean to make a bit of money since all of her children had been adults and moved out of the house with different results of what had happen to them they where gone. It was better than annoying her husband with various loaves of freshly made bread, pots of coffee, or bugging him to make sure he did not hurt himself while workings. Judith was that way at times.

But she let out a general ponder with in her mind she simply went."I have no problem still considering as at that level as friends. Just keep in mind I did not know your considered me one to start with. Always thought I was just being to typical Guild Mother where that idea was lost."Judith still having some self reflection seemed to laugh about it. Even then she seemed to not even mind the portal or all of the off feeling things around her, Almost like she either did not fear them or she had tuned them out by now.

Making it her ending point really."In the end tell me dear friend, do you feel the offer was worth it?"It seemed to be the best thing that she entirely wanted to ask about this matter because it was the best way to think about it was it worth it or not?"It seemed she was curious about that, Even then she almost expected to not get an answer after all some one could just want to keep what they felt about it to themselves and if he did she was not one to judge for it.


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Kishin listened intently to Judith's words, his expression unreadable behind the mask that covered his face. He appreciated her non-judgmental attitude towards those who left the guild, as he had done so himself. It was refreshing to encounter someone who did not hold grudges or harbor ill will towards those who sought to pursue their own paths. "The waves do matter to me," he added.

He glanced around at the "pond", taking in the "tranquil" scenery. Despite being a lich and unmagical, he still found solace in the beauty of nature's results. His ghost horse Ghast, who had been lingering quietly in the background, seemed to share his appreciation for the peaceful surroundings. "The surroundings are apart of our life after all, always watching us small or large."

As Judith continued to speak, Kishin couldn't help but feel a twinge of masochistic pleasure at the thought of the difficult decision he had made to leave the guild. It had not been an easy choice, and the lingering doubts and uncertainties still haunted him. "I can pretend to not see others, but I do want to see you," he'd note. There was also a sense of freedom and exhilaration that came with striking out on his own, unencumbered by the expectations and restrictions of the guild. He only felt one loss.

He was still young for a lich, having only recently been turned. But despite his lack of experience, he was determined to forge his own path and carve out a place for himself in the world. The mask he wore was a symbol of his desire to distance himself from his past and create a new identity for himself.

As Judith asked him about the worth of the offer that had led him to leave the guild, Kishin hesitated for a moment. "It does have somewhat to do with Fairy Tail. I wasn't able to quest with those higher or lower," he'd admit. It was a complicated question, and he wasn't sure if he had a definitive answer. But he knew that he had to trust in his own instincts and make the most of the opportunities that came his way.

"Meeting you makes me happy to learn, and therefore friendly. In time, any experience can be considered worth it. An offer can be retracted or have not ever existed. Just having achieved the realization of the idea satisfies me. Is Fairy Tail invaluable to you? It isn't to me, you're the only invaluable part, so my choice was obvious," not mincing his words, he wondered. In the end, he gave a small nod, acknowledging Judith's question as he shifted his resting spot. He didn't offer any further explanation, knowing that it was enough to simply be present in the moment and enjoy the company of someone who accepted him for who he was.

#6Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
Maybe Judith's view of it was a bit different, maybe a bit vast. This was normal as or Judith was taking something plain and forward, rather than in depth as she might normally had done with these conversation, after all Judith could have through about it as people rather than fish in the seas and the water is the world around with ripples and size could be cause and effect of the events of life and events around them all. In which she did almost think about it that way, only never expressed it because most people did not think of it that way and often where left confused by it.

It seemed these trials he had been on had put them on a different path, not a horrible one. If anything Judith knew the comfort of this behaviour she had seen it before and it was most likely not the last time some one would act this way either."I do consider that a good thing, After all I try to make myself known and seen as a person who is easy to talk too in my free time."Judith mentioned. She did seem to enjoy that fact that even if the rest of Fairy tail might not see him again, She might only because she tried to do her best at the things she was normally trying to do.

