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Warden of The North

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#1King Reign 

Warden of The North  Empty Sat Mar 04, 2023 2:27 pm

King Reign

King Reign rode through the bustling streets of Sieghart Mountains, his regal presence commanded the attention of all who laid eyes on him, and he couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement and anticipation. Today, he would meet with Yuurei Starlight, a mage whose power and fame were known throughout all of Fiore. Accompanied by his loyal knights, who rode alongside him on majestic horses, Reign was determined to show the people of Fiore that their king was not only powerful, but also compassionate. Despite the recent declaration of independence by the North, Reign remained steadfast in his commitment to spreading love and unity throughout his kingdom. The cheers and admiration of the people only served to fuel his resolve, and he knew that today's meeting would be the start of something truly special.

As King Reign and his Knights drew closer to the imposing structure that was Paradise Dawn, they couldn't help but be struck by the sheer beauty of the guild. Its towering walls were adorned with intricate carvings and vibrant murals, depicting scenes of magic and adventure that were sure to inspire awe in all who gazed upon them. And as they drew closer, they could hear the distant roar of a waterfall that lay just behind the guild, adding to the enchanting atmosphere that surrounded the place. Despite the imposing nature of the guild's exterior, Reign couldn't help but feel a sense of wonder and excitement as he approached the doors. He knew that inside lay Yuurei Starlight, the most famous mage in all of Fiore, and the prospect of meeting him filled him with a sense of eager anticipation.

As he waited patiently at the doors, he couldn't help but glance around at the beauty that surrounded him, marveling at the intricate details and masterful craftsmanship that had gone into the construction of this incredible guild.

"How beautiful..."


Warden of The North  Empty Sat Mar 04, 2023 10:50 pm


Yuurei in his Hidden Form, Disguised:

Yuurei and Renji had planned on going to Central Fiore to speak with the King of Fiore. It was something he was looking forward to. He had seen him for the first time when they were closing the ripples that led the dark raiders here in the first place. This would be the second time, and he was honored that the man was making his way to the guild instead.

It saved him a lot of trouble with traveling and at the same time, he could continue protecting and helping out the North. He had prepared himself for the King’s visit and made sure that he wasn’t in his true form. He didn’t want to give the knights around him a feeling to attack him. He wore clothes that were relaxed on him and he was comfortable wearing them. He carried his school bag on him as well as walked around the place.

Renji was surprised to see Yuurei looking like this as it was something he wasn’t used to. He was used to the shiny, amazing, and unique Yuurei walking around. The Exceed had also changed as he was a brown and white color, which was different than the regular orange that he was born with.

“You sure you want to look like that when you see the King? What about your true form?” He asked Yuurei.

Yuurei would look at him and he would smile at him and then look forward.

“I hope he’s fine with showing my true form, but I don’t want to if I might get attacked for it. I will stay like this for the time being and depending on his answer I’ll do it.” He said to Renji as he made his way to the doors.

He would open them without hesitating and there he would see the King right in front of him. He would have a smile on his face as he was happy to see the man again. This was the guy that everybody looked up to and allowed to govern such a big country. He knew that there were those who didn’t like him on the throne, but after today his throne might be more secure than ever.

Yuurei would spread his arms out as he smiled at the people that were in front of him.

“Thank you for coming to the guild, King Reign. I’m happy that I didn’t have to travel down to Central. Come on in and make yourself at home. The people here are lively and kind, so no worries.” He said to him in such a happy manner.

Renji would look at the people here and he would make sure that none of them would do anything bad to Yuurei. The two of them would give them space to enter, so they could get things started.

#3King Reign 

Warden of The North  Empty Sun Mar 26, 2023 11:16 am

King Reign

The beautiful sights of the Mountains were glorious, mostly with the sun hitting just the spot with the light reflecting off his blonde hair. His eyes of icy blues switched over to the door to reveal a smiling man. He happily smiled with open arms, "Ah! I finally get to meet Yuurei, the one to help so many,". His voice was silky and not too deep or soft. His guards checked every corner, side to side and upside to make sure nothing was out of place. He noticed this and waved his hand with a cheerful laugh, "Don't be so uptight, my knights. I doubt there is any danger here," he naively trusted, but he was sure there was no harm in trusting a man and his guild that saved Northern Fiore as well as many others.

