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Journey [Akuko]

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Journey [Akuko] Empty Tue Mar 14, 2023 11:40 pm


"Let's go," she coldly spoke in her ghostly tone. Some loved her voice as it sounded so soothing and haunting at the same time. It could kill a mockingbird or seduce a King with how fluent it sounded. She got on the boat and once everything was in order, her and Akuko went towards Akio and Ayako - or she assumed that is what Akuko will do. Once she was there she saw Ayako spread out the map of the sea in which he now had control over easily with his Demigod powers.

"So we need to go around this island, wait till night to pass the guards and finally get to the docks closest to the mountain path, sadly being at the City itself," he looked at Mishiko worrisome as he knew she hated the City due to Ayame being there. Ayame was his sister, but the things she has done were unacceptable. She was going to pay for the pain she has caused, the lies she has fed and the trickstering that gave many lives horror.



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And thus the ship was set to sail so to say and Akuko would go about these things as she normally would as her changes were shaping along. The first sign of change would be coming along about as expected, her normally golden yellow eyes, seemed to be starting to change blue there was hints of it. At least as she was coming along with this she did not make any many jokes about it as they went along for the travels, It seemed if anything Akuko being altered as she did seemed to at this time put her string of jokes to gone at this time. It was almost like for the moment that part of her had been settled into the past. It was odd considering how she was.

Akuko just sat on the boat while they travelled and set off. nothing too horrible to note unless she was told something. But Miko was nudging Akuko every once and a while. Then when it seemed Akuko did not have any sweets to give her. Miko moved over to Mishiko and seemed to look at her hopeful that she had snacks. Miko was brave because it was trying to get sweet of a god of death.


Journey [Akuko] Shenhe10

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She yawned softly and walked slowly to the barrel with pillows resting next to them. It was like they made a little princess picnic for her. It was a little charming as she finally sat down and tilted her head upward. She was unsure how to feel at the moment about what will happen and approach them throughout time. Her onyx eyes and red X's that mark every spot wandered the cosmos as she reached out her hand towards it. She will eventually get to the Final Days. Before all of this, as they were finally on the boat, she saw a small black puffball floating about as it then approached her. It obviously wanted something to snack on, something within their tastebuds.

Her eyes tiredly looked at Miko and then Akuko once turned around perfectly positioned to now face them both. "I don't have any sweets on me," her head tilted towards Ohta. "Go with Miko and find the sweet crate," she lazily waved her hand as they floated off. Now she was resting at her spot, her eyes drooping randomly as they were getting close in closing. She couldn't let herself fall asleep.

As the ship was sailing peacefully, she enjoyed the music of the waves and birds. Ohta and Miko most likely came back with sweets by now as she felt Ohta snuggling up against Mishiko.



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It was joyous and quiet for the moment, The over all talk seemingly coming to a still quiet. Alas Akuko would yawn and stretch out slightly because there was many things to ponder upon her mind at that time. Then even if she was expecting the idea of it being rejected at the time Akuko just simply walked moved over to sit next to Mishiko seemingly gently placed her dear friends on her shoulder and seemingly made nothing of it. If anything the closest thing they had to bonding and just seemingly having little to empty thoughts while they prepared

When Otha had returned to snuggle up with Mishiko she just made sure Otha was left untouched. Miko seemingly with their own desire and greediness to continue eating at sweet they got stay a few inches away to quietly eat what they could. Miko seeming was just in a mood to stuff their face and at this time Akuko did not mind to just leave Miko to that. But Akuko also was seemingly just okay with her changes. With these changes she seemed to be reflecting maybe moments with in her past that made her feel some what normal and peaceful.

Most likely this entire situation would be rejected because Mishiko would want to stay away but Akuko seemed to risk it just in case it helped after all she was tired. Then she just looked up at the sky and listen to the sounds of the water as well. It was just that mind of moment. Was everything right with in this moment? Maybe or maybe not it seemed over all it was a good attempt to maybe just maybe see if something would give her friend a bit of a peace of mind even if for a moment.

Then she looked over at Miko and how uninterested they where side from munching on their sweets. Then reach over through her normal magic means and pull Miko towards the attempted minor group huddle, there was a bit of a squeak from Miko then being taken away from their enjoyment of sweets. Then Akuko made sure to to look around reach into the crate of sweets and just seemingly quietly fed Miko a few more sweets, Then content Miko would just go to sleep on Akuko's lap. Now it was just the waiting part to see what would all happen.



