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Moonlight Library [Ikanbi]

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The massive library of which lay within the collective mind guild hall was something that Saturn had found himself spending more time in. With his distinct lack of necessities and lack of desires past listening to the world sing it’s songs this was another way of him learning of the past of the various civilizations without having to travel. If the information lined up with one another collectively. Some books argued against others; made references to tomes that no longer existed or left the Golden giant in a state of befuddlement.

Today was one of those days where he was sorting through a few books on caelum. Some seemed to speak highly of the country but were written by authors of the same self locale while others seemed to derive amusement or the like from the failings of which. Every country had two or more faces it seemed.

He floated a good ten or so feet off the ground, picking through the various books in the section and read them quietly and quickly. While his translation spells had stopped working for a time he’d refer to the dictionary on words that he didn’t recognize and often more than not there was a fiorian equivalent for most. It was something he’d have to look into later.

He spent many nights in this library and would spend many more; losing track of time wasn’t hard when you barely had the concept or care of it. He was practically timeless and would spend it how he pleased. Maybe a few people would interject that he was wasting a life or that of others that he could be helping. But his betterment of his own knowledge would eventually come to help those that were in need and he could at least entertain that notion.

Help himself to the knowledge so he could help others. What could possibly go wrong? Humming to himself the golden-demigod noted that it was deep into the night with how the moon was shining through the window. Shrugging his shoulders he’d lower himself down to the table with a stack of books; ranging from the most common to the most curious of relics.

Lets see…

He’d let out a soft sing songy tone before turning a page; raising his brows ever so slightly as it indeed was more caelum scripture. Which… hardly was surprising given the area that he was in. Picking through the dictionaries he’d compare and cock his head to one side. His golden eyes cracking ever so slightly.

So much faster when I had the translation spells tch..

Moonlight Library [Ikanbi] 8ElCWz0

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