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I am Sure They Will Get Along Great.(Open social.)

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I am Sure They Will Get Along Great.(Open social.) Empty Fri Feb 24, 2023 11:34 am

Elise had been bringing most of her things in. she had carried all of them in for the most part herself when the sun just started going down bringing things over so far with most of the heavy stuff to start with. It seemed when she started with carrying things like a dresser by herself talking to herself in Minstrel while she did. Elise was just about how at least Yuurei recalled her being.

But for anyone else who might show up, Elise was new and she would most likely be a bit rough to be around. But even if Elise was putting so much work and effort into this change around was mostly Elise being too proud and stuck in her ways to ask anyone to help her move things. She had managed her dresser and the things with in it over form the church Yuurei had found her at and her bed frame with her bed still on it just with out sheets before she had to stop for one moment. Yet again proving Elise was something else if not either foolish or just stuck in her own ways.

But it was a chance when Elise put her things down by the main entrance of the guild hall for people to come and meet and talk with her again. Even if she was grumpy and maybe just need to just stop for a few minutes. She was here.


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It was a nice day to be outside and hang out with people. Still, for the people within the guild, whenever they got the chance, they decided it was best to stay inside. There was a lot of laughter, and moving around from one place to another. There were even those who had taken their quest for the week and left to go on their journey.

Yuurei wasn’t one of them as he had decided it was best to relax and move around the guild. He wasn’t alone as Renji had been with him as well. His friend looked different than he did before and stronger than before, but he was the same old Renji.

“When are we going to go and see the king, Yuu?” He asked.

Yuurei would look at him with a smile as if he was cool with the question being asked.

“Soon, just want to finish a few more things.” He said to Renji.

While moving around, he would look to notice that Elise was there with a bunch of her things. He would approach her without hesitating, waving his hand at her while he inched closer to her.

“How are you doing today, Elise? Can I help you with these things?” He asked curious to hear what she had to say.


I am Sure They Will Get Along Great.(Open social.) Empty Thu Mar 02, 2023 2:29 pm

At least if anything Elise in this manner seemed a bit more friendly and maybe just maybe because she had been kind of settled into the normal life of a guild even if she was just only around at evening. Had to maybe to into how much set up Elise might have had to done to move all of this stuff at the night time. Just when it seemed like Elise was going to say nothing at all.

Even if she was expected to just start saying things in minstrel because it was how she was she answered in Fiorian."That would be a good idea thank you."There was no sign of it but Elise was a bit winded from doing all of that work herself. Even if she was a bit more polite too this might also only just be for the moment until other things went on with her and she was gone doing her normal stuff."Getting them from here was already a fair task."Considering at least she put the best effort forward it might have paid off nicely.

Then she still however picked up the heaviest thing she had brought here on her own and then simply asked."What room am I getting?" She seemed to have not came with a place in mind. But she waited until she was shown where it was or where she was chosen to have her room to be. Oddly polite even if she was a bit rough from the first meeting, it would be most likely interesting or expected.Elise also seemed to also have no expectations just enough room for her stuff and she would figure out the rest so far pretty simple way of going about things until she was most likely was told otherwise.


I am Sure They Will Get Along Great.(Open social.) Empty Wed Mar 08, 2023 6:55 am


Yuurei had waited for an answer, and soon enough he would get one. He would smile at her as he was glad to be of assistance to the young woman. He could tell she was strong being able to bring all of this on her own was quite a feat. Still, he was now here, so things should be much easier. He would pick up the biggest thing he could grab and place a few things on it. He would look at her as she asked where she was going.

“Follow me, I will show you, your new big room.” He said to her as he would start walking around.

His head tilted to the side so that he knew where he was going. Yuurei would move around and people would move out of the way. They knew this wasn’t a problem for Yuurei, but it still must have been heavy. He walked around and while doing so he figured he would make conversation.

“So, tell me, do you like how the guild looks like?” He asked her wondering what she would say to him as they were getting close to her room.


I am Sure They Will Get Along Great.(Open social.) Empty Sat Mar 11, 2023 8:08 am

It seemed over all Elise was being the closest things to friendly some one could expect from her after meeting her. Or she was just trying to be nice and it was a good day. So deep long in her tasks she had yet to do some of the things that was commonly picked up she did. Most likely waiting for everything else to be finished first."It is, fair enough. I will not complain as it fits my what i generally need a space for."It sounded plain but given how Elise she might only just deal with things as she did she just often just make herself fit into a room and that was it.

She would even admit it."I adjust to the space I am give....if my room is big enough it just means I preparation rituals are just in my room and contained there."It seemed Elise was already thinking about how she could do her normal thing and almost not be really in the way of anyone else. For some one so grumpy in theory she was fairly courteous about many things in life. Even then she would pay the area a compliment."It is well taken care of and maintained, It is a lovely area."Even if it was almost plain and  almost coldly stated Elise did seem serious about it, she was honest about it at least.

