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Setesh Nasser

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Name: Setesh Nasser.

Age: 9th of June 771.

Gender: Male.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Ethnicity, Father: Desiertan.

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian.

Class: Sorcerer.
Race: Nephilim (Renegade)

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy Tail.

Tattoo: Back of the right hand.
Face: Shota Aizawa - My Hero Academia.


Height: 184 centimetres.

Weight: 89 kilograms.

Hair: Black.

Eyes: Black.

Overall: He is a man of above-average height and impressive posture that would certainly command respect, were it not for his often goofy-looking, absent-minded facial expressions. He has long, black hair, which may or may not have at this point gained consciousness from years of being unkept and ignored. Despite all that, he does appear to be rather handsome, with a unique sort of charm about him. He dresses mainly in black and has a strong taste for alternative, heavy-metal themed clothes.
Extra: Scar under right cheek.


Personality: The most obvious trait of his that comes across is that he's perpetually bored and rather pathologically lazy; the first one does not bother him, the second one has driven him mad a long time ago.
Setesh is seemingly unbothered by most things, remaining eerily calm in situations that would have gotten an emotional reaction out of others. He is far from emotionless, however, as those attempts at maintaining an apathetic world view are merely a facade, a conscious attempt that Setesh makes at driving away things he considers too bothersome to deal with. Setesh is in, in fact, a very ambitious person that seems to struggle heavily with manifesting this ambition unto reality, something that has resulted in him gaining issues with self-esteem and self-perception. His dream, a somewhat cynical goal, is to gain power, as according to his philosophy, power equals freedom. As a student of history, Setesh has observed this dynamic play out many times; the strong rule over the weak and only the truly powerful are free, for they shine too brightly for their light to be dimmed.
Being a pragmatic and a realist, Setesh is like to be one of the most sensible people around. He has a tendency to plan ahead for any potential possibility of things going wrong, and will therefore sometimes hesitate to act quickly even if it's necessary. In spite of this somewhat cynical side he does, however, try his best at seeing the good in other people and does his best at being simply a decent person, though he is far from being a paragon of virtue.
He will not hesitate to use deception, trickery and theft to get what he wants if that is necessary - and very often even if it isn't.  Possessing something of a mild sadistic streak, he enjoys playing around with opponents that he knows are genuinely bad people and getting on their nerves as much as possible. Setesh places great pride in his ability to outwit people and one of the rare moments when it is possible to see him in an emotional outburst is an equally rare moment where he himself has been outwitted.
He sees magic as something nearly sacred, an an ancient forces that deserves protection and respect, and is generally dismissive of people using it for blatantly malevolent purposes, considering such people to be idiotic and beyond trash.
His worst dark side is only reserved for true enemies and people who have commited heinous acts - for those people Setesh has no mercy nor compassion, and will not shy away from using the full might of fire against them.
  • Sweets: The fire magic must have done something to his metabolism, because Setesh cannot keep his hands off of any sweets in his immediate vicinity, to the great annoyance of his bank account and insides.
  • Learning: Setesh considers himself a well-read, learned man, having spent a significant portion of his life immersed in books, mostly relating to magic and history. This has led to him becoming quite knowledgeable on

  • Religion: Having his father die for his religious beliefs really caused Setesh to maintain a long distnace between himself and any form of organised worship.

  • Cold weather: That requires little to no explanation, considering his origins and skillset.

  • Power: The fire mage is attracted to power and influence in all their forms, and seeks to grow as powerful as possible both magically and in other ways. It was his disgust for his own weakness that eventually led Setesh to discover fire magic, which began his ambitious quest. He has daydreamed many times of one day becoming the strongest wizard in the world, thus becoming the one with ultimate freedom.
    • Family: Strangely enough, perhaps even more so than power, Setesh desires a true family that he could call his own, one going beyond even the bonds he has with his guildmates. He has hope that one day the right person will come along.

    • Death: Setesh is terrified of the prospect of death or dying, on a deep, nearly primordial level. Death is the end of the road of his ambition and something inevitable, which terrifies him beyond all else. After all, could one even gain such power as to be free from death?
    • Loneliness: A life spent lonely is almost as bad as death, or so they say.


