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Answers: Moving on [Epic]

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With the town behind them, both in figurative, literal and actual sense… The pair were now instead somewhere completely different. Saturn could feel the tug of the wind on his back and the fierce motions of the world below him. The outsider just barely out of reach but the only thing perceived by his narrow minded view of everything. It took him a few seconds to realize they weren’t actually on earthland. Not even on fiore.

The two of them were on the moon, sitting and staring up at the planet below them. His jaw dropped ever so slightly and the outsider looked positively surprised that the two of them were here. His eyes looked to saturn who he saw in a new light and there was a small grin that spread on his face.

The final pair of essences. You’ve gathered me or at least given me the understanding from where you come from and where you’re going. What you think is correct and how close it is to actually being. It’s taught me a lot about my child.

He’d hold up two fingers, both were colored strangely compared to the rest of his fur like he had decided that would be the case. The outsider seemed to control a vast amount of things or at least had the capabilities to do so.

Light. Darkness. The essence of both in an unfamiliar land. No one to help you, no life as far as you are aware of. This spot is just ours. This time is just ours. Find it for me would you?

Saturn nodded his head and slowly stood up; the gravity here was far less than what he anticipated and far more than he thought it’d be. Humming to himself he’d step about, finding that this place was strangely pleasant. As though maybe they weren’t just here to find what he wanted them to find. Maybe there was a soft song to this place he enjoyed.

Saturn would walk about the surface, noting that it wasn’t really moving like the other. That the light seemed to always face down and towards the planet. He’d blink a bit and look towards the distance. Padding along while the outsider started to trail behind him.

Eventually he’d find that there was a darkness beyond the light; something that seemed a bit strange to him. Tilting his head to one side the demi-god had to wonder what he was seeing. Something so clear and something so cut couldn’t possibly be the answer that the outsider was looking for but it certainly seemed right to Saturn…

Although he had a hunch he should keep looking; something in his gut. Something that was more than just him. Like not just him trying to succeed but lucretia and the weight she had still trying to help him out as much as she could.

She had gotten to experience that life before with him and the two of them were going to make sure that he could be what they both had aspired to be. A proper guardian and a proper protector. One that was unbiased to those underneath them. He’d smile warmly and take a seat. One half of him in the light and the other half in the darkness…



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The warmth of the sun, the cold tugging of the depth outside of it. The far side of the moon and the closeness of it seemed interchangeable. Facing away from it, but then facing towards it. His eyes remained closed perpetually now and he could sense the space around him. It was energy, it was light, it was darkness. They were one and then without the other. They were together but they were apart.

The essence of light and dark was so intermingled that he was sure that he was missing something. He’d slowly open his eyes as the outsider watched over him like he was anticipating some answer. Something he didn’t see or maybe that he had and wasn’t telling. Saturn would slowly stand up and look down at the ground underneath him.

You have it already?

Light. Darkness. They’re both… one and he same. One without he oher would never be. But…


Within me there is Lucretia von Wolfensein, a fierce fighter for that of the light yet she was birthed of darkness. But here I am, born in the same way intended to destroy instead of protecting those that need it. We both came from the same dark place, from the same dark mother. From the same dark family, yet we both chose to walk a brighter passionate path filled with love and kindness.

The outsider remained silent as saturn talked, their child had approached them steadily and he wasn’t wanting to interrupt them. There was a choice lain out in front of them and he felt like they already had been making it. His eyes locked on the golden being and the young demi god motioned slightly.

The light is that which casts the shadows, darkness is that of which consumes it. One creates, one destroys, but they both cannot survive without the other. It’s a true balance, like good. Like evil. One without the other would be impossible.

The essence…?

The essence of light and dark? It is one and the same. It’s where they collide that we’re able to see what shines or takes more than the other. It’s all about your perspective; what you see to that of another.

Saturn turned to face the outsider, more cast in light than that of darkness the young demi-gods expression turned determined and he’d point at the outsider. His answer, his final answer. The essence of these two was instead picked over by the youth.

I choose to be the essence of light, I choose that motion and moment over that of the darkness. I want to help people, I want them to see the light and the world as I do. But I don’t disparage the essence of darkness which has yet to be picked. Yet to be given form. But I do know that there is an intense darkness down there that must be taken and must answer for her.

Lucretia’s mother is your anthesis you know that right?

If I must be the light, she must be the dark. But she had long made her choice not to live for her or the ones with her but instead something else. The essence of light and darkness is choice. Is our choices.

The outsider nodded slowly; maybe something was missing to others but to saturn and to them it made sense. It was something he was glad that they picked and slowly would the being snap their fingers. A small orb that seemed to be collectively around nothing at all floated next to him. Maybe it contained the choice that saturn spoke so highly of…

You’re not prepared to face her or anyone of that family. You’re not prepared to face anything in this world on your own and the strength needed to do what you want to do is so far outside of your grasp it might as well be kissing the sun.

Then make me prepared.

The outsiders expression changed from that of a passive nature, to that of shock, happiness and contentment one right after the other. A thousand outcomes could have been but this was the one that truly happened. One that could not and wouldn’t change. Such a set moment in time that he only could say two words.

Very Well.


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