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Kiss of Death [Kanna]

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Kiss of Death [Kanna] Empty Tue Mar 14, 2023 2:05 pm


WORDS: 350 | Homecoming Surprise

Never thought I'd see myself wearing something like this~? Humming as she thrust those dainty digits through her dark mane and fluffed it out behind her, Nikki Marcello couldn't help but admire the way in which her well pearled knitwear seemed to roll down her frame and cover oh so little of it as she waited in the bedroom, and idly found herself lost in a little fantasy of times which she hoped would not take too long coming.
I can only imagine her face when she gets home~? Those eyes are gonna jut about a mile out of her skull, right? Decorating herself rather spectacularly in a sweater which left surprisingly little to the imagination and very little else for the benefit of the blonde she expected home in little more than a moment now, the black beauty had wondered whether or not the fire between herself and her fair haired fellow femme would have survived her decision to invite the girl with the green gaze to live with her, but was happy to note that it had not only lingered but in fact thrived. There was so much more room for creativity with a 'captive audience', wasn't there?

Shit, getting dark already? Hope she isn't too late~? Craving her companionship all the more now and a liar if she said she hadn't started to feel like something was missing from her life when the two were separated, even if she wouldn't easily admit that of course, Nikki would only pout as she noticed the dimness overwhelming the area beyond her window, and flopped onto softness of the mattress next to her because of such an observation.
Be rude to keep a gal like me waiting, right~? Wiggling that pert and none too small peachy behind her as she hugged her pillow, she couldn't help but puff her cheeks with a sense of impatience as she awaited the arrival of her emerald eyed enchantress more eagerly than ever before, and batted those lashes along with it. For certain, with her fire so well stoked now, that girl was going to pay if she turned up late, and she knew just the way, now didn’t she~?

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#2Kanna Kusanagi 

Kiss of Death [Kanna] Empty Wed Mar 15, 2023 4:21 pm

Kanna Kusanagi

WORDS: 300 | Outfit | @Nikki

In the dead of night, a blonde woman raced across the street as though the devil himself were hot on her heels. In a city like Dahlia, such a thing would not have been unheard of, but this time, the blonde hoodlum had found herself targeted not by vampires, werewolves or demons, but by humans as human as herself. Under her arm she held a satchel close, gritting her teeth as she desperately clutched the satchel under her arm:

"Fuck... This shoulda been an easy job. I'm so gonna kill that asshole when i get outta here.", she grumbled inbetween huffs, chest jostling in the tightness of her tanktop, looking over her shoulder at every turn.

Kill the two timing dealer, steal the cash and the drugs. They shouldn't have been expecting them. Then why the fuck were there so many of them? She messed up... Maybe her fixer set her up, but at the same time, she couldn't really blame him. It was a sloppy mistake on her part that she could have avoided by putting more effort in staking out the place. Would shoulda coulda huh? No point moping about it now, when she had to focus on getting the hell out. But before she could find her way out of these alleys, she found yet another posse cutting her off, forcing her to turn left, then right, as her pursuers all but squeezed her in a pincer. Trapped a like a rat. A bead of sweat dripped down her forehead as she looked at both of them:

"Shit... That's one hell of a welcome party ya got here."

"Why don'tcha leave that thing and tell us who sent ya. And maybe we'll let ya go."

Kanna growled. She'd seen guys like this before. The moment she gave up the goods, they'd kill her anyways. And she'd never been the type to roll over when somebody asked nicely. Instead, she clutched the bag closer to her body and furrowed her brow:

"Oh ya want this? If ya want it, come and get it.", she growled, whipping out her revolver menacingly, immediately thinking back to the baudy beauty who'd give it to her.

She didn't yet have the chance to put her new gun to the test other than some proverbial duck hinting here and there... But she knew it was taxing on her meager mana pool. Kanna only had a few shots, and she had to make them count. Any survivors would have to be dealt with the good old fashioned way: Beat them until they stop moving. Yet as she looked down the barrel of her gun, she instinctively thought of the woman who'd given it to her:

"Sorry babe... I think I'mma be home late.", Kanna grumbled, idly glancing off to the side for a split second back towards where she knew her woman awaited her.


- Kanna Kusanagi

credit to nat of adoxography.


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WORDS: #### | TOTAL: #### | Goon Squad

“Where'd this broad come from?” The emerald eyed enchantress showing that she seemed to be in the habit of lighting all kinds of fires in the people around the world, while one scarlet eyes siren seemed to smoulder on her own back home, others seemed to be closer toward the fair haired femme and all the more heated for that fact. At least, in a fashion, of course.

“Who cares, bitch tries to steal fro us, and we put her in the dirt!” The jacketed not so gentlemen which she seemed to have incensed seeming to wish to rush her to places other than the bedroom, or at least offering a current priority to other locales that was, they seemed to grunt and grimace as they pulled out bats and blades of every description in order to teach this woman and perhaps the world as well a lesson they might never forget, and aimed to look tough in doing so. After all, there were few things more masculine than a large number of men attempting to harm a blonde, were there?

“Yeah, she's just one little girl!” For that reason it seeming there was no end of enthusiasm toward the task placed ahead of them, even the scrawniest shapes seemed to scurry forward in a vain attempt at impressing those with a fraction more swagger, and one of these weaselly looking characters seeming as if he had all the confidence in the world as he plucked a folding blade from his pocket and began to unfurl it artistically.
“Easying pickings for Johnny Butterfly!” Even going so far as to consider himself as having an abundance of time as well as he flicked the item about with a snap of his wrist over and over with all the grace of a little girl with a baton, clearly he was full of himself in doing so and no doubt having the time of his life to boot, though one had to question just how long either of those facts would endure. He was making quite the target, wasn't he~?

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#4Kanna Kusanagi 

Kiss of Death [Kanna] Empty Sat Mar 18, 2023 1:31 pm

Kanna Kusanagi

WORDS: 400 | Outfit | @Nikki  

"Well shit... Johnny Butterfly and what army exactly?", Kanna snorted, laughing in the face of danger as she all but rolled her eyes after watching all these punks babble among themselves.

They had numbers on their side for sure, but what else exactly? Nothing really... Kanna was far from being particularly strong on her own, but her time on the street had trained her well. As the guy charged her head on, not even his mates bothered to help as they simply stood back and watched the show, persuaded by their buddy's bluster as he charged in and attempted a hapless stab at her gut:

"Hraah!!", with a loud, exposive shout, Kanna burst forwards to intercept her foe, turning her torso sideways, her dominant left hand swiping down and firmly clutching her foe's knife wielding hand while stepping in and viciously pistol whipping him to the face, over and over and over again until his spirit left his body.

Not using it the way God intended, but the blonde still put Nikki's gift to good use as she bludgeoned her foe until his grip on the blade weakened, and she could finally put her foe out of her misery with an emasculating kick below the belt that lifted him a few inches off the floor and made his eyes cross, forcing him to finally drop the weapon and leaving Kanna free to take aim at the first trigger happy foe who reached for the gun stashed in his pants:


With her gun still bloodied from the violent melee, a bullet between the eyes of her mark and a freshly defeated, scarcely alive enemy downed at her feet, the stunned enemies charged in all at once, determined to overwhelm the blonde with sheer numbers, until she could do nothing but duck into the nearest alley and trade what little space she had left for just a little of time:

"Fuckers... I swear...!", taking aim once more, Kanna timed her shots, prioritizing what few enemies had guns, trusting in her ability to engage the survivors in close combat.


- Kanna Kusanagi

credit to nat of adoxography.

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