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Amazon's Cry!! [Social Interaction - Monstterous incursion | Solo ]

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Amazon's Cry!! [Social Interaction - Monstterous incursion | Solo ] Empty Sun Feb 26, 2023 9:03 pm


Looking at this humble chaotic town, one would never know from a glance that they were dealing with a hell of a storm. The chaotic invasión caused so much destruction even here. Time and time again, with assault, relief, pause, and combat once again. Sleeping Calamity. Passing mages. stationed Rune Knights when not guarding the nobility rulers of the land. And the civilians armored to teeth with weapons as always. Standing. Fighting. Surving, agai sg every assault.

The chaos did as much good as well as it did bad. The focus on the Dark Universes schemes did much good in turning the eye away from Earthland's underworld. Banned foreign food, illegal weapons, alcohol over the allowed degree of proof, banned writing material. Just a few things that was eaiser to trade during all of it. In truth, with improvised roads and homes being destoryed; the wealth of items being traded or moved made up for it. Even the renovations that Sleeping Calamity completed to locations within the town, that economic loss was easily made up by these trades and the purchased might of the guild's individuals. There was only such much the nobles dogs and trained mercenaries could do after all. The combat loving guild had a level of adventurers just a cut above the rest. And with mages with different skills, and in Jikan’s case a massive amount of power and mana reserves in comparison to the standard being. Such an asset was happily bought.


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