He was welcomed in and trotted within the guild. He made a jesterly bow and stood up tall and straight before twirling to face towards Yuurei. "May I request a drink? Some good wine perhaps," he gave a hopeful smile as his eyes brightened with excitement. The King was just a normal man behind his title, there was no reason to act high and mighty when he was once a normal citizen such as Yuurei who just wanted to help the people. Looking for a seat, he took one at some random table. His knights surrounding his back and some faced from behind and some forward. "Come, Yuurei and his dear companion! Sit with me and let us begin!", he cheered.


Warden of The North  Empty Mon Mar 27, 2023 7:01 am


Yuurei would hear the greeting that came from this man. He would also look at the men that were with him. He understood why they were checking the area, and he felt no offense to it. He would hear Reign call it off, but Yuurei would shake his head with that smile still there.

“Trust is important, but it is fine. They are just doing their job to make sure your life is secure. I do not feel any way about it. But welcome.” He said to Reign as he watched him move around the place.

Renji would look at the knights in front of him and he would glare at them. He didn’t like that they thought Yuurei would try to take out the King. His reputation was great enough to make those who lived under a rock aware of him.

“I got my eyes on you guys. You try anything to Yuu, and you will be in a world of pain.” He said to them.

Yuurei would hear this and he would shake his head at Renji. He wouldn’t say anything, but it was because Reign had turned around and spoken to him. He would hear him, and he would walk forward to take the lead.

“Alright I can fetch us the best wine I got here.” He said as he would take them to the bar area of the guild.

The person working behind the counter today would notice who was here, and he would freeze for a second. He didn’t think that this man would show up here. His guild master was indeed a fascinating man if the King came to see him.

“Bring our best wine here.” He said as he would walk to the table where the King had situated himself in.

Yuurei would walk to it and he would take a seat, and Renji would do the same thing as he wanted to witness what was going to happen today.

The Seraphim would look at the knights and then at Reign.

“I was surprised when you decided to come all the way to the North to see me. I was ready to go to Central to see you, but here we are. So, what brings you to see me, and what is this proposal that you have for me?” He asked Reign waiting to see what he would say.

When he finished speaking the person behind the counter would come with two wine glasses and a closed bottle. He would put the glass in front of them and he would pop the bottle open in front of them. It was then he would pour it for the two of them before putting it down for them to drink as they, please.

Yuurei would nod to his member as he would take the glass and he would took a sip of it first as he waited to see what Reign would say. Renji would look at everyone around him wondering how this was going to end.

#5King Reign 

Warden of The North  Empty Mon Mar 27, 2023 8:04 am

King Reign

The king ignored the threat as a sign of bond towards the man as the Knights looked at him to see if he wanted them to do anything about it. Threats normally aren't seen as a sign of peace, but he knew what a true bond of friendship looked like. He had his own little secret friendships that he didn't dare to bring with him. His companion took no threats and was more serious than he was. As he was in deep thought, his face was more serious till the wine was on their way. A bright smile was painted on his face as he listened to Yuurei. A hand was placed under his own chin as he thought about his answer, "Mmm, yes. My proposal is quite unique as I don't give it out quite often," his eyes looked at the wine and looped his finger around the stem to take a drink.

Releasing his proposal, "You have been a wonderful asset to Peace in which I wish to reward you with an honorary title," he started and took a drink of his wine. Not only because of his thirst, but a sign of trust as well! As he puts it down, his smile never falters. "Warden of the North. Perhaps become one of my ambassadors for future events to come and in exchange for what you are doing already! Hopefully, buy a holding or island near our Country,", he opens his arms wide with his cup still in hand. Folding his arms back, he put his drink down gently while looking at Yuurei with his own ice eyes. "Mmm, this wine does taste good though," he spoke after taking another sip. He turns turn his knight on the left, "Try it! You'll surely love it," the knight looked confused and took it. After taking a sip, the knight nodded. "You are right, my King, it does taste great," the knight spoke with softness and gave the glass back. The king grabbed it and put it down in front of him.