After answering that."Do you know where I can find any candle makers?"It was an out of no where request but there was most likely a reason for it Elise did have use for candles most likely for some of the things she did to prepare."I may have to a mass a large amount of them for some prayers I need to do."She at least had simple requests still but who knows what the future holds.


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Yuurei would hear her words and comment about the guild. He would chuckle when he heard those words as he expected as much from her. He kept moving though as he would avoid hitting anybody with the bed he was carrying. He did do his part in making conversations, which was a good thing because he got her talking.

The Seraphim would continue walking listening to everything that she had to say. When she had finished he could see that her room was closing in on them.

“Your room should be big enough for you to do what you want and then some I hope. We do our best to make sure that the guild is always presentable. We never know who might show up at our doorstep.” He said this to her as he would arrive at the room.

The door was wide open as he would go inside. It was empty as it was waiting for her to fill it up with her belongings.

“There is a guy named Mr. Cliff. He usually has or sorts of things in his shop. I’m sure he has candles and can prepare you as much as you want.” He said as Mr. Cliff was one of his clients.

He was a man who Yuurei had done a lot of jobs for. It was all to make sure that his business continued progressing. The Seraphim would look over to Elise though as he wondered where he should put this.

“Where do you want the bed, Elise?” He asked her waiting for an answer.


I am Sure They Will Get Along Great.(Open social.) Empty Wed Mar 15, 2023 7:35 am

So she did have a name for some one who could solve that problem guess that could work almost for the most part. It would seems almost like that problem was settled."How late does he work or is his shop open?"There was always most likely important details to remember with Elise. After thinking about it since well she needed a good amount of them."After all I might need to prepare him for a..bulk order."Elise mentioned so casually while just placing things in the room. so far everything seemed to just be in the centre of the room and nothing else. most likely going to place things.

As for where she wanted for bed placed."Centre of the room."as everything else was placed at this time, It might have been just Elise being herself but she also assumed most people did not know do this. Then she would leave them be at this time.

It would be quiet for the most part Elise did have to wonder something for the most part. She then asked him an opinion question."What do you think of people who thinks the Nephilim and Seraphim are here to trick people into a sense of false hope for their problems?"It was phrase towards the idea of it because she was looking for the view of the people around her. Elise was a bit extreme in her view and self aware enough to know it, Just seemed much like other things she does, Kept it to herself and made sure it was really more shown from her actions. But none less better to ask currently than Yuurei, At least at this time no one else was really better. This would change while she interacted with more people with in Fiore.


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Yuurei would hear Elise’s words and he would think about the time that Mr. Cliff would close his shop. He would rub his chin for a second before looking at her.

“If I remember correctly, he closes his shop around midnight on the weekdays and an hour later on the weekends.” He said to her as he hoped she was fine with that.

He did chuckle when he heard that she had said a bulk order because Mr. Cliff loved those.

“Mr. Cliff loves bulk orders, so don’t hold back on that.” He said to her.

He would place the bed down in the middle of the room as she asked. He would do it gently and with that, he would make sure that it was perfectly aligned. He would clap his hands together as he dust them off. He did a fine job of helping her out and he would look at her as if she had asked him something.

Yuurei would hear her question and he would smile at her as if it was a good question. The Seraphim himself did not care for that race as people might have thought since he was one.

“I don’t mind what they think. I’m a Seraphim, but I’m considered an abomination. I was not born as one and I was not gifted the right to be one. I took the power for myself and was born again. There are Nephilim and Seraphim that give false hope and trick people. There are a lot of them that think they are right about everything and do their best to manipulate those they think they can control.” He paused for a second taking a deep breath.

She had hit close to home with this one.

“See, I was a half-elf once, and when I died, I was given a chance to stay on this planet by becoming a Nephilim. Of course, I took it without a second thought. After that, it would seem the person who gifted me these powers or their grace is being punished because I don’t obey them when they ask me to do something. An angel, called the Watcher attacked me, and soon after I was able to shed my old skin and became what is now a Seraphim.” He said to her as he was hoping she was getting all of this.

“So, I don’t like the Nephilims, and Seraphims that think they’re above it all, and I don’t mind what people think of them. I just don’t want anybody to be manipulated by them is all.” He said to her hoping that answer her question.

“Where do you think about the Nephilim and Seraphim?” He asked her waiting to see what she would say, now that he revealed all of this to her.


