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Ice Pale and The Seven Gnomes. The Show(Averie) (NQ B-Rank)

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Ice Pale and The Seven Gnomes. The Show(Averie) (NQ B-Rank) Empty Sun Mar 12, 2023 11:09 am

Vex preparing for the opening act of the play speaks into the magic device that makes her voice come through the speakers and she starts narrating the story and the opening for the crowd who seem to be enjoying the voice and speaking form from the wood elf and she then hits the spot light as the curtains open showing a king and a queen having from gained their daughter and they seemed ready to face the world along side the new child. At that point the scene was to change for the accident that killed off the parents so that was up to Carla and Averie to get into place as Vex quickly swapped from the spot light to the side blue tinted lights so it looked like a dark and stormy night on the sea. Vex hopes that Carla and Averie can keep up with the changes and she keeps narrating till the actors turns to speak were.

Vex makes sure that she keeps on top of her duties and she hears something behind her on the dark cat walk but she doesn't see anyone as she is half bind from the lights that she is playing with and moving along with the actors. Carla is puling the right levers at the right times and keeping up with the changes as the music in the background starts to play and she wonders if Vex is okay up there in the dark cat walk with the lights but she knows that she needs to keep her eyes on the show and she can't be looking up and around for trouble so she wonders if the necromancer woman has an idea on how they should be handling this and if that is why she had summoned those undead or if they were for some other reason and she calms herself as she knows nothing could be going on or they would hear it. It changed to a scene where the stage lights are all on so Vex gets a break from having to move the lights around so she can step back and the railing that should have been behind her was now missing so she fell off of the cat walk but she had harnessed her self to the other railing in case anything were to happen.


Ice Pale and The Seven Gnomes. The Show(Averie) (NQ B-Rank) Empty Sun Mar 19, 2023 6:11 am

They where back at this now, Most likely because setting up a massive amount of security most likely made the show extremely weird and uncomfortable. In some manner Averie almost wondered if things where taking a bit too far this time and she did not know what else to do in this regard. But now the problem was Averie was completely unsure what all she could do to not feel strange, She had set a bunch of varying thought with in her mind that did not help her in this case, Over all a rare moment or Averie to be worried about something almost openly just off of her face expression.

But there was more things that needed to be done, Thus Vex back at the last area she was, it was a small sense of almost deja vu like this situation had happen before. Maybe things could change now. Well at least when your a nercomancer who could summon things, She just needed to summon the right the things for the right job. So Averie rather then leaving herself stuck in a mental rut would just go fix this problem and go find Vex even if she was prepared and ready to do a few other things. So she would go find Vex to ask just to be sure, Even if it was a bit risky with how they where trying to get things done.

Finding Vex then looked at her and plainly asked."What is it do you need help with?" Averie was seemingly back to normal rather then just worrying about the many things on her mind. Since she never really gave herself time to think many things a side from her nercomancy and sometimes her own person loneliness at times but over all she seemed okay.

But she did wait for an answer, there where no ghost or zombies around at this time waiting most likely until she got a command for it them to be summoned in some manner to help."I went....overboard last time and unsure how i can help."Socially it was just Averie being her normal unsure how to go about these things and she was slightly needed to be guided for once, Even if she tried all of herself overall.



Ice Pale and The Seven Gnomes. The Show(Averie) (NQ B-Rank) Empty Sun Mar 19, 2023 5:28 pm

The Vex that Averie is talking to puts a finger to her lips and moves to also shove Averie off of the cat walk as the real Vex was climbing back up the rope toward the cat walk as this was stupid but who had pushed her from the cat walk as she hadn't seen anyone just darkness but the hands seemed to have come out of no were to try and kill her, she tried to look around as she climbed wondering where the others were and she hoped that she could find out what had happened and how she can fix it as fast as possible without a delay or ruining the show for the cast and  the audience as she couldn't risk ruining it or risk that what ever it was would hurt her team mates for this assignment as she is a woman of her word and she was going to keep them safe.

Carla looked up and saw that Vex was climbing back up to the cat walk and she felt that something was wrong and that she was in danger so she hurried up to the cat walk to try and see if she could help, and there she sees a shadowy Vex looking to shove Averie off of the cat walk and attempt to kill the necromancer woman that they had been teaming up with and Carla was not going to stand for that so she hurried to try and help the necromancer woman before she ended up getting attacked by the darkness that took the shape of vex here in front of them and she wondered where Averie's undead were when she really needed them to be at her side and defending her. Carla pushed off forward her wings appearing so she can fly toward the necromancer woman and knock the darkness taking Vex's form away from her.

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