"So how does that sound?", he wondered with hopeful eyes and smile towards Yuurei.


Warden of The North  Empty Mon Mar 27, 2023 10:38 am


Yuurei could see the King wasn’t a stuck-up person. It was something he could tell the first time he had seen him. The things that he heard certain people say about him, weren’t truthful at all. He could only shake his head to release the rumors and stupidity that came out of those people’s mouths. He didn’t mind going straight into the business it seemed. That was good, and it would seem like he wanted to give him a title. This was interesting, but it wasn’t just that. He wanted him to be an ambassador for the king. It would seem like he was allowing Yuurei to continue his actions and in a sense handing him a sense of leadership in the northern part of Fiore.

The Seraphim leaned back on his chair as he was thinking about those words. His glass was in his hand as he moved the wine around the glass. He would think about it for a second; the proposal sounded interesting, but he wanted to know more before he accepted all of this.

“Warden of the North, huh? That would be interesting to be called that. Still, with becoming Warden of the North, what kind of authority and power would that grant me Reign? I don’t want to hold something empty and have people laugh at me as if it means nothing.” He said to him as he drank some of his own wine.

Once he had done that, he would look at him once more. His friendliness could be felt from him and it was not something he didn’t want to take advantage of. He just wanted to make sure he knew what he was getting himself into.

“Anything in particular places you would like to speak to on your behalf as a future ambassador? And as for an island, they do seem expensive. Still, I don’t know if I might be interested in one in the future. It all depends on how much I benefit from one. It is difficult to manage a guild as it is, keeping people happy in the North. I can only imagine an entire island as well.” He laughed a bit in the end as he drank some more of his wine.

Renji would look at the two of them and it looked like they were close friends already. The Exceed knew that Yuurei was a scary wizard, and it was a smart move that the King would want him on his side. Renji knew how Yuurei got when he was pissed and nobody wanted that on the opposite side.

“What do you get in return for this?” He asked as Yuurei never asked him that question.

#7King Reign 

Warden of The North  Empty Wed Mar 29, 2023 7:16 pm

King Reign

He laughed, "Of course there is authority within your title. No emptiness, I swear. You have full control of the law within the North, that is unless something is amiss and I am sent complaints, but I doubt I have to worry about that since I've only heard good things about your own doings," he took his drink and looked how empty it is now. Disappointing as it is, he knew he couldn't stay here for as long as he'd like. His eyes looked over to their companion as they asked what he got out of it. "It's obvious what I get out of it," he started to itch his neck and smiled warmly. "My Country will be less in danger knowing someone like Yuurei is in charge of part of it," he gazed off into the distance. "Allies are the key to success of all things, war, arguments and parties," he laughed at the last one while happily looking at them both.

The King was a gentleman, one who enjoyed warm welcomes more than the tyrant coldness that is strict. Sure, most people respect a king who is serious, but he has seen what a king could be if all they were was serious all the time. People need hope, happiness and a light to follow, warmth as well. This alternatively will be a test to see if his own people that isn't the Rune Knights or Council can do a better job at keeping order and hope within his people.

Yuurei with the North was just the start...


Warden of The North  Empty Thu Mar 30, 2023 7:27 am


Yuurei and Renji would hear the King’s words and he would chuckle. This was good to hear and he was glad that the King was giving him this responsibility. It was true Reign wasn’t going to have to worry about Yuurei and the North. This was a part of the Fiore that he didn’t have to stress about anymore. He would drink some more of his wine and he wondered what he was planning to do. The hunter figured he would have to deal with the nobles that lived here. He was going to have to make sure that they didn’t get out of line here.

