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Nothing [Sparrow]

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"Thank you for helping me." Holly spoke to the mysterious man. It had been a few days since the Rune Knight had been in Enca, and she had no Intentions of returning to Fiore any time soon. Everything was different for her here. The air was fresher for starters. Unfortunately though, she had injured herself while training, so she couldn't exactly walk well. This mysterious man known as the Silver Sparrow helped the Rune Knight when nobody else would. Injured, annoyed, the Knight could barely walk through the frozen forests without help. However, she did still have millions of jewels. The two of them were departing now, because Holly wanted to continue the journey alone and not be a burden to the stranger, but she couldn't leave without showing another form of gratitude. She fished a handsome sum of jewels out of his pocket and placed it into the Silver Sparrows hands.

#2Silver Sparrow 

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Silver Sparrow
The Silver Sparrow nodded gently toward his new acquaintance. Holly, the Rune Knight who was not a Knight in these lands. The human who was also not entirely human. The damsel in distress. Her story was intense and the Encan was honored to have been the one to hear it. "It is no problem." He replied, preparing to make his leave. Holly made it clear that she wanted to continue alone, and Uyabe understood the sentiment all too well. He was a wanderer himself after all. The bruised Demi human had been to hell and back it seemed, so the Encan would keep her in his prayers. To his surprise though, the Knight gifted him with a load of jewels. The bag was hefty and could only mean that Holly truly appreciated him more than the Sparrow initially assumed. He humbly accepted the gift, bowing his head. "This is much appreciated, friend..." Was all he said before Holly replied with a gentle smile, turning away to venture off. He would then return to his village, living out the rest of his days.


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