Journey [Akuko] Shenhe10

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She wanted to sleep, sleep sounded pure bliss as her eyes would slowly wave open and closed. A soft quietly yawne escaped her lips as she then cornered her eyes to see Akuko and later on, Miko join them. Ohta cuddled up close and her eyes now gazed at them. What was Ohta exactly? She remembered fighting a large shadow during the Dark Incursion war. Fighting herself and then some mythical beast that was hiding behind shadows. It was indeed the mythical Heavenly Beast, but why did her counter part have it? Why did she not have it? Could that be Ohta's true form?

Her eyes tiredly looked away and then out of no where the boat started to rock oddly as she heard some muffle yells. Her lack of sleep was now affecting her hearing as she then looked up to see Akio speed walk over to them as he started to look at her. "We're under attack! Be on your guard and protect," he spoke in his elegant strong voice. Ayako was already steering the wheel and as a boat crashed into their ship everyone was now fighting each other. Mishiko got up after removing Ohta from her lap and then summoned Ohta to give her her weapons as she went forward to help kill some pirates.



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In some manner Akuko could wonder what Miko was as well but never really said anything too out loud at this time what in fact was Miko after all she just assumed it was tiny hungry ball of fluff that just seemed to do nothing much else said from just hide because it was scared or almost getting in trouble because it took something because they wanted it one of many things Miko did seemed to just be how she was in some manner of a bit of a past reflection, A bit of a pain of a butt. it was an interesting thought in some manner.

But at least they had a moment it was nice and everyone almost seemed a bit normal. A yearning of it something long a go seemed to start happening again. No needed to think of wars, fighting or anything else. Well maybe side from the current need to maybe take a nap but that could be the best situation at times, one could not prevent a person from possibly wanting to take a nap at times. Since a person could not help at times but sleep when feeling comfortable. Maybe this was a change expecting to come with the trial she just went through with Mishiko as well.

It would going to be a wonderful moment that Akuko had not considered anything else at the time quietly almost tuning out the world around her until the change and bump around that might happen actually happen. Maybe these shifts with in her where also making her bit personally a bit different and less worried about things. There was still a temping feeling of humour with in her and maybe in some manner it could be express differently. Unknowing yet what changes to come to her.

When that attack start Akuko seemed a bit more annoyed than normal almost like that tranquil moment she was enjoying. Then she quietly pick up Miko and place them in a safe area out of sight and then simply and seemingly tucked away. Then patted Miko then just seemingly disappeared into the shadows. They wanted to fight on the seas against people with slightly godly powers, sounds like their own problem at hand and their own funeral Elise was not going to be nice about it she was upset these finally peaceful moments where over now and ruined completely.



Journey [Akuko] Shenhe10

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She saw blood going, roaming the boat's wooden planks as the pirates were dying by the hands of what they did not know, demigods. Imagine being the unlucky fools to attack a ship of Demigods and gods. Her eyelids flickers as she tried to control her thirst. The thirst of her unhuman organs that thirsted for the blood of all her enemies and allies alike. It wasn't like vampires as this was stronger, this created monsters and she was the monster.

She saw a pirate go forward and attack as she returns the favor by gripping onto her scythe. She slung her scythe and sliced the man in half with no remorse. Her eyes were glowing more and more as she was continuing. The wind felt amazing against her face. The smell of the sea and blood were seeping into her nostrils while breathing it all in. This is what happens when facing the Death Goddess , just death and decay of her enemies. Ohta was watching in awe and truthfully, Ohta wished they were more useful as they wanted to help her to the fullest. Someday will Ohta be able to help her and someday will they be their true selves, one that will always be by her side.




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This would show that Akuko was in some manner still thinking about the safety of the tiny fluffy things Akuko seemingly popping out of the ground not too far away from Otha."Are you okay here? Or should I move you as well?"Because Akuko assume Miko would not be that safe here. Because yet to known what all was able to be done by Miko other then being a cuddly fluffy black orb that made noises at you and tried to eat your sweets or bags of powered sugar. Miko had a never ending hunger for all things sweet and in some manner it was easy for Miko to be controlled that way. Otha Akuko could only check and see if they wanted safety only because the last things Akuko wanted Otha to do is just to either die or be kidnapped. But if Otha needed to stay their, they would.

Then just moving off as she always did. Because there was things now she needed to do against pirates. If anything the rest of them alone being demi-gods would making easy work to these pirates. But still they had to deal with some one coming out of shadow's and ending their lives that way from handling them herself. In which was something kind of scary to some to watch just the upper half of a woman just pop out or a corner where a shadow or some shade was wrap her arms around a person's neck and just loudly snap it like it was small stick with in her hand. Akuko just did these things the normal way she would since she had nothing too fancy to do it all with. Then stepping out as she normally did grabbed one by the collar of their shirt or neck and punched, as hard as she could.



