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Man into Machine [Event/Caelum]

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#1Professor Braun 

Man into Machine [Event/Caelum] Empty Sun Mar 12, 2023 4:25 pm

Professor Braun

Well... His last venture had been quite the mixed bag. On one hand, Professor Braun had failed in his endeavor to find multiple prime speciments of Joyan ethinicity... But on the other hand, he couldn't really complain about the quality of the specimens he did get, even if he had to settle for only a single powerful Joyan.

"I wonder if this country will give us more to work with...", mused the man, idly strolling across the myriad laid out mattresses where his initial candidates had been laid to rest and wait for the transition to take place.

He had very high hopes for this country, after all... He knew that woman was of Caelese ethnicity, and if she could find just one more bewitching genius like herself in the woman's own homeland. The this whole trip would have already been worth it:

"Now then, only a few minutes left...", Professor Braun checked his watch, looking towards his assistants who now took their places beside the various machines, nodding as they looked at him, ready to to activate the entire system that would upload the minds of this batch of subjects into their very own, uniquely crafted Machias bodies, "I wonder how many last minute candidates we'll have this time."

Though Professor Braun appreciated punctuality... He also knew all too well from last time that most of the more promising candidates would arrivate at the very last minute. Saving the best for last no doubt? Thus, he had high expectations here, looking towards the doorway with a curious glint in his glasses as he adjusted them. Caelum was a land of a myriad mystics and mysteries of all shapes and sizes. Most of Ishgar's masters of the arcane had some connection to this country, as did several rare beings and races. No doubt, whatever surprises awaited him in this country would be worth his while.

Event Conditions

  • Up to three candidates may be selected by Professor Braun in Caelum.
  • The candidates must be Humans, Elves, Half Elves or Dwarves (Demigods, Athlas Elves and Dhain Dwarves are also allowed.
  • Professor Braun will prioritize candidates of Caelese ethnicity.
  • After three candidates have been successfully uploaded into Temporary Machias bodies, he'll move his team elsewhere to seek out new candidates.
  • People not selected by Professor Braun may be selected in a different country.


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The huntress from Desierto had traveled far, so far, she had never even been to Caelum before, but, with a little luck and a good map she had made it just fine. She had heard through The Collective's resources that Professor Braun was looking for subjects to subject to the process of being turned into a machine person. This was something that had been on her radar for some time, so it was an obvious choice to her to willing give herself over the the doctors antics. She had been wanting to do this anyone, this merely expedited the process a little, hopefully.

Ikanbi walked through the streets of the city and made her way to the little laboratory where Professor Braun had set up shop. She walked in and was immediately dazzled and fascinated by the equipment she saw everywhere. Along the walls, on the tables, on the counter. It reminded her of one of the labs in the Collective Mind guild hall, the more she thought about it. Professor Braun might have been a great person to have in their guild, she considered for a moment.

She besseeched Professor Braun, "I am on a quest to purge the world of evil, but I am but a frail human. I was going to save up a mass of wealth and undergo this transformation at some point, but I imagine it will take me years to save up the jewels to do it on my own." She had said.

"But with your help, I can instead dedicate those resources to helping the people in another way, please, I beg of you, allow me to be one of your subjects."

Man into Machine [Event/Caelum] BgYy4ZU

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