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[Open] Crossing The Border

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[Open] Crossing The Border Empty Tue Mar 14, 2023 10:53 am

The huntress from Desierto smiled into the sun. It had been nice to be back home in Desierto, but the call to adventure was one that she could not ignore. She had never visited Bellum but she had heard great stories about it from her friends, family, and associates in Desierto. She found that travelling these days didn't tire her in the slightest, a fortunate boone of the god soul that now resided within her. 

Ikanbi happily waltzed through the border with her Maneki Nico feline in tow. They were strolling about through the open fields, the barren wastelands that made up the space inbetween Bellum and Desierto, until they were most definitely in the Shunyata Desert. She wasn't far from a town now, she could see it in the distance. She hopped along nicely, continuing to carve her own path until she had made it to the town with no problems. It was small, an incredibly small town really. She wasn't sure she would really get any good information here, but it wouldn't hurt to try.

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