But as always being the guild master she was, Judith had to consider what was being talked about with her guild and taken into account for future members. Anything here might not be anything new just the first person who might have wanted to actually mention it to her. Over all she was hard to offend and or bother with these things."It is something I can admit is the main flaw of my guild....I try many things to keep people around to work with one another and talk."She even let out a sigh because she knew if anything it showed she most likely leaving herself trapped in something that seemed endless but was not going to back down because had been around the members when they where around long term who had not left behind the guild or just out right disappeared for seemingly no reason at all."They seemingly just disappear or choose to never return. Makes me thankful for the ones who stay even if i barely see them."Judith did lean credits to some things with the openly admitted flaws she saw with the things around her guild, It seemed to never placed blame on anyone rather if anything always seemed to seek to understand why it happen.

Even telling Judith that her guild was not valued at him did not seem to bother her at all but helped her understanding over all."Which is always interesting to hear, it just means even my greatest attempt to make Fairy Tail a guild to stay in forever, Just shows I have plenty more work to do."Judith took it a means and stride to improve her efforts to make the guild better, sure it was something she repeated quiet often but it was just something maybe she needed to be sure to try more. How she would need to think on later since well not all ideas came to her right away. Maybe after she went home, had dinner with her husband and slept on it she would have a clearer idea.

Judith over all seemed to value Fairy Tail for what it could become even if long term rather then seeing it fall backs for the many years she had been there."Fairy Tail member or not, You should not worry about ever talking to me about what might be on your mind. I am never here to be your foe, IF anything I feel better to understand all I can for the better of people."Judith could seems almost a bit foolish or plain depending on how you think of it. But understanding and reason seemed to be Judith main way of leading and going. Judith was always an oddity for she was never a leader of power. More of respect, ideas, learning, knowledge and connections.


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Kishin rested quietly, his eye sockets peaceful. He didn't say a word, but his presence seemed to make some people uneasy. Perhaps it was the way he carried himself, with a quiet confidence and a hint of danger.

He remembered sipping in merry when he came to Fairy Tail, savoring a forgotten taste. Some of his fellow entrants were interesting, while others were deeply avoidant. Kishin wondered what they were up to, but he didn't want to put too much effort.

He didn't say goodbye, but he didn't need to. His presence alone had made an impression hopefully, and the members of Fairy Tail would not soon forget the quiet stranger who had come and gone without a word. As a silent observer, he often found himself in the background of social situations, watching and analyzing the people around him. He was always fascinated by the way people interacted with one another, and he found it to be a valuable source of information.

As he watched Judith speak, he couldn't help but be impressed by her leadership skills. She had a calm and understanding demeanor, and she seemed genuinely interested in hearing what he had to say. Kishin had never been one for leadership roles, preferring to stay in the shadows and observe from a distance. But he couldn't deny that Judith's approach to leadership was something to be admired.

"I'm glad we had this talk," suddenly saying, he shifted his weight slightly, adjusting himself to get up. He was eager to get back to his restless pursuits. Being a lich, he doesn't have much fun things to do. As Judith spoke about the flaws of the guild, Kishin couldn't help but feel a twinge of guilt. He had never been the most sociable of guild member, often keeping to himself and avoiding large groups of people. But hearing Judith talk about the importance of communication and connection within the guild made him realize that he had been neglecting an important aspect of being a part of Fairy Tail.

"I might not be around forever, but I can strive to help you in any way I can. See you later~," he wasn't that busy, but he could help out with anyone open to meeting. He made a mental note to try and be more involved in his next guild's activities, to make an effort to get to know his fellow members better too.


#8Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
In some manner Judith had to ponder if she had spoken too much about her ideas, maybe in some manner it was herself thinking she needed to make sure the flaws she knew of her guild where logical and things she needed work on and knew they where still there. But if he was okay with this conversation. Judith wanted to be sure at least even if he was leaving there was one thing always made clear. No matter what it could be."You are welcome to visit any time you wish."She mentioned that than thought of a few things to herself.

Then for some reason she thought about the lives around her the ones gone and the ones still around and she remembered one spot she had not been to for a while, Then she would simply leave Talaz Lagaar entirely, because she wanted to return home, Return home to the space where even to Judith the world and time around it stopped.


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