    Strength: 11

    Speed: 3

    Constitution: 4

    Endurance: 11

    Intelligence: 1


    Magic Name: Fire Magic.

    Magic Element: Fire.

    Magic Enhancement: Spell Overcharge (Offensive),

    Magic Description: Fire magic allows its user to create, manipulate and shape the element of fire for a variety of purposes. Fire magic is particularly known for its focus on offensive spells and raw destructive power. Advanced users of this magic can create lethal fireballs and enormous plumes of flames, while true masters of the art are champions of destruction. When exerted, the magic aura of the user takes one the form of a meancing coat of flames enveloping their body.


    History: Life is such a drag. Here we are, thrust into this world through a portal that may as well be eldritch in nature - I'm sure nobody knows for sure - forced to fend for ourselves against dragons, demons and god knows what else creeping in the dark. Still, in my case it was of course my fellow human kin who gave me the most grief, not some mythical monster of the night. The day they took my father away from us was the day I realized that there were monsters in this world that looked like us, but were not us. I was born far away from here, in a land of deserts and pharaohs of old. My father was a powerful wizard, Seti, the High Priest of the Temple of Set. I don't remember much about him, to be fair. It was all a long time ago. But during that time, there was a lot of political tension within the country on religious grounds. Religious cults fought from the shadows and strived for power. As a result of this infighting my father was killed. By poison of all things, as I'm quite sure none of them were powerful enough to match him in combat.
    My own father was taken away from me in the name of a different god. My mother and I barely escaped with our lives and fled back to Fiore - my mother's land. We setlled down in Magnolia and tried to find happiness again, but... well, there really wasn't any to be found. It was all so much and happened so quickly.
    We did settle in eventually, but we never felt at home. I missed the burning might of the midday sun and my skin being grazed by swathes of wind-swept sand. My mother, too, was never the same afterwards. It seemed like light had disappeared from her eyes. She is a skilled witch herself, so she was quickly able to find a way to support us all back in the day. She joined a local guild called Fairy Tail.

    I ended up hanging out a lot at the guild hall and man, those guys were a handful. Wild, unpredictable and sometimes outright pathetic, but they gave both me and my mom something we lacked - a sense of belonging. Eventually, it was the wizards of Fairy Tail that inspired me to try and learn magic, which I did - with the help of my mom. I thought long about what type of magic I'd like to practice, since of course this was a huge commitment. In the end tnough, I settled on fire magic, because it somehow reminded of the desert heat. As I would soon learn though, mastering magic was not an easy process. In my case it was, in fact, quite hopeless, as I had struggled to produce any noteworthy results even after a few years of training and it was only 3 years ago that I finally started to learn how to wield flames properly.
    The whole experience was an excruciating embarassment - the thing I wanted the most back then was to be strong and to be a part of the guild. Time after time, I failed. In the end, though, I'm really happy that I stuck it out, because eventually it worked. I got stronger pretty quickly and was eventually allowed to officially join Fairy Tail and start taking jobs. And oh boy, that's when it all really started.
    I found out that I was "special" and not in a magically-inept type of way. Apparently, when I was younger my body was given as a host to a powerful, heavenly being, making me something called Nephilim. And I never would have found out, if not for the fact that I miraculously stumbled on dad's journal. That revelation really rocked my world and I haven't even confronted my mom about it. What would I say? You've been lying to me all these years? She must have had a good reason for not telling me. Ever since I found out about the whole thing, I've felt a little different. Like there's something within me waiting to awaken and I don't know what. It doesn't feel malicious, but then again it's not like I've ever had a choice.
    The journal was heavily damaged due to our escape and I only managed to scramble bits and pieces, all of it seems to have been preparation for something bigger, but I don't know what and the only man that does is dead. Well, my mother would maybe know, but I'm not sure myself. She never seemed involved in dad's temple business and mostly stayed at home to raise me. Good god, all of this is such a headache. I don't even know where to begin looking for answers, but one thing's for sure: I'm probably not going to like them.
    Discord: Vaspart


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I will be doing your application, all stats must be at least '1'.


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It's fixed now.


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