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Tricky Sneaky Espionage.(Ragnar/Akuko)

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Tricky Sneaky Espionage.(Ragnar/Akuko) Empty Sat Mar 18, 2023 2:33 pm

Even if the changes slowly happening and starting to take effect for now Akuko seemingly was herself if anything the ends of her hair where starting to turn gray and in some manner snow white but it was just at the tips of her hair, but there was other things they needed to do at this time and needed to get to work rather then the changes happening to Akuko over time, Even if Ragnar may notice and it might be a point of conversation in the future. Even if eyes that where a normal golden yellow where starting to change colour like over time it was going to change into a light blue. But Akuko would arrive first to a position just out of sight to look around. She needed to right person for Ragnar to fit into their armour for hiding in plan sight. Then she let out a sigh, reached via her magic and pulled Miko out of hiding.

Then pointed at her tiny fluff ball spoke something super quietly to them them. Miko was out to find Ragnar and guide him towards Akuko so this part of the plan could go out with out problem, Since well it was part one. Find armour. Ragnar should not get too lost as long as Miko did their part and and guided him quietly. Since it was easy for Akuko to get around with out problems at this time. Miko also had to be sure they where quiet too.


Tricky Sneaky Espionage.(Ragnar/Akuko) Shenhe10
#2Ragnar Asgeir 

Tricky Sneaky Espionage.(Ragnar/Akuko) Empty Sat Mar 18, 2023 3:40 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar wasn't about to sit on the boat and wait for the armor to come to him. He needed to be proactive in some way, and he sat there for a moment until he came up with a good one. He had made some assumptions based on what he had heard about the culture, because it seemed similar in some ways to his own but he figured something out. Ragnar smiled at his stupid plan, one that was just stupid enough to work. Ragnar then began to walk into the city, though unlike Akuko, he stood out quite a bit being over a foot taller then most people here and significantly wider but that was slightly the point. Lets see who they sent after this large stranger in their area. That was when Ragnar spotted a small black fluff ball floating towards him, and Ragnar couldn't help but smile. Perfect! Finding Akuko normally would be basically impossible for Ragnar, but now with Miko he had a pretty decent shot. Ragnar went into an alley for a moment and waited for the dust ball to come over to him, Ragnar had remembered the long boat ride and pulled out a small piece of hard candy.

Miko instantly tried to take it from Ragnar, but Ragnar said the fluff a couple of questions. Where is Akuko. Can they bring Akuko here? And Tell Akuko this plan. Miko seemed to agree to this, giving Ragnar the requested information softly before Ragnar gave his plan back. The payment for services rendered changed hands and the fluff went floating off into the distance to go find Akuko.

If Akuko agreed to this plan, which boiled down to having her distract the guard that was most likely to show up to investigate Ragnar, at which point Ragnar would come out of the alley and handle it from there. Wasn't the smartest plan but also wasn't the worst. Eventually a man roughly Ragnar's height and build came walking down the street tall and proud as he went to go look for the person. This place was all about honor and pride, so of course the biggest guy was going to want to go fight the person that was just as tall and big as he was. If Akuko agreed to the plan, she would hopefully be distracting the guard at the mouth of the alley, with the man's back facing the alley.

Ragnar wasn't really paying attention to what Akuko was saying at this point, given that his full attention was on being quiet as he snuck up on the large samurai. Reaching up and with the force to shatter a building, Ragnar turned the man's head sideways and cracked his spine, severing his spinal cord and causing him to go limp and most likely die within minutes as his heart stopped pumping. Ragnar reached out and grabbed the man before he hit the ground and pulled him into the alley where he began taking off the armor and putting it on. This might take some of Akuko's help given that this armor is similar to Ragnar's own armor, well his old armor, but not the same in all ways.

WC 533

Tricky Sneaky Espionage.(Ragnar/Akuko) Dsafds10

Tricky Sneaky Espionage.(Ragnar/Akuko) Empty Sun Mar 19, 2023 8:45 am

It was always easy to lure and bring Miko in when they knew who you where and were trusted. But Miko had a problem of just wanted to eat sweet so Ragnar delaying Miko from enjoying the treat offered to it seemed to almost annoy it and was about to let out an annoyed squeaky yelp that would have laughed a total of 2 seconds then realized where they are and what was going on so in some manner Miko just kept quiet, Even if Miko often kept try to get it before hearing what was ask of them. But Miko trying to be quiet seemed to be able to express yes with out making a noise at all.

After finally happily gaining their sweet of the moment Miko seemed to try and in some manner manage well sneaking away quietly to to find Akuko and kind of guide her to do the thing they intended. After all she was quietly waiting to find the right person, about to sneak back into some darken corner then she saw Miko again. Then Miko and Akuko looked at one another almost like she was trying to keep quiet and Miko was expected to speak first between the two, Kind of waiting quietly for a moment then she nudge the way of Ragnar. In which would make her clue in something a bit more helpful and idea that was going to happen. Akuko letting out a sigh had a feeling maybe already going this far on her down was not the best idea anyway, So getting back was pretty simple to do. Eventually the idea of Ragnar plan would take shape nicely. After all a hint of Akuko returning near Ragnar was apparent. Even if she changes were happening. Coming out of a near by shadowy corner was Akuko's eyes glowing for a moment as she was looking around just not too bright.

Then well Akuko arm popped out of part of Ragnar's shadow and patted him on the shoulder. It seemed she saw the one fitting close enough to Ragnar's fitting. Then her head popped out for a moment. With an affirming whisper."When I jump him...move quickly."The window was going to be small so they had to get it right. They both expected this situation happen so Akuko was just prepared to go and do it the best she could.

Then that feeling was gone like Akuko had already gone to do her part and Ragnar was going to be give a moment to prepare himself mentally. Akuko even if seemingly dealing with her own problems was sticking through them and doing her best seemingly to deal with her problems at this time. It would all be the focus of things later. She was not in any pain that she knew of this time anyway. So it was just waiting with in an internal count down with in both of their heads when to start.

Then of her hands just slowly creeping out of the shadow of their target Akukos fingers counted from three to one and when she jump on him she covered his mouth right away and started to restrain him in place. It was not be too long to end his life to take the armour Akuko was just merely trying to choke him out quietly but this gave Ragnar a chance to drag the this person away.



Tricky Sneaky Espionage.(Ragnar/Akuko) Shenhe10

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