I am Sure They Will Get Along Great.(Open social.) Empty Fri Mar 17, 2023 8:08 am

It was interesting answers indeed to hear these things and how they were considered Elise had no expectations at all. She wanted opinions more than anyone else since she wanted to learn about the people around her for if anything to figure out what all would be logical."I don't expect most places to be open so late...interesting."It seemed she was taking a mental note of that. Maybe she was better fitting here in Fiore than Minstrel after all.Then again Elise settled into new places with ease if done right most people don't know she was there.

But as he would explain Elise would kind of reveal what entirely she was like and what she was doing. it was nice to see some one dislike one of many things she wanted to rid form humanity it was different."I hold a grudge towards them....much like daemons,demons and the latter."Elise seemed to mentioned almost like with a break of her cold manner of speaking.

Even so far as mentioning."Holy or demonic...all fool or trick humans in many ways unhealthy and dangerous to them....Thus I feel better it is entirely better to kill all of them."Elise sounded a bit extreme but she was just a woman who showed up out of no where and seemed to be helpful it was extreme thinking that much of a problem? or was it normal?


I am Sure They Will Get Along Great.(Open social.) Empty Fri Mar 17, 2023 11:48 am


Yuurei would hear her concern about Mr. Cliff’s shop being open that late. He had a smile on his face as she was going to see that often. There were a lot of places in Rush Valley that closed late. This place was growing and doing their best to make wealth.

It would seem like something happened to Elise in the past. She had answered him, and it was not a lot, but he would rub his chin. He was curious to know her past, but he wasn’t sure if she would open up more. It would seem like she felt that they were known for fooling or ticking the human race. That was true, but of course it was not all of them. Still, he depicted from this that she or someone she loved was tricked or fool by one of them.

It brought him to shake his head as he felt bad for her.

“I see, you can’t kill them all without me dying though.” He laughed a bit as he was rubbed the back of his head as he wonder what she would say next.


I am Sure They Will Get Along Great.(Open social.) Empty Sun Mar 19, 2023 6:38 am

He did point that out yes but Elise did have a system and it might be helpful after all this insight. She even let out a sigh about it while they walked back to where Elise gather her her next heavy thing to continue moving it forward into her room."You assume so, But I can assume you there are many things that would spare you from me possibly trying anything in the future."she would explain because she stopped for her normal horrible habit of a smoke. For some one so determine for her cause she had a large system in place to kind of keep things managed.

Then she opening a bag of hers. Opening it up with one hand ficking the pages quickly she stopped for a moment."I keep information of all that I am hunting and how I prepare for them with in the many books hidden away with in all of my notebooks, But also personal notes."At least while she was lighting up her horrible habit and inhaling she she still made sure that as long as wind to permit it not get any smoke near Yuurei. Yes Elise had horrible habits and over all seemed extreme as a person.

But she seemed strict and structured."For in this case. I often consider it more important on how quickly i can deal with....If it is a being too powerful, unknown information wise, too far away to get to at that time." This sounded almost if anything not important information to start with, But Elise was reading from an entirely hand written manual she made herself for how she does her job."But the main thing that is remainder number one of my notes. Go off of what is the most dangerous and threatening target at the time. Anything not deemed a threat get put at the bottom of my list to deal with."That might be the saving grace to the problem at hand at this time Yuurei was not a threat so Elise was not going to look at him as a problem.

Then even point out because Elise was not stupid."This is something I expect to either kill me...or I will pass of old age before hand, Because it is almost an seemingly impossible goal."This was Elise she had taken a lot of things into account.

Then she simply closed the book and offered it to him for a chance to read. The book entails the things Elise just went over, what things she hunted already where they where what date it was, where she found them, how long her hunt was, all information on the target. A lot of things she saw and how they affected people from harm inflicted to broken promises and back stabbings. Elise was detailed and this was written in Fiorian. She had another one entirely in minstel as well most likely the first one she made. One could consider Elise insane. having a note book that is 1000 pages.


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Yuurei would follow after Elise as they were going to get more of her stuff. He wasn’t finding this a problem at all, and it would seem like what he had said got an expression from her. He would hear her speak as they got to her next stuff. Still, before they would move things around she would smoke. She would explain things to him and basically said that he was at the bottom of her list. That was good to know and he would smile at her.

She had given him the book for him to look over, and he would grab it without a problem. It would seem like she wasn’t holding anything back with him, which was good. He would take the book and he would go through it. There were a lot of things that she had gone through and he could only assume that she didn’t want to forget what she had done, and even the monsters that she had spotted and learned about.

He would close her book soon enough, and he would hand it back to her.

“It seems you have been working on this for quite some time. I’m glad I’m one of the things at the bottom. As for being able to complete this, you could if you somehow ascend into something more than just a human.” He said to Elise as he waited for her to finish smoking.

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