These were people he cared for and hoped that nobody would come to attack them. If they did, then they will feel the full extent of Yuurei’s wrath. It wasn’t just his wrath, but also the power of Paradise Dawn. Renji would hear him and he would chuckle to his words, but figured that it was enough.

“Fair enough. As long as that is what you want, Yuu would be cool with doing that. He does that on his own time I guess.” He said as he was fine with that.

Yuurei would stretch his arm out with his wine at hand and he would look at Reign with a smile on his face.

“Alright that is good to hear. Let’s toast to this and enjoy our time. What are your plans while you’re in the North? Also do we need to do a ceremony or ritual for me to gain all of this political power?” He asked as he was pretty sure there wasn’t.

Renji was relaxing now as he didn’t care for what was to happen next. The deal of him becoming the Warden of the North was done. He was aware of that as he didn’t want Yuurei to be taken advantage of.

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#9King Reign 

Warden of The North  Empty Fri Apr 07, 2023 1:18 pm

King Reign

He assumed his glass was filled once more with the delicious wine, by his knight or by Yuurei's people. Taking a sip of the wine he took a deep breath as he felt his heart now settle. The politic talk was now over as he could get into just a casual conversation. His blue eyes looked at Yuurei and then their cat, back to Yuurei. "Glad to hear! I'm sure the people of the North will surely cheer with this news," he began and leaned back into his chair. With his free hand, he combed back his hair and listened to his questions. "My plans were just this and no, no ceremony is needed, but I do need you to sign this, if you will." , he snapped his fingers with his free hand and a paper that glowed was now in front of them. "This will just be our agreement of you willingly protecting the north, in charge of the law here making sure innocent good people are in good hands. It will also notify the nobles of the North of your charge as they shouldn't give you much trouble," he then let a pen be summoned for him to use. Of course, if Yuurei or his guild gives threat to him or the good people, the contract will react to that as well.

If Yuurei signed it, the paper will disappear like magic as he then drank more wine. He itched the side of his own head and chuckled. "What plans do you have for the North, I must wonder," he questioned with a relaxed smile. His head tilted to rest on his hand as his right hand had the glass of wine in it the whole time.


Warden of The North  Empty Mon Apr 10, 2023 6:44 am


Yuurei would at him as he would hear him and he would drink the wine in his glass. Renji would hear Reign speak, and it would seem like they were going to be signing something. That was interesting, and he didn’t like the sound of that.

“What happens if he signs that?” Renji asked Reign waiting for an answer.

Yuurei would look at the paper in front of him and he would read through it. He would hear Renji’s words, but he wouldn’t comment on it or even wait for Reign to answer it. The hunter knew what it was by just reading it. Reign did explain what was on the paper himself, which the last part was the best thing to know about.

“I see that, if me or the guild cause problems for the people of the North, you would be notified. That is interesting, but I’m okay with that.” He said as he would sign the paper without hesitating.

He made sure there was nothing wrong with the paper and that he wouldn’t get screwed over in any way when he signed it. When he finished, he would see that it would disappear and he would drink some more wine. Renji heard everything and he would shake his head at Yuurei for signing it. He had troublemakers within the guild, so this was going to be interesting.

Still, he knew that Yuurei was strong and that having anything happen to the guild would be a chaotic war that nobody would want. The Seraphim would drink some of his wine and while doing so he would hear Reign ask him a question. He would move the wine around his mouth a bit before taking it in and he would look at the King in front of him.

“Well, I do plan on, rooting out all the corrupted nobles who are doing harm to the North. I wanted to make sure that the structures that people live in are reinforced, so it doesn’t get destroyed as easily. I did ask Sleep Calamity to disband their guild and join us, but that was denied. So, we will keep a close eye on them and make sure to stop any of their plans at any time. I like the North as it is, and I figured with more of a reign here, I can move freely and spend time with the elves in the Forest nearby.” He said this as he knew that even though there were about four scary people in the guild, the rest of them were capable in their own right.

“Why do people dislike you, Reign? I’ve heard people who didn’t want you as King and the former guild master questioned your authority as well.” He asked him and explained his question as he wondered what he would say.

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