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Eznalos "The Mangler"

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Eznalos "The Mangler" Empty Wed Feb 15, 2023 1:15 pm

Silver Sparrow

Name: Eznalos "The Mangler"
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Sikerei
Type: Summon
Element: Arcane
Range: 15 meters
Cooldown: 3 Post
Duration: Sustain
Size: 4 meters
Strength: 180
Speed: 1
Effect: Hundreds of years ago, there was an orc named Eznalos born to a Bellan woman and an Icebergan man who seemingly came from out of nowhere, going from Icebergan village to village, slaughtering people for reasons unknown. Eznalos was born with a thirst for blood and a talent for destruction. He could crush whole armies with his bare hands if he chose to. Throughout his life, he had been chasing a violent high, and in the end, earthland could not fulfill him. He could never get enough. The thirst consumed him. So, he decided to murder himself in hopes of quenching his thirst in the afterworld. Instead, he would find that the afterworld offered him much less than the realm of the living.

The user bites the tip of their finger or shouts "Eznalos!", creating a magic circle anywhere within 15 meters. Eznalos creates a grand entrance.

  • Eznalos receives a Minor Physical Resistance in return for a Minor Magical Weakness. The summon receives 1 rank lower from physical damage, however, they receive 1 rank higher in damage from magical damage.

Eznalos stands at a staggering 4 meters tall. Finely built, he has bulging muscles on nearly every part of his body. His skin is multiple hues of blue, orange, and red with hints of yellow. Although it may look like he's wearing armor at first glance, Eznalos has none. Instead, he has developed a bone-like material outside of his body that protrudes from his waist and semi-wraps over his chest. On his shoulders he has a multitude of smaller horns, then at the collar bone, he has two horns that protrude with a slight curve towards his back. Eznalos has daunting gleaming yellow eyes and four horns on his head. A true beast.

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