Journey [Akuko] Shenhe10

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She only had to slice one, one single being before the rest got on their knees. It was an interesting sight. Akuko punched one, Akio punched another, and Ayako stabbed the other. It seemed like they wanted to talk, to surrender and truthfully, she could be a merciless Goddess, but she felt like hearing them out. "Who's your captain?", she asked coldly. Their heads turned to their captain who was getting off their boat and onto Mishiko's. Her eyes tiredly gazed at the man who had hid this whole time like a coward. She sighed softly, disappointed at this random man. Her eyes traced back to Akio and Ayako who looked at her and then back at the guy.

"You let your crew go in first while you stayed on your ship -- that's not even great looking, mind you," she rolled her eyes and the crew chuckled. The man had a blush on his face, getting flustered. "Aye.. there was a bottle calling my name at the moment so I saw the opportunity to let my crew test ya while I took a swig," he explained casually. It was a bunch of bull to her, but also could be true since he was acting as the coward. She waved her hands, "Let them go, not worth our time seeing we're getting closer to our goal," she informed her men and crew.



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So this was a waste of their time how magic-ally insulting in such a small way, They must have just wanted to see if there was anything of value and ended up just biting of more than they could chew in the figurative manner. So Akuko just let whoever she was fighting go and kind of just stare at them and muttered something in Joyan to herself since it was better to continue on and just kind of relax about it. Maybe this was a delay tactic by some one to let get them to have as much time wasted as possible. It was logical to think that sometimes.

Then she went and found Miko again and just pulling them out of hiding and started walking over to the sweets create again. Miko seemingly was about to dive into it like it was just a swimming poll or a form of heaven for it and thus Akuko stopped them and pulled them away, The eventually yowl give by Miko it would it's own way of the tiny being protesting Akuko's actions either Miko was really hungry from the results of hiding or was just being greedy it was hard to tell at times.

Then Akuko got a handful of treats closed the create then walked away Miko would just follow not too far behind waiting to see what would be offered first. But Miko also ended up going on and look at Mishiko for a moment only to see if she was still able to move much from being tired. Miko was just a bit of an odd one because they knew very well Mishiko was one with a bit of a temper right now with being a bit sleepy, at least in the small thing's view anyway.

Then Akuko just patted Misihko on the shoulder."Come....fine a quiet place to listen to the sea just for a while longer."Akuko said more as a suggestion since it was ordered for everyone to settle back to normal so to say. Akuko had ways to think about things in her own way and this was one of them. Whether Mishiko ended up wanting to or not was entirely up to her, But Akuko was going to do find a quieter spot while they prepared to start travelling by the boat and relax a tiny bit more.

Just until they needed too anyway finding a nice spot to sit down and waited to see what would happen. Miko would continue their simply was and just go to catch up with Akuko as well it wanted the sweets and it was not about to piss off anyone else by trying to sneak into the create on it's down since that would only get it in trouble. If anything Miko also seemed to just always like being with Akuko more but that was merely fate bound to have happen to Akuko with Miko. It seemed she did not mind.

Akuko was hoping for it to return to how things where before the pirates came by, peaceful quietly and well almost in a state of in which people seemed almost more clear and not even worried about the thoughts around them at this time. Then Miko just landed in her lap and seemed to wiggle like it was waiting for the sweets in her hand. Akuko would just simply ask."Are you sure I am sharing with you?"She was going to share wire Miko just wanted to see the reaction in which was Miko making extremely unhappy noises and pouting for a moment.

Then Akuko fed Miko a part of dried Mango was she happen to pick up at the time and Miko quietly ate away at it, Still maybe they had a peaceful trip upon them but, but Akuko seemed to be on guard until they would arrive where they where suppose too. Would Misihiko some and try and attempt to nap slightly? would they meet more pirates? why was her mind wondering these things when she normally did not, it seemed these changes where interesting.




Journey [Akuko] Shenhe10

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She started to walk away, even though they tried to talk to her for the attention. Akio and Ayako took care of the captain and their crew while her attention was stolen by Akuko. A gentle hand patted her shoulder as she was requested to sit and enjoy the sea till it was time to get off. She sighed and gave a light tired smile to her dear friend. "That... sounds nice," she muttered in her ghost tone. She followed Akuko to the spot in which they both decided to settle down at. Her onyx eyes mirrored the sweet moon that towered them both. It was slowly going down as they were getting even closer to the spot. "Joya... do you think they'll accept me as their ruler...?", she muttered randomly as her mind was drifting away.

She didn't sleep, but she just was letting her mind wander to the abyss. She knew Ayako, Akuko and Akio would tell her when they got to Joya. The sweet sound of the birds, water and atmosphere made it more peaceful of a ride. Soon enough she felt a nudge and heard a sweet voice of a man saying her name. She looked up to see that it was finally time, time to go see what this gift is about.



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