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Sandy Aftermath [Spell training | Solo interaction]

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#1Kanji Lionhart 

Sandy Aftermath [Spell training | Solo interaction] Empty Sun Mar 12, 2023 5:31 pm

Kanji Lionhart
Sweat dripped from his brow as the former Dragon Slayer began his lengthy journey across the desert plains of Desierto, He had found himself stuck in the harsh country with naught much to show for it having seemingly lost all of his equipment during the scuffle that sent him to this god forsaken hellhole, with only his natural arm and eye to aid him. It was only moments ago that he had been in the harbour town of Astera enjoying the sea breeze hoping to quickly travel from the cafe he had been relaxing at to his study using his skeleton key. A tool which he came to question its functionality with his destination being altered by another redirecting it by rushing ahead of him. Just who this person was, Kon was unsure, but for now he would carry them on his back not wanting another soul burdening his conscience. He had already killed, maimed and otherwise hurt so many others, causing his reputation only to be seen as the villain rather than a complex character with a complicated past.

"Oh? Well that is something to be sad about. It is a shame to have plans to fall through the cracks of hand", Kanji said eyeing down, his body kneeling down to paw a handful of sand before standing in a closed fist; turning sideways before opening his grasp slightly. Letting the sand fall freely back to the ground. He continued to speak, in that sweet light hearted voice of his that aired on the side of goofiness and probing games. "But, if such a thing makes you so made. Why not go out and work out those feelings while the town is busy?", it was a simple as that; a offer and challenge. Slight as it was it was enough to get the group talking to him. Well, this lady, to talk to him with the group using her in the middle as a translator. Yuma was her name. And with time they did decide to go back and double up in the destruction of the village.

A bit of chaos and death happened on that day. And Kanji gained his first pawn.

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