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[Concept] Fractured Diabolos

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Fractured Diabolos

Born out of the embers of a once-revered Dragon Slaying Guild, Fractured Diabolos is nothing short of an imitator, a shell of its once glorious namesake. Instead, it has become a group of seven members whom have banded together - not out of a sense of honor or glory - for the sake of power in pursuing their own individualistic idealogies. Having embraced twisted amalgamations of science fusing with the Magical arts, these members have found themselves tied towards the mantle of Diabolos, if only as a vessel to further their own pursuits of carnage.

Given that they are not a true guild in the typical sense, there is no direct Master, thus no established alliances that they have save for those that the members individually hold weight towards. In the same vein, how much or little a member of Fractured Diabolos would provide towards another irrelevant. The closest thing to sort of bylaws within the group is an unspoken rule of not directing interfering in another's operation. Not to say that it can't happen, but their gifts were given to further their own agendas, not hinder others.


  • The user must be S-rank.

  • The user begins at Guild Level 2 upon joining Fractured Diabolos. This extends to those whom utilize a Guild Switching Banner as well.

  • All perks acquired through Levels within Fractured Diabolos exist only while within the guild. Full refunds - where applicable - are not provided upon leaving, and failure to sacrifice such perks or otherwise utilize them result in permanent limb removal/incurable damage.


Level 1:
  • What We Do in the Shadows: Once per month, the user is able to select a region and assimilate within, fracturing the minds and memories of those within the region. While in that region, their reputation is muted, contracts and bounties may not be claimed, and knowledge of the user's presence in Diabolos cannot be discovered.

Level 2:
  • Imperfected Hunter: Through torture, coercion, and intentions, the proficiencies of the hunter have been catalogued and available for Diabolos members to learn. Existing hunters have the damage modifiers on their gear extended to Dragon Slayers in a 2:1 ratio. Non-hunters are capable of wearing Hunter gear, but no longer benefit from existing Resistances/Immunities while wearing it.

Level 3:
  • Artificial Dragon Slayer: The user, upon reaching this rank, selects an element for which they will receive an artificial Dragon Heart inserted. This grants the user with the Consumption ability, enabling them to consume spells of equal or lesser rank of the element, but suffering 1 A-Rank worth of Constitution and Endurance upon each use. All spells also receive a Damage increase of 1 Rank lower than the spell applied in the respective Dragon element. Existing Dragon Slayers that receive this may not select their element, but all spell potency will be increased by 1 Rank. Consumption deals only 1 B-Rank worth of Constitution and Endurance for spells of equal or lesser rank.

Level 4:
  • Twisted Machinery: The user, upon receiving this rank, may select one of the following enchantments to be applied to their character.
    • Enhanced Targetting Computer: The user can not be blinded or deafened.
    • Durasteel Skeleton: The threshold required to hinder and cripple limbs is increased to the next rank.
    • Weapon Modification: The user is able to mold a limb into a makeshift weapon that can shoot at a target, dealing Rank damage up to S-Rank, moves at Spell Speed, costs no Mana, and may be used once per post.

Level 5:
  • Deal With the Mysterious Dealer: Once every three months, the user may sacrifice 100 Attribute points (in whatever distribution preferred) to arrange a meeting with the Mysterious Merchant. The user may be permitted to make a single purchase at full price. This may not be used within 30 days of the most recent Mysterious Merchant event.

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